Saturday, March 26, 2016

On the market: a beautiful house with a transformed kitchen

Spring is here, and so is the house selling season in Atlanta! As I drive around town, I see for sale signs everywhere. It seems as if people who have held off on listing their houses over the past few years are taking advantage of Atlanta’s robust real estate market, and many houses I have admired from afar can now be see online.

One house in particular caught my eye this week. I saw the home on a fundraising tour a few years ago, and remember really liking the serene feel to the house and property.

This impressive 11 year old house sits on 4 acres in the prime area of Buckhead. The inside is as beautiful as the outside - there is a serene feel to the house and property. No architect or designer is noted in the house listing, so if anyone has information please email me!

I don’t remember seeing the diamond/cabochon painted pattern on the entry floors. I wonder if this is a new design?

The dining room has a serene look and feel, and one of my favorite chandeliers is the scene stealer – the Niermann Weeks Swedish Crystal Chandelier. The lovely delicate lines are perfect for the room and for the overall feel of the house.

In the title of this post, I noted a transformed kitchen. The original kitchen won an Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles kitchen award, and was designed by Design Galleria when the house was built in 2005.  The updated kitchen retains the same bones, of course, but was freshened up by the new owners; note the counter tops, cabinet hardware, and counter tops, then look at the “before” kitchen pictures below.

Here is the kitchen as it was designed when the house was new in 2005. In 2005, I remember an acquaintance building a house with marble counter tops, and that was a novelty at the time. Black granite counter tops were very much in style back in 2005.

A view of the range - note the moldings and details. I featured this kitchen in a post I wrote in 2009 about kitchens (click here to view) - one of my all time favorite posts! I studied every detail of this kitchen when we were designing our house. 

Now compare to the updated kitchen with its marble countertops and updated nickel pulls and handles (image captured from virtual tour), and a TV over the stove mantel. If you go back to the real estate listing picture, note how the light fixtures have been updated too; they are streamlined globes with much simpler lines.

Continuing with the tour, an elegant kitchen eating area also features a Niermann Weeks chandelier. Note the beautiful detail on the curtains.

The family room connects to the kitchen and eating area. I love that the arched doorway continued the shape of the built in shelves, and the placement of the TV on the wall instead of the mantel is so interesting!

Another highlight of the main floor, captured from the virtual tour – a lovely groin vault hall and herringbone floors.

A detailed view of the iron railing, in the upstairs landing.

An upstairs sitting room with accents of pink in the art, the window seats, and the bookshelves.

A serene master bedroom.

When I saw the house on tour, the rooms I remembered the most were the teen rooms. They were not in the real estate listing pictures, but they were in the virtual tour. The pink chandelier is the perfect touch for this room!

Another fun teen room with a surfing theme.

The back of the house and a view of the pool.

Finally, an aerial picture of the house and the 4+ acres of property that it sits on. This captures what constantly amazes me about Atlanta – there are houses with acres of property that are surrounded by trees, yet are located just 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta and right in the heart of Buckhead.

The house is listed by Atlanta Fine Homes/the Bayne Group; listing can be seen here. There are quite a few rooms that I did not feature, so if you want to see more I encourage you to view the listing!

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Did you have a favorite room? What did you think of the kitchen update? I liked the old kitchen a lot, but I love the new fixtures and the marble counter tops, which futher emphasize the serene and light feel of the house. 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mirrored chests and nightstands

I never really paid much attention to mirrored furniture until a beautiful mirrored chest was brought to my house during the recent living room and dining room install. It was a floor model that was brought as an option for a vestibule near the master bedroom. It wasn’t in the best of shape, but the idea was to see how it looked and order a new one if it worked well. Surprisingly, I liked it. It added a little bit of sparkle and interest to the space.

I have always been a fan of a touch of glam, but just a touch.  Generally mirrored chests seem to cross over into "more glam" category. However, when looking through some inspiration pictures, I started noticing mirrored chests in the portfolios of some of my favorite designers and in some of my favorite rooms.

Mirrored chests seem to be a popular choice for bedside tables. This image, via Veranda (design by Suzanne Kasler), shows the mirrored chest style that came to my house on install day. It is the Ceres Cabinet by Panache Design. 

Another Suzanne Kasler designed room, from an old real estate listing, shows her own Hickory Chair mirrored chest used as a bedside table.

A guest bedroom in Suzanne’s own house also features her Hickory Chair mirrored chest in between twin beds.

