Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The perfect shade of blue?

Yes, call me old fashioned, but I love a soothing blue bedroom. There is something so calming and elegant about blue, and it has been the color of choice for my bedroom since I was a teenager. However, the perfect shade of blue paint can be difficult to find. So many promising paint chips turn into a cloying shade on the wall, more suited to the room of a child than to a soothing retreat.

As I was watching my TiVo version of Design Star last night, I had a sudden recollection of Matt Lorenz's room from episide 8 of Top Design. When I watched the show in the spring, I loved Matt's 'water' room. Matt agonized over the paint color, and what he came up with is perhaps one of the most beautiful shades of blue I have ever seen - a light and airy blue with a lot of gray in it.

After doing a little internet research, I found that Matt used Pratt & Lambert paint in 'white smoke'. Interestingly, he used an exterior formula flat finish. Now, do I take the plunge and paint my bedroom this color? I am off to the paint store today to investigate the possibility.

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  1. this color is great !! Your bedroom will look wonderful.

  2. This is the inspiration for my mother in law's spare bedroom remodel. I would die to know what blue he used!!


  3. What, duh...you tell me in the end. I'm still waking up, I sware. Ext. paint, huh...let us know what you think of this color for interior paint.


  4. That is such a beautiful color- not too blue. I think you should go for it! (And then you can show us pics of the finished project :)

  5. Yes, this room wins the best of show for Top Design. Love that color!

  6. Having never seen the show, I had not seen those pics before. It is a beautiful room, and the blue is perfect! Go for it, and show us the pics afterwards!

  7. I love that color. My bedroom is a similar shade, maybe slightly darker, of robin's egg blue. It was custom but I saw a color from Benjamin Moore that was almost identical.

    I'm curious what paint finishes people like best. I used satin on my walls because my apartment is so small and I like a little sheen and I absolutely hate eggshell.

  8. Benjamin Moore has a very pretty watery blue that looks great on the wall, called Ocean Air. It was also mentioned in Domino's latest issue as a favorite designer blue. Sorry I don't have a photo of the room (my last apt bathroom!). :(

  9. How interesting to use an exterior
    formula flat finish. It is a beautiful color and would go well if you choose to use the China Seas fabric for your headboard.

  10. PS I love those 2 plexiglass coffee tables!

  11. It's funny, for some reason I have also been obsessed with a blue colour for bedrooms. It's an undefined sort of steel blue but lighter. Hmm, art deco light blue with grey in it? Ahh, still looking for it!!

  12. do, it, darling! I can just imagine sleeping in this serene room. The key to a soft hue like this it how you finish he room. will you go light and airy - or allow a glorious contrast with dark woods and rich colors? Do tell!

    Do keep us up to date with images!

    AND...thanks for the research on the paint. I happen to be in the midst of painting my entire home, and some spaces are still up for discussion in terms of color...this was well timed!


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