Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Quatrefoil

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I have always loved the quatrefoil shape, which is composed of four equal lobes. Historically, the quatrefoil pattern is common in Gothic and Moorish architecture.

Quatrefoil window Chiswick, England. Look at the gorgeous colors in the brick...the orange and blue together.

Niermann Weeks Quatrefoil Armoire

Thomas Pheasant for Baker - Gothic Lantern with quatrefoil pattern

Ironies Lattice Table.

Ironies also makes a gorgeous quatrefoil style mirror called the 'Araby' mirror.

Walker Zanger makes a beautiful collection with quite a few quatrefoil shapes called 'Avignon' - it is worth looking at.

Quatrefoil balcony, Venice

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  1. Hi...I just found your blog and see that you have my blog listed. thanks I have got you on my blog now and will checking in with you.
    Cheers and happy blogging and welcome to the blogging community.

  2. I just saw some jewelry tonight in that shape. Plus - Oly Studio has some furniture with that shape too. Really nice blog! And thanks for your comments!!!


  3. I was recently in Chicago and saw this beautiful armoire that you have posted at the Nierman Weeks showroom and funny in the Hotel I stayed at that was designed by Kelly Wearstler "Sak Hotel" she had done a metal grill on the ceiling of the elevator cab in Quatrefoil pattern. I wished I had taken a picture of it. I also saw Quatrefoil in mosaic tile insets at the Urban Archaeology showroom. So it is showing up everywhere. Isn't it interesting how that happens. Our awareness is peaked to a new level. Good post. thanks


Thank you for your comments! I strive to make my blog positive in tone, and appreciate the same courtesy when comments are made. Thank you!


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