Thursday, July 19, 2007

Evolution of style

I used to love everything French Country. Then, a few years ago, I went to a party, and as soon as I entered the house I felt as if I had finally found my true style. The decor was very sophisticated, neutral with a few punches of color, streamlined. No clutter to be found anywhere, no trinkets. I have since determined that the style is transitional, which in my mind has aspects of traditional and aspects of contemporary. I tend to like transitional that leans a little more towards traditional, not so spare and hard edged, but with classic shapes and clean lines.

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  1. Aw, boo!!! I still love country French!! It's the best, well French design is the best I should say. Their cities, their architecture, their clothes, their language - everything about France is just so beautiful. You should reconsider. haha


  2. style is transitional, so true! they do so they only thing constant is change =).

  3. :) Sarah I totally agree with you. I love all design but the more choices I've encountered, the more I've moved towards simplifying my life, my style, and design. I ultimately dream of designing a cute ecofriendly, modern yet cozy, extremely functional cottage that invites the outdoor in and the indoor out. I sound hard to please, don't I? ;)

    So glad I found your blog.


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