Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dining Room Wall Decor - Part II

In part I of my dining room wall posts, I showed pictures from my inspiration files in which there are mirrors on the wall of the dining room. I think that mirrors work so well in a room that is mainly used during the evening; perhaps it is because candlelight reflects so beautifully in a mirror, and a mirror can highlight and enhance a chandelier.

Another common theme in my dining room inspiration files is art in the dining room; most of the art that captures my eye is contemporary art. I particularly like when designers pair contemporary art with traditional furniture, and isn't the dining room usually one of the more traditional rooms in the house? To me, it is the perfect place to experiment with contemporary art.

Which came first, the painting or the molding? I love this dining room by Caldwell-Beebe, because the neutral color scheme really makes the contemporary art the star of the show. (Hmmm...where is the chandelier? I have gazed upon this picture so many times, but never noticed that there is no chandelier).

Gerrie Bremermann, one of my favorite designers, creates beautiful dining room scenes. It helps that she has such great architecture to work with; she lives and works in New Orleans, and many of the homes in her portfolio are large Garden District manors. Here, one of my favorite looks: traditional furniture, billowing silk curtains, and contemporary art. I love the juxtaposition of the old and the new, the antique and the contemporary. Image via Cote de Texas.

The Cy Twombly takes up an entire wall in this dining room, and isn't it much more dramatic than a buffet? I am assuming that the owner of the house does not have young kids who will smear the priceless painting with dirty hands. Interior design by Jan Showers, image via Habitually Chic. (I don't see a chandelier here either - maybe it is the camera angle?)

The architect for this home is Bill Baker. Pictures only reflect two sides of a room, so there may be something else on another wall, but this is the side that the photographer chose to feature. I think it is interesting that there is a painting with nothing underneath, as you would typically expect a buffet or cabinet. I love the sconces on either side of the painting, and the chandelier is striking.

(Sidenote: Bill Baker is a well known architectural designer in Atlanta, and it is interesting to note that this is the architect that Suzanne Kasler chose for the complete renovation of her own 1930s Georgian. I am keeping my fingers crossed that her new home is published in one of the shelter magazines sometime in 2009)

This is the picture that almost caused me to almost change the decor of my entire house! The chandelier is gorgeous, and I love how the large wall of the room is broken into an alcove that is the perfect size for a console, two lamps, and a great piece of contemporary art. Interior design by Shane Reilly.

Again, the photographer chose the angle, so we cannot see what is on the wall, but a small painting in between the windows makes a lovely vignette. Interior designby Kimberly Seldon.

Another dining room from one of my favorite designers, Jim Hawes of Caldwell-Beebe. A beautiful table, a great chandelier, and a nice piece of art above the buffet. The French doors add to the light and clean feel of the room.

I saved this picture because of the beautiful painting, which takes the room from good to great.

I should know who did the interior design of this room...but I did not make note of it! Please e-mail or comment if you know the designer of this colorful and varied room. There is a lot going on, and the art on the wall really provides a soothing balance to the activity in the room. (Update: the interior design is by Sheila Bridges)

I originally saved this picture because of the contemporary art, but I just noticed that the chairs are the Barbara Barry for Baker script chairs. I love it when you save a picture, and see something new whenever you look at it. Interior design by Steven Miller.

Last but not least, a dining room by Suzanne Kasler. I am not a fan of pink, but I love Suzanne's style, I love the console, and I love sconces in a dining room, so this room became part of the dining room file. The artwork is not my style, but it is an interesting shape and emphasizes the horizontal rather than the vertical. It actually looks like a stretched piece of fabric, or even a panel of handpainted wallpaper.

I started this series to help me clarify what I like in a dining room. My conclusion: I love contemporary art on the wall, especially when it contrasts with traditional furniture. For the time being, I have a nice mirror in my own dining room, because it was easier for me to find a mirror than a great piece of contemporary art (I am very particular when it comes to art). I will still keep my eyes open for the perfect piece of art, but like everyone else, I am not out there making any unneccesary purchases. That's most of the fun, though...the search, not the purchase.

For more dining room wall decor, please see part I and part III.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Business Management Best Sellers on Amazon, 10/7/08

All books on Amazon rankings, 10/7/08

I will return to my usual 'Things That Inspire' posts later this week, but I wanted to give a quick update: as of 6 am this morning, Who: The A Method for Hiring is the #1 business management book on Amazon, and the #4 book on all of Amazon! I have been watching the rankings for days, so this is very exciting. Of course, these rankings change hourly, but it is a testament to the strength and relevance of this book. When things are tough in the economy, it is never more important to make the right hiring and leadership decisions. Readers, if you know of anyone in business who might benefit from this book, please spread the word! Grassroots marketing really works.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Inspirational Author

Many of us dream of writing a book, and it is so impressive to me when someone actually does it. A sincere congratulations to Randy Street, the co-author of a wonderful new book called Who: The 'A' Method for Hiring. The book was published last week by Ballantine books, the business division of Random House, and is already moving up quickly through the Amazon.com rankings.

Who: The 'A' Method for Hiring has been described as a 'must read' for any business that wants to learn how to source, interview, hire, and retain the very best employees. Who outlines a 4-step method for hiring the right people, which results in a 90%+ success rate; what company would not benefit from reading the insight provided in this book? If you know anyone who might be interested in Who: The 'A' Method for Hiring, please spread the word. For more information on the book or the authors, visit the book's web site; to order, please visit the Amazon link:

Here's hoping that Randy's book makes the bestseller lists! As a side note, isn't the cover catchy and beautifully designed?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One of my favorite things

Today, in honor of breast cancer awareness day, my blog is pink, and my thoughts are with all of those who are bravely fighting this disease.

Eric Cohler

I have saved all of these pictures into my inspiration file for one reason: the Baltic console by Niermann Weeks. There is something so exquisite about the carvings; they remind me of Celtic knots.

Baltic console by Niermann Weeks.

Niermann Weeks is a custom furniture maker, so they can make virtually any modification to the original design. Here is a baltic console inspired cabinet.

It is quite striking in black and gold.


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