Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Inspirational Architects - Pak Heydt and Associates

If only the best will do, many in Atlanta (and throughout the country) with an eye for fine architecture call upon the firm of Pak Heydt and Associates. Founded by Yong Pak in 1997, and later expanded when Charles Heydt joined the firm in 2003, the firm is known for its traditional and classical architecture combined with a modern sensibility. No cookie cutter neighborhoods for this firm; it is custom all the way, with a focus on the best of cratsmanship and materials.

Some of the pictures I have seen of the latest Pak Heydt architecture and renovation work has a nice modern feel to the interior, which I love to see with a very traditional exterior (as you can tell from some of my previous posts). There is something so interesting to me about the surprise of a modern or transitional interior when contrasted with a very classical exterior; there is more to the house than what initially meets the eye. (Pictures below are from a recent Pak Heydt renovation project).

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  1. If I'm not mistaken, Pak got his start with Norman Askins, another great architect!

  2. I think you are right about Yong Pak working for Norman Askins firm when he started out. Norman Askins is one of the greats of Atlanta architecture!

  3. I know that these homes will still be classics 100 years from now--like the homes of Shutze and Reed.

  4. stunning results. absolutely stunning. it's easy to see that great clients allow designers and architects to create incredible dwellings. you can have the most fun designing when you are given plenty of latitude and encouragement to do what you do best.

    great post!

  5. Yes...you are right, Franki. The firm profile for Pak Heydt says that they encourage their clients "to invest in longevity: materials of the highest quality, superior construction, and the integration of energy conscious technology". They want to build residences that will stand the test of time. I love their philosophy!

  6. These are beautiful houses designed to last for generations.
    Great classic design.

  7. Very classic and clean, the details millwork with what really gets me!


  8. Do you all remember that Low Country house by Pak that was featured in Southern Accents a few years ago? I think it was Low Counry -- maybe more Greek Revival -- anyway, beautiful!

  9. Hmmm...I must have missed that one! Maybe it was during my non-shelter magazine phase (which lasted 18 months, a few years ago). Usually when I see Yong Pak's name I am riveted.

  10. They're all beautiful homes. Great post.

  11. I think, if I recall correctly, that Yong Pak was once named 4 Names to Watch in Southern Accents a long time ago. Does anyone remember that? Atlanta has such great homes - it's a great design city, the stores, the antiques, the designers - y'all are really lucky to live there.


  12. Charles Heydt also got his start with Norman Askins and has been working with both for 15+ years.

    Now I am in Pittsburgh...and miss visiting their houses.


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