Thursday, July 15, 2010

Design selections: the pool bathroom sink

Over the past 6 months, I have discussed some of the aspects of the design process for the new house. Now that we have broken ground, we are finalizing some design decisions, which is very gratifying given that we are now 10 months into the project!

In the early stages of a custom home project, my designer (Suzanne) likes to do a very high level furniture plan as soon as the house floor plan is established, simply as a way to set a stake in the ground and get a sense for the furniture that can be used from the current house, and get a feel for the amount of furniture/lighting/accessories that will need to be found and purchased for the new space. With this is mind, she can start keeping her eye out for special items that will make a space unique. We went through the high level furniture plan in December, but it wasn’t until this month that we started to talk about the specifics (Suzanne likes to wait until the client has actually broken ground to get into specifics – a smart thing in this day and age when getting a construction loan is brutal!).


One of the first elements selected for the house was the vanity for the casual half bathroom, which will also be used as the pool bathroom. Very early on Suzanne felt as if the Bradley Hughes McCoy sink would be the perfect choice for is space, simply because it is somewhat unexpected and provides a nice contrast to the tailored and elegant aesthetic in the architecture. Even though this might seem like an edgy choice for me, as I tend to gravitate to more traditional forms, I immediately loved it and felt like it would be perfect in the space. I asked Suzanne to push me a bit from my usual traditional aesthetic, and I love that this sink has a great ‘rough luxe’ feel that will be very functional for a space that will get a lot of traffic, and is both hardy with its concrete sink and sculptural with its iron base.

The McCoy Vanity is fashioned from solid iron, and the base is hand hammered by a skilled iron forger. The sink can come with or without a hammered shelf; we are going to have a shelf. Everything that Bradley Hughes makes is hand crafted in Atlanta, and hand finished. One of Suzanne’s favorite finishes is rubbed bronze, which is a 4-5 step process of layered paint; there are 8 additional finishes available, including white, black, platinum, gold, chocolate, grinded steel, rubbed bronze, antique gold, and aged pewter. There is a new finish coming out soon, called tru bronze - it is real bronze applied to the base, and it gives the base a Giacometti look.

The sink is made from poured concrete that is custom colored. Suzanne frequently uses the sinks and the coffee tables in her designs; Michelle Bradley noted that Suzanne knows how to design with the concrete, and appreciates its versatility. The sink that we are using can look more on the traditional side – like an old found object – but is can also look edgy and contemporary based on the finish that is selected.


The McCoy sink also comes in a small vanity with no shelf. As everything is custom made, all Bradley Hughes products can be order to your exact specifications.


We are pairing this sink with a Newport Brass 1000 series faucet in an antiqued pewter finish (not the finish in this picture), which was chosen for its quirky lines.

An early concept was to use two freestanding shelves/etageres that could be used for towels and such (this is, after all, going to be used in part as a pool bathroom), but now it looks like we will flank the sink with built in cabinets that have drawers down low and open shelves above counter height (for towels and baskets). Suzanne has also been talking about using a beautiful hand painted Walker Zanger ceramic tile on the wall behind the sink; the tiles might be out of my budget, so we will wait and see on that.


Michelle was recently featured in Atlanta Magazine – click here for a great article on her story and the Bradley Hughes line (the McCoy sink in her showroom can be seen in this picture – in one of her edgier finish combinations).

Bradley Hughes is an Atlanta based, to the trade custom furniture firm with representation nationwide. What started out as a small custom enterprise by designer Michelle Bradley is growing by leaps and bounds and is finding its way into homes nationwide. Michelle started her company in 2003 as she was often not able to find the kind of furniture she was looking for, at the right price point. She started in upholstery, but has expanded into other lines, and is particularly well known for her edgy concrete and metal pieces (her iron coffee table with a concrete top is stunning). I love her unique mirrors, with their acid washed surfaces, and she also has a successful lighting line that has been a hit with both interior designers and set designers (pieces from her lighting line were used in the Sex and the City movie). Bradley Hughes is a favorite source for top designers who like clean lines, unique designs, and great materials, and the line is a particular favorite of Suzanne’s.


