Monday, October 6, 2008

Inspirational Author

Many of us dream of writing a book, and it is so impressive to me when someone actually does it. A sincere congratulations to Randy Street, the co-author of a wonderful new book called Who: The 'A' Method for Hiring. The book was published last week by Ballantine books, the business division of Random House, and is already moving up quickly through the Amazon.com rankings.

Who: The 'A' Method for Hiring has been described as a 'must read' for any business that wants to learn how to source, interview, hire, and retain the very best employees. Who outlines a 4-step method for hiring the right people, which results in a 90%+ success rate; what company would not benefit from reading the insight provided in this book? If you know anyone who might be interested in Who: The 'A' Method for Hiring, please spread the word. For more information on the book or the authors, visit the book's web site; to order, please visit the Amazon link:

Here's hoping that Randy's book makes the bestseller lists! As a side note, isn't the cover catchy and beautifully designed?


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