Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New on the market in Atlanta: another spectacular house

I have just returned from a long vacation, and it was nice to get back into the normal routine.  Part of the routine:  perusing the new real estate listings!  Quite a few amazing houses went on the market in Atlanta this week, and this one was by far my favorite.


There is something very appealing about this home.  It has both contemporary and traditional elements, and the architecture is top notch.  Seeing this house reminded me of a post that I did in 2007 called 'a tale of two styles' - I love both traditional French and Swedish designs, as well as designs that are more contemporary or transitional.  The listing says that the architect on this nine year old home was Keith Summerour, one of Atlanta's best known architects.  It is interesting that the front door is not immediately apparent; it is a bit tucked away.  (Photo via real estate listing). 


Although I like the exterior of the house, the kitchen really captured my interest. I absolutely love this kitchen!  I have a weakness for casual dining areas with a wall of windows; they fill the kitchen with light.   Particularly appealing is the combination of the contemporary lines of the windows and the cabinetry, in combination with the traditional lines of the rustic table and elegant chairs.   The shape of the shades on the light fixture is my favorite, and is the perfect touch for this kitchen.  It looks like the refrigerator and freezer are to the left and right of the stove.  Wait until you see the other side of the kitchen...(Photo via real estate listing).


Lots of shelves to display various collections, and a ladder for practical purposes (reaching the top shelves) and visual charm.  As much as I admire all of these shelves, they would not work with my lifestyle and tendency for concentrated areas of clutter.  However, I admire them in these pictures! This kitchen has a European flair, and I do tend to have the American desire for a few more overhead cabinets, or at the very least a couple of pantry closets. It looks like this kitchen has many, many drawers, so there is no shortage of storage space. (Photo via real estate listing).


Although the decor of this room is quite nice (noted as the family room), it is the architecture that catches my eye. Look at all of the French doors! 


Again, it is the architecture that I love in this picture (although I am always a big fan of framed series).  The French doors open to the terrace.


The master bathroom has somewhat of a vintage feel.  I love the repeating motif of the circle in the two windows and the mirror. I can't quite figure out the lighting - are the pleated shades attached to the wall, or hanging from an invisible wire?


A beautiful, dramatic dining room. The chandeliers look like mini versions the Swarovski chandelier used on the last season of Top Design, don't they? I love the large scale contemporary art in the room.  This is a room designed to be used at night, with maximum drama.


When I got the picture of this room, it started to look somewhat familiar. The piano with a beautiful gallery style wall of etching and paintings was one clue, and the contemporary art above the fireplace (flanked by two vertical paintings) was another clue.  I realized I had seen this house in a magazine recently.


Here is the same room - on the cover of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles (even if you don't live in Atlanta, I highly recommend subscribing to this magazine - there are so many beautiful homes featured that it often rivals some of the top national magazines).  (Via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, photography by Mali Azima)


I have always admired gallery walls, and this one is particularly effective, behind the grand piano. (Via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, photography by Mali Azima)


The article in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles shows this styled view of the kitchen, and notes that the counters are a combination of carerra marble and three inch thick refinished antique wood timbers. 


According the the AH&L article, the home has 10 sets of 10  foot French doors in the house.  I have never seen this window treatment style. It looks like the original curtains were made to the height of the door, and perhaps they were retrofitted to give the appearance of going to the ceiling?  The mirrors were made out of 19th century French window frames. (Via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, photography by Mali Azima)


I find the work of this artist, Stephanus Heidacker, to be striking.  He is represented by Tew Galleries in Atlanta. (Via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, photography by Mali Azima)


I am never adept at determining the floor plan of a house from the pictures on a real estate listing (how I wish Atlanta listings had a floor plan like so many DC listings), so it was illuminating to read the AH&L article on the house.  It is built in a 'U' shape to maximize light and views of (and access to) the outside.  Here is a picture of the pool, which shows the 'U' shape of the house.  (Via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, photography by Mali Azima)


Based on this picture (via the real estate listing) there are two covered porches off the back of the house.


Finally, a view of the back of the house.  There is an expansive back yard, and a contemporary sculpture.  I'm guessing that the wing to the left is the master bedroom (with the smaller covered porch) and the wing to the right is the family room.  If only I could scrape together the $5.225 million asking price for this house, it could be mine!

So, what do you think of this house?  Obviously I love it, but it is the architecture of the home that speaks to me more than the decor (although I find it to be a beautifully designed home).   The AH&L article said that the design of this home was truly a collaborative effort over a ten year period, with contributions from the owners, architects Keith Summerour, Kenneth Garcia, and designers Beth Webb and Barbara Westbrook (at different points in time).

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  1. This house is so gorgeous! I absolutely love the kitchen and the gardens are beautiful. I love it all!

  2. I'm with you on the kitchen... wonderful! The whole house is terrific but for me, the piece de resistance has got to be the porches... I would LOVE to have a house with this kind of outdoor living space! Beautiful!!
    Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

  3. Great spectacular house with excellent furniture, furnishings and best use of bifold doors and windows.

  4. *** "It's all good", as the saying goes, and in THIS case, excellent! What I love most is simply the message to "put your feet up and just relax" feel it radiates ~~~ sooooo comfy! SO inviting! Thanks for posting this~ such a treat! Warmly, Linda ***

  5. Great house and I love the kitchen and outdoors a lot.

  6. Love the kitchen... and the pool, too much! Also I applaud the use of such a deep, dark color in the dining room- those blue chairs just 'pop'... an awesome site for a fab dinner party. Good taste seems to flow in Atlanta ( is it something in the water?)

