Friday, July 20, 2007

My favorite artist

I came across this today....it is by Mark Rothko. I am not sure where it is, or when it was painted, but it is gorgeous!

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  1. There is a chapel in Houston called the Rothko Chapel filled with a series of his paintings. Did you ever go there? It's really a serene place.


  2. I recently visited the Tate Modern in London, and was mesmerized by a room that was devoted to a series by Rothko. Rothko donated the series to the Tate on the condition that the paintings be displayed in their own room, in low light. The atmosphere was very reverent...very chapel like....

    I have never heard of the Rothko chapel in Houston, and it is less than a mile from my alma mater!!!! There are so many things I did not take advantage of when I was in college. I shall make it a point to visit when I come to Houston in November. Thank you SO much, Joni!!!!


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