Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's all in the details - part I (chairs)

Often the difference between good and great design is in the details. I particularly love interesting and whimsical details on chairs.

It can be as simple as a contrasting welt. I love the wedgewood blue contrasted with white. This picture is from Domino Magazine decorating contest; entry by Catherine of Mill Valley, CA.

Or, an interesting wide stripe on a settee and chair. From Mrs. Blandings blog.

Here is the chair the Mrs. Blandings recently recovered. The contrasting welt is beautiful, but what really caught my eye is the nailhead Greek key detail. Beautiful!

I particularly love contrasting trim on the bottom of a chair. I think it is a beautiful finishing touch. My favorite table too...by Niermann Weeks. Photo by John Umberger.

Constrasting color on the bottom of the slipcover, picked up in the pillow.

An amazing chair from Stanford Furniture. I love the trim on the bottom, and the coordinating red welting.

A fascinating detail on a chair, by Quitana

A striking chair from Whiteney Stewart.

The details in these chairs makes them so interesting, don't you think?

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  1. So many great pieces, but my favorite is the last one!!!


  2. Oh, yes, I agree. Not everyone notices details, or absence of them. Too bad for them! I love all the little buttons, welting, trims, tassels, pleats, stripes, the way the fabric matches at a seam...simple but important details!

  3. Yes I agree, I think it shows someone with an eye for detail - Melissa is right, not everyone would notice, but those that do will appreciate it. I am a huge fan of contrasting welts (or piping as we call it down under) - it is a little detail but can add so much interest.

  4. Such beautiful images, especially the top two. I love contrasting welts as well (Suzy, we also call it piping here)--the details really do make a difference.

  5. the details definitely make all the difference. quality is often seen only when viewed up close.

  6. I love the images here, and agree with the others. I think that a designer's creativity can really shine through in the details.

  7. Thank you for the comments!

    I took a guess at what the 'trim' was called...I thought it was welts? welting? But piping sounds right. Is it called by both terms?

  8. I'm so flattered that office chair made the group - these are great examples of what detail can do for a piece. Truly, doesn't matter if anyone else notices - as long as you do.

  9. I love the Whiteney Stewart chair and it goes perfectly on the carpet it's on. This is my first time to your blog -- what a great find!

  10. I like the Quintana chair...that side detailing is so unique and clever!

  11. I love all these details . they are lovely

  12. I just love the red detail on Patricia's chair!


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