Sunday, July 29, 2007

Encaustics - Rana Rochat

Here is one of my all time favorite artists; her images are colorful and masterful. Her name is Rana Rochat, and she is represented by the Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta. When I first saw her work at a show at Fay Gold, I was mesmerized. I am saving my pennies so I can purchase one of her large pieces!

Rana Rochat

Rana Rochat paints with encaustics, which are experiencing an explosion in popularity (although it is a very difficult medium to master). Encaustic art is created with a mix of oil pigment and hot liquid wax. The wax is applied to a firm surface then reheated by a heat gun or blow torch to fuse the paint and wax together. It is an ancient art technique; 3000 year old examples of encaustic art exist, in original Egyptian wax portraits.

Rana Rochat

The results of painting with wax are beautiful....encaustic pieces attain a layered, transparent look that is like no other art medium. They are quite durable; people often worry that encaustic pieces will melt, but they are stable until a temperature of 140 degrees. If your house is 140 degrees, you have other problems to worry about! It is best not to put an encaustics piece in direct sunlight, but this is true of all paintings.

Rana Rochat

These pictures do not begin to do Rana's work justice, as part of the beauty is in the smooth surface of the wax, the layering of the painting, and the jewel-like tones that are attained from using wax and oil paint together. If you are ever in Atlanta, I highly recommend a visit to Fay Gold Gallery to see Rana's work in person!

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  1. This artist's work is great. I love the movement and the orange color in the bottom photo.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this artist. Her colors are wonderful!


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