Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Framed Wall Series

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There is something particularly beautiful about a perfectly framed series on a wall. I have seen this in various magazines, but the first time I saw a display of wall series in person was at the Jerry Pair showroom in Atlanta. They featured a series of framed intaglios by Dessin Fournir, and it was breathtaking to behold.

Here are a few examples of well done wall series.

Jan Showers, featured in March 2002 Traditional Home

A wall series done in mirrors, from an old real estate listing. I have seen these at Pottery Barn!

A beautiful living space by EKB Interiors

Harmony in green, from Traditional Home

An effective and chic wall series balances a dining room, from Cote de Texas (http://cotedetexas.blogspot.com/)

From Elle Decor (can you imagine how long it must have taken to hang this?)

A lovely arrangement in a dining room, from a 2006 real estate listing

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  1. I love the symmetry of hanging a series of artwork like this. It makes such a bold statement, although it takes quite a bit of masterminding to make it work but the finished effect is awesome. What a good round up of examples you have shown. I particulary like the room done by EKB..it is one of my favs. I love their color combination. Aren't you lucky to live in Atlanta and have access to the showrooms there. It is such a great center for Design. Good Post.

  2. Hi Sarah, Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours looks very interesting also, and I especially like the focus on architecture (which I love and miss living in a young city without much historical architecture and seemingly little future vision!). I will read more!

  3. Great post Sarah, I love having tonnes of art on the walls too. I am in the process of having a few pieces framed that I've bought recently so I can get them up on the walls. I can't wait!


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