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Transformations in Brookwood Hills

There is a brand new tour of homes this year, taking place in one of Atlanta's most charming neighborhoods, Brookwood Hills.  The theme of this year's tour is transformation, as the five houses featured on the tour have been transformed in one way or another by architect Stan Dixon, a long time Brookwood Hills resident (and the architect who designed my new house).

I don't write about Brookwood Hills very often, as it is not on my beaten path (it is wonderfully located in Buckhead, but is fairly private because it is a completely self contained neighborhood).  However, it is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Atlanta, with many older homes built in the 1920s - 1940s that have been meticulously maintainted, and newer homes that are built to suit the eclectic character of the neighborhood.

I love this description of Brookwood Hills, from Buckhead.org:
Large Mediterranean, Georgian, Colonial and Tudor homes line streets shaded by towering oaks 100 years old. Lush ivy on walls and in beds keeps the area green even in winter. Lots tend to be small, often less than one-half acre, with homes set near the street, but the landscaping is lush and gardens are carefully maintained. Sidewalks and absence of traffic encourage walkers, joggers, bicyclists and impromptu street games. (Source)

The Home Tour takes place this Saturday, March 26th, from 10 am to 4 pm.  Here is a sneak preview of the houses that will be on the tour; these write ups are from the Brookwood Hills Tour of Homes brochure.  Proceeds benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.   All photography by Stan Dixon.

80 Huntington Road 

Stan worked with homeowners Kathryn Stockett and Keith Rogers on a design that stripped the 1920s bungalow down to its core. The home, still in the renovation process,  retains its original character while blending contemporary style.  The renovation opens the floorplan and adds new elements of design such as steel doors and windows leading to the back porch.  Stan is particularly fond of a cupola on the back porch, which lets light into both the porch and interior of the home. Kathryn says that while she appreciates Stan’s grand scheme, “it's Stan's details that hold your gaze - the lovely roofline of the outdoor room, the cupola with the skylight, keeping the original ceiling in the front office, the arched door in Lila’s bathroom.  He surprises me.  Stan's details make me happy.” Kathryn says her family has been content living at The Brookwood during the renovation but they look forward to moving home in June. “I miss Brookwood Hills like a good friend,” she says.

45 Montclair Drive

Stan designed the renovation of the home of Karla and David Morris while working for  Norman Askins, before starting his own firm. The renovation included a substantial addition, which is sympathetic to the original time period of the home. Karla, an interior designer herself, had a clear vision for the home and a strong design point of view.  Stan says “the back porch is the highlight of the house”. The porch was inspired by the New Orleans French Quarter and is where the family spends the majority of its time.  Many of the home’s details and decoration are influenced by Karla’s childhood growing up on the Gulf Coast and attending college in New Orleans.   The renovation exceeded the family’s expectations.  Karla says she thoroughly enjoyed working with Stan and couldn’t be happier that their business relationship has developed into a strong friendship.

102 Wakefield Drive

Stan designed the renovation of this late Georgian home for Jackson and Catherine Kelly while in the office of Norman Askins.  The home is currently owned by John Morrison. The home includes several antique architectural elements selected by Stan, including an 18th Century mahogany front door from England and a mantle in the family room. Stan added a new front entry portico to give the front of the house a facelift and a large addition was added to the rear of the house. The entire floor plan was reworked along with all new interior finishes and details.

315 Camden Road

The home of Scott and  JoEllyn Bass, an American Colonial, has been renovated several times, most 
recently in 2009-2010. This last renovation, designed by Stan, expanded the upstairs to add a fourth bedroom; expanded the master bed/bath; added a screen porch with fireplace; added an office on the first floor; added a front porch with new stairs and sidewalk; lime-washed the exterior brick of the house; added a new driveway; and updated the landscaping.  Stan is particularly fond of the revised details at the dormers on the front of the house, which provide a sense of history, as well as the lime-washed brick, which gives a sense of age and a patina.  Stan likes many details of the renovation, including the Chippendale railing above the front door, which is repeated on the gate. JoEllyn describes working with Stan as great. “His vision, design and attention to detail are incredible,” she says. “He quickly understood our taste and our budget and worked within that framework to come up with a design that we love.  He was also very accessible throughout the construction phase to make sure the builder was executing everything to Stan’s specifications.

