Friday, August 3, 2007

A beautiful room scene

I love this picture on the Atlanta Design Center website. I assume it is from the Renfroe showroom, because the floor lamp, coffee table, and bench are all by Mattaliano (whom Renfroe represents in Atlanta). Do you see how the pillow, the flowers on the side table, and the painting all have variations of the salmon and red? It makes a very pleasant journey for they eye.

I like the squared off corners of the coffee table, contrasted with the curve of the bench. The curve and the straight line are married in the beautiful floor lamp that is positioned behind the bench. (I love the idea of using a bench as a side table - it is very versatile and effective.)

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  1. This is a really beautiful scene...I love the simplicity!


  2. I love benches. I was just thinking of putting a long low bench in front of my living room window, mostly for magazines. Just this long cool low bench...

  3. I love Mattaliano's furniture! Great post, its a beautiful pic.

  4. The scenery expresses a lot.It shows comfort and peace for the white colors by the sofa and the wall.White also determines purity,cleanliness, and simplicity.The salmon and red pillows matches the sofa,for the touch of elegance.The vase under the sidetable with the red roses determines life.The painting is the vibrations of restful emotions.I love this art.


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