Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A one of a kind Atlanta antique sale

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Almost three years ago (it is truly incredible how time seems to pass so quickly these days!), I read a blog post on Cote de Texas about an special antique sale by New Orleans antique dealer Mignon Topping.  I was ready to buy a ticket and head to Houston after seeing the beautiful antiques so artfully displayed in a house that was on the market.

A beautiful image from the post on Mignot’s antique show in Houston, via Cote de Texas.

When a friend of mine called and told me that Mignot was doing a show in Atlanta, and asked if I was interested in a sneak preview, I jumped at the chance.  Interestingly enough, the show is at Mignon’s house, which is located in the heart of Buckhead, on Argonne Drive at the corner of Argonne and Arden.  I pass this house frequently on my dog walks, and was just as interested in seeing the inside of the house as the antiques!

Mignon gave me a tour of her homes and her wares, and it was not surprising to learn that she grew up in New Orleans.  The influence of both France and New Orleans can clearly be seen in the beautiful furniture and fabrics that fill her lovely home.

I wish I had taken a better picture of this pretty room - but did not think to turn off the lights for a more natural light balance. Please excuse the poor photography!
Mignon’s Godmother is the famed New Orleans designer Gerrie Bremermann, and her mother was a well known antique dealer in New Orleans.  I told Mignon that there is something about New Orleans décor that really captures my heart and imagination, and the feel of this is certainly present in Mignon’s house and the beautiful pieces that she has collected over time, most of which are for sale over the next few days. 

Treasures abound throughout the house.

I love this hand made Italian bowl, which is one of a pair.

Here are the two bowls displayed on an antique sideboard, also for sale.

Mignon has a passion for small antique chairs, which serve almost like accessories in every room in her house.

All of the rugs are for sale too.  I particularly like the rug in the dining room and the living room, and have my eye on the mellow antique chest seen in this picture.  The lucite clock is one of Mignon’s favorite pieces; she loves to mix the contemporary and the antique. The antique Italian console seen on the right is another favorite.

A better view of the console, with another one of Mignon’s signature petite fauteuils.

The other side of the room features an exquisite antique French commode, and an incredible painting that is part of Mignon’s extensive art collection.  The mix of the antique and the contemporary is one of Mignon’s signature looks.

The house is full to the brim of antiques and objects that are for sale – the entire garage has been turned into a showroom, and there is even a tent in the driveway to contain the overflow of furniture and accessories.

A quick snapshot of the tent as the items were being set up!

A view into the kitchen, with a mix of the antique and the new.

My eye is always drawn to charming mirrors, such as this one placed on a small wall between the kitchen and the powder room.

A unique mirrored barometer is well placed on a wall in the entry hall.

A beautiful gilded wood chandelier hangs in the master bedroom, but will certainly find a new home quite soon.

Another charming mirror and commode in the master bedroom.

This elegant room belongs to Mignon’s teenage daughter, and many of the furniture items in the room are for sale.

Another chandelier, paired with an antique chest and a contemporary piece of art.  Most of the pieces from Mignon’s huge collection of contemporary art are for sale, and it is wonderful to see them in a home setting, paired so comfortably with antiques.

The French Collectibles sale in Atlanta takes place this Thursday – Sunday, April 19-22, 2012 at 575 Argonne Road, Atlanta, GA 30305.  Feel free to drop in anytime between 11 am and 6 pm daily, or to schedule an appointment with Mignon please contact her at toppingm@bellsouth.net, or 404.271.6362.

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