Look at this fabulous room featuring Bradley Hughes upholstery and casegoods. I am intrigued by those chairs – Bradley Hughes has really unique upholstery that can’t be found anywhere else.


This console, with its sculptural iron base and concrete top, is a favorite of mine.


I saw this concrete top coffee table in the showroom at the design center, and was very drawn to it.


A great, soft version of a classic wing chair.


Here is the cool chair from the room picture.


Bradley Hughes is also known for their beautiful and unique mirrors, with acid washes that make them look one of a kind and unique.


Michelle has recently expanded into a lighting collection that promises to be as unique as the rest of the Bradley Hughes line. I particularly like this hanging light.

For more information on Bradley Hughes furniture, please visit the website - bradley-hughes.com. There are so many beautiful designs, I can’t even begin to do them justice in this post.

So, what do you think? Are you surprised? I can't wait to see how it looks...


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  1. It is going to look fabulous!! I was just looking in my Bradley Hughes binder today admiring it all. Can't wait to see....

  2. I felt like a kid in a candy shop when my Bradley Hughes binder and finish samples arrived. If I recall correctly many of the BH items were used in the amazing corporate office of Spanx. I have had my eye on the coffee table for a while and hope to find a place for it in our new home. I love what you and Suzanne have selected for your pool bath. Almost feels spa-like to me. I am sure it will be spectacular. Looking forward to seeing more of the design selections!

  3. It's gorgeous!
    Love the faucet too.
    What a fabulous collection.


  4. Well, Miss Things That Inspire, I am impressed - I thought your house would be ultra traditional, but this has a bit of kick to it! Love it. Are you looking at the concrete table too?

  5. That sink is great. Perfect selection for a pool/powderoom. I don't know if I like the console table or coffee table more - they are both fantastic pieces. Glad you get to start all the fun interiors now!

  6. I really enjoy reading about your home building project. Just wanted to send you a thank you!

  7. I love that vanity piece. It's so unique. You're home is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see pictures of it. I'm sure you can't wait until it's built. -c

  8. I love it. And I think it's perfect for a pool house -- it's functional, casual, yet still elegant and unique. Can't wait to see what other design choices you make in the coming months!

  9. I would love to have one of those high back wind chairs! great post :)

  10. Intriguing selections. I truly like that you asked Suzanne to push you a bit. I need that type of nudging as well. It's going to be a stunner!

  11. Iron with stone-like concrete not traditional? Looks kind of ancient / functional / farmhouse practical to me. Shame to have the drain plumbing underneath but maybe it's camouflaged with a cast-iron pipe look.

    The "console, with its sculptural iron base" wow! I'm not crazy about those hooded chairs but I think there are perfectly good places for them.

  12. I adore that interesting pair of chairs! I'm certain your house will be amazing!

    Like you, I am also in the process of redecorating my house, and as a designer myself, it always seems the most difficult to choose things for myself! I can make selections all day for clients, but it's a whole other story for me! But at least I am finally STARTED on the process, right? I posted a couple of pictures on my blog of my foyer walls. Baby steps! LOL.

  13. Make sure that the sink isn't too shallow!
    Your guests will be splashed when they wash their hands, if it is.
    Test the faucets to check for splashing before you buy! Especially for the faucet in the powder room.
    If the aerator is inadequate, the faucets will splash.
    I especially dislike my kitchen faucet from KWC- If I had tested it first,
    I never would have bought it!

  14. This choice is stunning, and the whole line is truly wonderful. One of the commenters above talked about pipes. Suzanne will know of a refinisher in your area that can plate the drain pipe in a bronze for you. I have a similar sink in my daughter's bathroom and we had to specify chrome pipes to coordinate with the polished nickel. I would hate how it looks without that detail.

    Love the quirky faucet, too.

  15. contemporary,clean,perfect for a bath that leads out to the pool. the bottom shelf can be used for pool towels or whatever.

  16. I love those iron bases--super workmanship.

  17. I might be the only one to leave a negative comment here but I have been reading your blog for a long time and I do not think this looks like your taste at all. It is one thing to puch someone a little, but I hope in a year or two you won't be regretting this.

