Friday, July 24, 2009

Beautiful Antique French Tapestry Pillows

One of the best things about blogging has been connecting with so many great people around the world. I have also become friends with some wonderful bloggers and readers in my own back yard! One of my Atlanta readers, Gigi, shares my passion for real estate, and we are always emailing back and forth about what houses are new on the market (she has provided more than one lead for my blog posts), and what we think about the renovations and new construction projects that are going on around Buckhead.

I recently learned that not only is Gigi an avid real estate afficionado, but she is also an antique dealer who travels to Europe to find beautiful pieces to sell to customers far and wide. Here are two pieces that caught my eye when looking at her inventory. This pillow is made from a fragment of 18th century French tapestry that was hand woven in a color palette typical of early 18th century textile design. The tapestry is framed in a brown velvet ribbon from France, and finished off with high quality linen. It measures 10 inches by 20 inches, and is priced at $395.

There is another similar pillow, also made with a fragment of 18th century French tapestry. The tapestry on this pillow is framed in a neutral color gimp, as well as high quality linen. It measures 10 inches x 20 inches, and is priced at $395.

For more information or to purchase one of these beautiful and unique pillows, please email me at thingsthatinspire@gmail.com (preferably with antique tapestry pillow as the subject), and I will make sure to forward the email to Gigi. She ships all over the United States; international sales and shipping are possible, but must be discussed ahead of time.


  1. These are so beautiful with a piece of history in each pillow!

  2. So lovely, and what a good way to use fragments of precious vintage fabrics -- to frame them within the larger pillow.


  3. Great pricing on the pillows! I hope that tapestry fragment pillows are making a come back as they are always gorgeous and add so much depth to a room.

  4. I love the combination. I'm all over toss cushions, they make or break a space!

  5. The color of that tapestry is very nice and the prices are good. I'll keep her in mind for my design jobs.

  6. I live in the metro Atlanta area and always enjoy blogs from our area on art, architecture and design. Yours has been a delight! Will visit often. My very best!

  7. It's my first time posting and I love your entryway. I like the two chairs with the table. I would change out the rug for a round one slightly smaller that shows more of your flooring making each side seem not so squished. I think the one chair needs a friend. :-) Love your blog!


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