Thursday, February 25, 2010

My 'Things That Inspire' email subscriptions are an important part of my blog, as I have thousands of subscribers who only read my blog through email.

I have been experiencing difficulties with the service that provides the email subscriptions, and many of the blog posts that I have created over the past month have not been sent out. After a lot of time and effort researching the problem, I feel confident that it is now fixed.

In the course of working on this problem, I changed the email address that is used for my email subscription from scjenningsart@gmail.com to thingsthatinspire@gmail.com. As a result - I received numerous emails this week from readers who subscribed to my blog years ago, but never received an email (it had previously been routed to their spam folder); I also noticed that my own email subscription went into my 'spam/junk mail' folder.

I am changing the email back to the old one for this one post to let my loyal email subscribers know to check their spam folder if they do not receive the email subscription of my blog in the future. I will be doing a post tomorrow (Friday), so make sure to check! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at thingsthatinspire@gmail.com.

As always, thank you for reading my blog!


  1. Good luck with the change...I follow you on my dashboard and thoroughly enjoy your blog, you're the best.....Francine

  2. Like Francine said! And also I have been getting mine in the email. Best wishes.

  3. I have never been able to work out how to put the little box for people to subcribe to my blog though email... I have tried and failed so many times I gave up...
    Love your blog, I do not think I have ever missed an email ... maybe but I do not think so...
    Have a wonderful day... Regards, Carol Ann x

  4. I had this problem a little while ago. Oddly, once I marked my email as "not spam" it seemed to correct for everyone. I wish I could fix my mashed up text and pictures. This seems hopeless.


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