  18. OOh I love these pieces...the designs are fabulous!

    Art by Karena

  19. Wow, what great chairs!
    I really enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work!

  20. Absolutely unbelievable stuff! I love all your picks. You can never go wrong with Bradley Hughes. I have several of their pieces mixed in with my traditional pieces and it looks great! Anonymous, you are way out numbered!!!

  21. No worries, everyone - it is hard to see one selection out of context, and I agree with anon that this does not look like me - and yet, I love it. It is truly perfect for the casual bathroom where it will be placed, which is off the mudroom and connected to the pool area.

    Now I need to show everyone what has been selected for the formal powder room - it is beautiful and elegant. It is the contrast that I love - some areas elegant, some areas more relaxed.

  22. I love the Bradley Hughes McCoy sink! One thing that I see is the bowl of the sink is a nice size, say for washing small children or pets! That's what you have designers for, to introduce you to things you may not have thought about or thought it wasn't 'you'! There is no rule book that states that if one is traditional they MUST always 'do' traditional! I say go for it girl. I have gotten many to go outside their comfort zone and they always love it!

  23. I receive OneKingsLane emails that notify of special sales and today there was a chair shown at a ridiculous low price that is amazingly similar to the chair you like in the room. Here is the link and this particular item will be available for a few days only. If the link should not work, go to www.onekingslane.com

  24. somes times old things inspire you to do new and modern thing with them. it doesnt matter if they are old or worn out. it all depends on how well they can serve or what they can do!!

  25. Holly, my wife and I absolutely LOVE your design style. We are undergoing a renovation of our 1960's ranch and decided to do the renovation in the french country style because of your blog, and whenever we face a design decision, we turn to your blog for help. Every single room in our house has an element that you have done a post about! Thank you so much, and we are very happy with every decision so far in the reno.

  26. Funny, I actually think the sink does look like you! It's clean and classic without being cold and uninviting. I think you are going to love it.


  27. Thanks so much for visiting FK. I was just on your site a few days ago and noticed your wonderful post on French styled houses. I was honored that you chose to show a house that I designed and built in Montecito, CA in the early '90s {the one Trish of Trouvais posted about}. That house is 10,000 square feet with 8 bathrooms and 2 kitchens, so I can appreciate what you are going trough. It was authentically constructed with no recessed/canned lighting even in closets so including the exterior I had to select 75 lighting fixtures! Such brain overload even for someone who loves design...so I only chose furniture for 2 rooms during the construction process. You are smart however to have a furniture design plan so things like floor outlets can be placed properly and other details adjusted accordingly. I will now eagerly follow you on your wonderful journey. It's rather like childbirth, as soon as the house is finished, you will forget all of the pain and hopefully live there many happy years enjoying it all.

    Best wishes for a smooth process,


  28. Loving the look of the dark sink and brass fixtures - this is surely going to turn out amazing and hey you are doing an all new house - take some risks and do something you haven't done before.

    I am so happy you posted this today because I saw that living room yesterday and instantly became obsessed with those chairs - thanks for sharing this source!

  29. The pool sink? Ok, we get it: you have more money than God. Stop blogging about it. Thanks.

  30. If people stop building houses, and stop employing the countless tradesmen and tradeswomen to construct those houses, and stop hiring architects and designers, and stop buying the things that go in a house, then this country is in more trouble than it already is. If you don't want to read about it, don't come to this blog.

  31. Anon 10:51, I understand your angst. I rarely post on the specifics of my selections because it does seem to cross the line a bit; I prefer to post on the process. However, in this situation I wanted to highlight a great American company that is designing and making a wonderful product - to provide a bit of publicity for a company whose products are top notch. A lot of designers and people who are building/renovating read my blog, and Bradley Hughes is a company that deserves to be known better.

    Anon 12:21, thanks. I agree.

  32. Holly, don't listen to anon 10:51. You have stressed countless times that you don't want a huge house or a "mc mansion". You have exquisite taste and are just trying to create a wonderful home for your family. I am in the architecture business and we all need work. Thank you for not being too afraid of the economy and giving much needed work to those who need it. Without people like you, we would never get out of a recession. Anon 12:21 is exactly right.


Thank you for your comments! I strive to make my blog positive in tone, and appreciate the same courtesy when comments are made. Thank you!


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