A lovely mirrored chest with a fretwork pattern on the front is a nice variation, and looks perfect in this room. Source unknown.

One of my favorite rooms by Ashley Goforth. I have seen her use this mirrored chest in several of her room designs (it looks like one sold at Z Gallerie or Horchow, link at the end of this post). Note the use of a crystal lamp with the mirrored chest.

One of my favorite bedroom designs by Phoebe Howard. Howard also uses crystal lighting and accessories, which gives a light and airy feel in combination with the mirrored chest.

Another Phoebe Howard designed room with a mirrored chest, the same style as the previous picture. I have not seen this chest in any of the online stores, but it is beautiful. I love the criss-cross patern on the front; it adds an interesting detail.

I love everything about this beautiful bedroom, and the mirrored nightstands look wonderful. I believe this are the Worlds Away Claude nightstands. Design by Cara Cox.

A glamorous bedroom with lots of mirrors and crystal. Note the mirrored chests on either side of the bed. Found on Pinterest.

Another pretty mirrored chest vignette in a bedroom, found on Pinterest.

Although many of the inspiration pictures I found were in bedrooms, I also found plenty of mirrored chests in other rooms of the house. This mirrored chest, in a design by Studio M Interiors (in Minnesota), is used in an upstairs hall. 

A beautiful mirrored chest (I also think this is the Z Gallerie/Horchow chest) seen on Cote de Texas. This is one of a pair in the room.

A real estate picture (seen on Cote de Texas) of an all time favorite room by Gerrie Bremermann shows a mirrored chest on the side of the room. This makes me like the room even more!

This looks like a reversed antique mirror (more than likely the Lucy design by Worlds Away). Design by Sara Tuttle Interiors

Beautiful vignette on a mirrored chest, found on Pinterest. I love the delicate art above the chest too.

A small mirrored chest in a living room, found on Pinterest.

One of my favorite designers, Jan Showers, is known for her glamorous rooms, so naturally she uses mirrored chests in many of her designs!  This is a room I have featured numerous times on my blog, but I had never seen the other side of the room with the mirrored chest. It is a beautiful introduction to the home, and the mirrored chest looks wonderful with the silvery gold tea paper on the walls.

Another one of my all time favorite Jan Showers rooms, which uses a mirrored chest in the transition point of the room between the two seating areas.

When researching this post, I came across many reasonable mirrored chests available online. I have noted some above, but here are some others:

Ballard Designs - I believe this is the Deanna mirrored chest, although the pictures on the website appear more heavily antiqued than this one.

Worlds Away Cary mirrored chest
Borghese mirrored chest, available at Z Gallerie. This is the chest that seems to be pictured in many of the inspirational images in this post.  I saw this one in person at Z Galerie and it is very nice looking. I would swap out the knobs as they are plastic looking, but the design of the chest is great.

Horchow also has a version of this chest (perhaps identical) called the Amelia mirrored hall chest

So, what do you think of mirrored chests? Can you see using one in your house? Unfortunately, I am going to have to hold off as I have blown through my design budget but I will certainly keep my eye open for interesting designs incorporating mirrored chests.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hello...it's me

For full blog post, please visit http://www.thingsthatinspire.net/2016/03/helloits-me.html

Thank you for the many emails over the past six months! I took a small break from my blog, which turned into more of a hiatus. I did not check my blog email very often, so I apologize for the lack of response. I also closed down my online store, Quatrefoil Design, as part of this hiatus.

Everything is fine here - life is good. Over the past 18 months, my attentions turned to college admissions as I have a daughter who is in the high school class if 2016. It has been quite a journey, and she has been accepted to a wonderful college that is a great fit for her skills, talents, and interests.

I have also been working part time in a job that is completely unrelated to art, interior design, or architecture! I am really enjoying it and my ability to focus on details and make connections in a sea of data is a big asset for the work. It is seasonal work, and the season is coming to an end, just in time for the end of the school year.

Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been keeping a notebook of ideas and have several posts in the works. And, my living room and dining room have finally been installed (we ordered everything last summer, believe it or not, and it was just installed a few weeks ago!), so I will do a post on the results once all of the finishing touches are in place. I plan on returning to weekly posts on the blog and look forward to getting back to writing and posting.

Thank you for staying subscribed! Now onto reading the huge stack of design magazines that have been accumulating in my family room, and getting caught up on the design blog world.

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