84 Palisades Road 

After buying the 1925 home in 2006, Kathy and Boyd Gentry worked with Stan on plans to rework and add on to the historic home. The goal was to make the addition seamless, so that the whole home, new and old, would feel cohesive and authentic. “We loved working with Stan and he served as architect, designer, mediator, marriage counselor and friend,” says Kathy. “We appreciated his subdued taste, sense of proportion and quiet manner.” Stan says he is particularly fond of the interesting fireplace in the family room, as well as the guest house, which feel “like you are in an oasis.” The renovation, done under the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Historic Preservation Division, took 14 months. The DNR program requires that the historic integrity of the structure be preserved. As an example, the original red barrel tile roof was removed, so that water-proofing could be added and existing felt replaced, and then put back on. The  Gentrys, who previously lived on Northwood, moved into 84 Palisades in 2008.

For more information on the Brookwood Hills Tour of Homes, please visit the Children's Healthcare website - http://www.choa.org/Support-Childrens/Events/Brookwood-Hills-Tour-of-Homes.  

Date and time: Saturday, March 26, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
$30 per person to Tour of Homes in advance, $35 per person day of the tour (cash and check only) purchased at any of the homes.
Location: addresses of homes noted above

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  1. Thanks so much for the info! Being a lifestyle design blogger in ATL this is a must do! Hope to see you there and thanks again. Have a great one!

  2. Oh, I wish I could be there for this house tour! I love the character of older homes that never seem to be replicated to feel the same way in newer homes. I am a new blogger at DesignSavvyofNJ.blogspot.com. I started the blog as a hobby while I am doing volunteer work in eastern Europe this year. I have recently had 3 e clients and the list is growing. I would love it if you could stop by and if you like it.....could you click follow. Thanks for reading my comment. Your blog is great and on my love list!

  3. Would love to see the inside of these beautiful homes. These entrances make you wonder about what wonderful things are beyond. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my goodness - I just may need to plan a trip to Atlanta this weekend! I grew up in Brookwood Hills on Camden Road and have MANY fond memories riding my bike up and down the street, swimming at the neighborhood pool and playing underneath all of the magnificant oaks that used to line the streets. So glad that someone like Stan Dixon is involved in the preservation of such a wonderful community. Thank you so much for sharing this Holly!

    ~ Megan Houston, Tammy Connor Interior Design

  5. I love the front door in the first image, they should place some boxwood in their RH containers. I wish I lived close enough to go!

  6. Grew up going to Brookwood Hills pool and have always loved that area - many friends still over there! Busy day in Athens so can't make it Saturday but definitely would be a worthwhile trip otherwise!

  7. Oh Ms. TTI you hit my house-charm-center with this post. Some of my favorites are here. Being landlocked makes the neighborhood unique, hemmed in by Peachtree Creek, the railroad, and Peachtree Street. The other side of the creek is an industrial park but you can't tell. Curvy slopping streets and major Atlanta vegetation keep the changing the view.

    This is a stretch but it reminds me a bit of Charleston south of Broad: landlocked, compact, the houses are different but similarly scaled, houses sit cheek to cheek with tiny front yards, it's such a good location that most houses have been constantly tweaked, the tennis and pool club make it charmingly self contained, the houses are bigger and more elegant than they might appear from the street, it's not the neighborhood for folks who want acreage, isolation, and maximum privacy. But when I drive though I feel like I'm and interloper in a private place.

    The "Luncheon with Stan Dixon" is a very cool idea. Good for everybody. Congratulations to Stan and all of his staff. This should make a lot of money for Children's Healthcare.

  8. that looks like so much fun!!! May have to hop on over to take a peek!

  9. I hope you take lots and LOTS of pictures because I can't wait to see what's inside! I'm such a sucker for home tours it's ridiculous, so I'm going to have to live vicariously through you for the time being. :-)

  10. Now this seems to have all the earmarks of a great home tour. That Stan is the man...what style and design knowledge. Looking forward to the interiors.

  11. What a great tease for the interiors...would love to go!!

  12. Holly,

    I'd love to be there! This is an unbelievable opportunity to learn and enjoy beautiful architecture.

    I hope you have lots of fun and get very inspired. Please, share this tour with us, ok? :-)

    Have a Happy Day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  13. Love all these classic homes. Sure to be a wonderful tour - hope you'll report back with some interior images.

  14. now you have me thinking I may need to make a trip to Atlanta this weekend.

  15. What are we waiting for lets pack and go,,lol....

  16. Beautiful post! What a pleasure to see Colonials when spending so much time out west.
    Have a great weekend!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  17. Holly,
    I was sorry I had to miss this one! I have worked with Stan on several homes in the past, and he is truly talented. Your project is in such good hands with him and Suzanne, and l look forward to seeing a post on your new home!
    Tammy Connor


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