  7. The dramatic dining room really caught my eye. I always admire those that are brave enough to use such strong colors that make a big statement like this one.

    The gallery wall was also a beauty as was the pool area which has such a European feel.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!


  8. Love the pool area surrounded by the wings of the house.

  9. Welcome home, I hope you had a fabulous vacation! LOve the Hight of the french doors and bringing the window treatments to the ceiling.

    Ps Be sure to visit my site for a chance in the Sundown Sunday Giveaway of one of my works of art!

  10. wow! not only is the house grand (hence the price) but i love all the decor too, very elegant!

  11. I really love the kitchen and the "library ladder." A friend who is petite in size had just mentioned doing the same possibly in her new home. So practical, so cool.

  12. I hope that you had a nice vacation. What beautiful homes there are in Atlanta. I always enjoy your posts so much.

  13. Glad you're back! The house is fabulous! Very surprised you didn't mention the interesting floor design, it seems unique, is it? Stacia Blau

  14. Thank you for the comments, everyone. I really find this house to be so beautiful. I read somewhere recently - that sometimes interiors need room to breathe, and not be overdecorated. I think this house really succeeds admirably on this front. The rooms are peaceful and well done, but they also allow the beautiful bones of the house to shine through.

    The floors do seem unique. I am going to dig up my magazine and see if they are mentioned. Thanks, Stacia!

  15. What a beautiful house! One of the amazing things about blogging is being able to take a peak into houses from all around the world and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. You're right - the black and white photos above the bed look wonderful. Leigh

  16. Good grief! A library ladder in the kitchen! The rooms are huge but with great proportions. I think you could pass my whole house through the kitchen window. 12 foot ceilings make 10 foot french doors look perfect. The front has much to like, the gravel drive, terraces for steps, a colonnade. It looks very approachable.

    The Summerour studio on Bishop Street is very cool. You drive by an enclosed garden on a hill with arches. You'll know when you see it. Drive up there and have a look. You'll want to apply for a job just so you can work in that room.

  17. How lovely! You are so generous in sharing your wonderful finds! I could fit my entire house in the kitchen, I think - maybe twice!

    Welcome back - glad you had a good vacation.

  18. Merci Merci Merci
    What a beautiful house, I think i'm falling in love with Atlanta! So simple and comfortable, a space that really welcomes you in! The kitchen, wow! BUT the outdoor rooms, the trees, the simplicity yet attention to detail, AMAZING!
    Thank you 'Things that Inspire' for a wonderful start to my morning over here in australia!

  19. Wow! Oozes sophistication. This is a serious house for grown-ups. Love it.

  20. Thank you. I save your emails for times when I need a zen moment to relax and breathe deeply...I love this house too.

  21. Just Wow. I need a reason to move to Atlanta!

  22. One can make their house more spectacular and eye-catching with the help of glass upvc doors, pvcu windows and pvc furniture.

  23. Yes, I can see why you liked this home.
    All of those French doors create a wonderful feeling of openness.
    Besides the images of the yard (I have big lawn envy), I was drawn to the kitchen. I thought those open shelves with the library ladder were wonderful.
    I also liked the idea of three smaller chandeliers over the dining table. It seems like a perfect solution over such a long table.

    Another wonderful post.


  24. The house is gorgeous! The lawn looks lush too!

  25. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

    I also love a tucked away front door; it's more of an experience.

    Thanks for the inspirational photos!

  26. I get so jealous after looking at these wide open kitchens. Fabulous landscaping too!

  27. Beautiful Home- I love the two styles! It works.

  28. The piano, *swoon* and the art but also that island. I'm sure it's bigger than my first kitchen!

  29. I LOVE the hardwood floors. The planks are laid in a really unique pattern. And I love the dark & dramatic dining room too.

    I'm guessing the pendant fixtures in the master bath are hanging from the ceiling. They look round, so couldn't really be attached to the walls.

    Maybe you should go take a look at this house in person and find out for sure!! :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  30. I love the house! You always find all the great homes. I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog while I was away and tell you not to be a stranger!

  31. What a spectacular house! I loved it! It makes me wonder why the owners would want to sell their home at this time when real estate values have fallen so much.

  32. Love that kitchen and the dining room is such a surprise. Cute boxwoods in the front too.

  33. i LOVE this!!!! the kitchen is wonderful. is that terrazzo on the floors? I mean it's modern but still - it's wonderful! so open and airy. it's almost seems Belgian to me on the inside not the outside. very very nice and the best part - a coup! you know what I mean -!!! double whammy - with it being in the magazine! hey - 33 comments not bad!!!!

  34. Fabulous house tour! It's so neutral that the bright blue chairs in the dining room were a fun surprise. And all that shelving in the kitchen is to die for. My favorite part may be the covered porches. I want one so badly!

  35. Oooooooh Mama! I am LOVIN that kitchen. Gorgeous!!

    Thanks for the great tour...

  36. de houses are gorgeous !!!!
    lov de deco too.its so neat & elegant.

  37. I am blown away by this home! The lined up boxwoods look so classy! Stunning....thanks for sharing!

  38. This really is a wonderful house. I'm crazy about the front gravel drive and the stepped front lawn with the little potted boxwoods. My dream house will have steel casement french doors like these throughout - instead of windows. And of course the kitchen is just perfect!


  39. Fabulous home, I am now accepting sponsors to purchase it. Anyone, anyone. . . ???

  40. Glass furniture, doors and windows simply make the house live and look more beautiful.


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