Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beautiful Clocks, Part II

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments and emails from my post a few days ago on Beautiful Clocks, and received so many new pictures by email that a 'Beautiful Clocks, Part II' had to be written!

Valorie from Visual Vamp is clearly a lover of large clocks, and she emailed me some stunning images. The above photo was her inspiration for a revamp (pun intended!) of her living room.

val big clock CF

Here is Valorie's redesigned living room! Joni of Cote de Texas had the idea of putting the clock on the shutters, and Valorie calls the idea pure genius. Isn't this a beautiful room, and a beautiful clock?

big clock joni

Another big clock picture (is there a term for this kind of clock? Some called it a train station clock, others a railway clock, others just refer to it as a big clock), via Valorie and Cote de Texas.

brook big clock

Valorie also sent me this picture from the home of Brooke Giannetti (of Velvet and Linen). Two clocks, the best of both worlds.

clock entry

Of all the pictures that Valorie sent me, this might be my favorite. The clock is like a sculpture. I do think that with this style, the bigger the clock the more dramatic the effect.


Another reader, stormygirl, sent this great picture of a large clock over a buffet. I loved seeing this picture as I am thinking about putting a clock over a similarly scaled buffet in my kitchen.


Ron van Empel, of Empel Collections, emailed me a picture of the striking clock in his own home.

tradhome_cover tradhome_inside

I had a new person comment on the blog, a stylist and magazine scout (and blogger) who was involved in the photo shoot for the Traditional Home cover in my last post. The interior design was done by Bellacasa Design of Houston. When looking at the Bellacasa Design site, I was struck at comparison between the picture that was used on the cover of the magazine, and the picture that was used inside. On the cover - no clock. In the article, the clock appears. I wonder why this decision was made? Perhaps because the lettering on the cover conflicted with the lines of the clock.


Although the majority of my comments and emails were about the railway clock style, I did get a few new pictures of Mora clocks. Cote de Texas sent me this picture of a beautiful antique Mora clock that belongs to a friend of hers (featured in this great post ). I think the color is perfection.


A Mora clock from the home of the owners of the Wisteria catalog - it looks beautiful in their kitchen. Image via Cote de Texas.


Cote de Texas has a clock on the landing of her own stairway.


I meant to include this picture in my last post, but forgot. It seems like quite a few Mora clocks show up in kitchens. I like how this one is tucked in corner.

So, now my inspiration files have been greatly enriched by so many beautiful clock photos. I even created a special folder called 'clocks'! I have a feeling this is one of those things I am always going to notice from this point forward - beautiful clocks. I have also found about six places in my own home where either a Mora clock or a railway (or train station) clock would be right at home. It's a good thing I am so judicious about making new purchases, otherwise the discoveries I make while blogging would cost me an absolute fortune!

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  1. I LOVE the antique mora clocks, but just don't really like those GIGANTIC clock faces...I know they're very trendy right now...but I just don't get it.

  2. How cool is that, everyone sending you their archived clocks! Where can you find the kind of clock you need in your kitchen? I'm just wondering if I've ever seen a large clock like that in a store but maybe it's just that I haven't had my attention on it. Love your posts!

  3. Beautiful clocks indeed. I am just about to hang an old clock face in my garden - on the outside wall of an old chicken coop - if it works I shall snap it and send it to you. What a gorgeous post, xv.

  4. just beautiful!!! i love these two posts so much, I really want one of those large clock faces!!! and a French barometer too!!

  5. A wonderful collection. I think my favorite is the one you pointed out as a favorite of yours (the one that is like a sculpture), the clock without the back.

    I saw some stunning clocks at a shop in Paris - there are two in a photo in this post of mine:


    Good luck in your quest. :)

  6. LOVE all those clocks!! Especially the large "sculptural" one you pointed out as your favourite. It looks fabulous against the white wall -- really makes a huge impact in the almost-empty space.

    Thanks for sharing the new clock pictures you received :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  7. Fabulous post...I love love love clocks and would love to have a mora clock. The clock that is the architectural piece....fabulous.

    For you the Rice graduate and Miss Joni the self professed college drop out...a barometer measures atmospheric pressure!

  8. Thank you for the comments, everyone!

    Renae - a blog reader for sure to know such details! This is why I love blogs to much - so much to learn. I was in an antique store yesterday and saw the most beautiful antique French barometer ($15,000!). I emailed Joni and we both drooled over it. I love having a new thing to look for!

  9. The sculptural iron versions are my favorites too.

  10. Thank you for including my entry in your beautiful post. I think I have already expressed how much I love mora clocks and old clock faces.
    I recently moved my mora clock up to my Channel Islands home for a photo shoot. It looked so good up there that I had to leave it. Steve was kind enough to buy me one of the clocks that we purchased for the store, and it now sits in my entry. I'll have to send you a picture! Thank you for another beautiful and inspirational post.


  11. I wonder if I had such a clock would I be more on time? :)

  12. I love the GIGANTIC clock faces, I don't care if they're trendy or not. I've always loved them. I'd love to live behind one in a loft-ish penthouse apartment in Gotham City or Metropolis.

  13. Absolutely love this piece! love, love, love. I've never given too much thought to clocks, but seeing these reminds me of my grandmothers home where I spent most of my childhood. Great piece.

  14. I have one more for you.....this may take the cake.

    check it out: http://coconutsandlimes.blogspot.com/2009/02/do-you-have-time.html


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