Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finding great art and artists on Pinterest

I am really into art these days.  My art board on Pinterest is one of my favorite places right now – I am always inspired by art and color and how art is selected for and placed in a room. 

I credit Pinterest for providing such an amazing source of inspiration for new (to me) artists.  Pinterest is a visual feast and it is truly amazing to be exposed to so many images I never would have seen.  Although I love looking at design, architecture, and food pins – it is the art pins that cause me to spend so much time on Pinterest.  I particularly like it when I find an artist, then find their Pinterest page, then get a peek into what inspires them – whether it be other artists, colors, landscapes, fashion…

The very nature of Pinterest sometimes makes it a challenge to determine an artist’s name when I see a painting in the context of a room.  When an image is featured in a magazine and even in a blog, the sources are usually identified (magazine, blog, designer, photographer, products). Much of the time, the trail is cold in Pinterest, when the image is completely separated from its source. However, for someone like me who likes to research and connect the dots, it is often a fun challenge to find something that has caught my eye on Pinterest.

Case in point: I saw this lovely room featured in a pin. I have also discovered that I have a major lavender obsession going on, and this painting, with its bright colors and splash of lavender, really caught my eye.  Through the source of the pin, I learned that the room is the work of designer and blogger Jamie Meares, who writes I Suwanee. The rest of the house is just as fresh and youthful as this room; click here to see the blog post.

After emailing Jamie, I found that the painting was done by Atlanta blogger, Jenny Andrews Anderson of My Favorite and My Best. I have read her blog for years now, and was aware that she was painting, but was truly impressed and inspired with the beauty of her work and the development of her technique.

I contacted Jenny and asked her more about her work, when she started painting, and what her inspirations are.  Her words (in italics) are interspersed with some of my favorite images of her art, both from her tumblr page and from client installations. 

The first painting Jenny sold to a client
i have been drawing most of my life, but painting was never something i got into beyond high school because the idea of paints and buying paints and brushes intimidated me.  i didn't know where to begin.  i really enjoyed all of my art classes in school and was pretty good, but i found that being literal or figurative wasn't something i connected with.  i guess i hadn't found my medium.  once i started painting abstract i connected with it right away.

having the blog helped in that i had an instant audience and clientele.  most of my readers are into interiors and art and just pretty things in general.

i paint in my dining room. mostly on the dining room table, but for bigger pieces i lean them against the wall and paint sitting down. i would love a studio. and a whole lot more paints and brushes! but for now, the dining room it is. ideally i'd love an out building to paint in, nothing away from home.

in terms of inspiration i sort of draw on that everywhere. i am inspired by what's in front of my eyes. i am inspired by how i feel, what i watch, what the weather is like...basically i draw inspiration from all around. also, pinterest is my best friend. i have a board titled 'color' that i refer to all the time for inspiration.

a lot of people ask what type of medium i use...that answer is varied. i experiment all the time- brushes and my fingers are the most used tools. but i also use scissors and serrated knives. for paints i use acrylic, gouache, oils, oil stick, charcoal...and i use them all together, usually. i love painting on paper. i recently painted a piece called "nectar head" on cardboard and found it to be a very easy surface to paint on.

my process is pretty simple...

i get some color ideas in my head, colors i want to see together...and i just start applying, wiping, smearing them and shapes take hold...i don't have a composition in mind or a story. those come pretty organically.

once i see the story unfold i just keep going where it takes me. that sounds totally hokey but it's so so true.

my goal is to move the story forward. i like to push the boundaries of weirdness and craziness. i don't take myself seriously at. all. like at all, at all. i don't take my paintings too seriously either. they are meant to bring a sense of wit and nostalgia, in some way, hopefully. i'd like to think that my paintings are like wes anderson movies. i think that his shot selections are the stars of his films. they are used to such great effect in such a singular, small moment. i'd like to think my paintings do something similar”.

Here are some more images of her art that caught my eye….

Jenny’s art (the large painting)  is featured over the mantel.  How gratifying it must be to have her art already in a published magazine spread! Style at Home Magazine

This bedroom is so pretty – and Jenny’s art is certainly the perfect touch for the space.

One of Jenny’s paintings at a client’s house.

This work on paper caught my eye – I am really into works on paper these days. I think they add an interesting and sophisticated element to a mix of art in a house, and often have a lighter touch than works on canvas.

This is a great nursery- it will easily make the transition from baby to child to teen, and I think that Jenny’s art will be a feature of the room for many years to come.

I have been admiring this painting in Jenny’s etsy shop – it’s really beautiful, so soft and luminous.

I hope you enjoyed this feature on the art of Jenny Andrews Anderson.  Here is where you can find her:

Jenny’s etsy shop:

Portfolio of her work:

Jenny’s blog:

What about you – are there any artists whose work you love, or whose work you have discovered on pinterest or on blogs? Please post names or links – I am always interested in learning about new artists.  Are you an artist who uses social media to expand your client base?  I would love to hear about it!  It seems like a very good time to be an emerging artist with talent and vision – there are so many ways to reach an audience in this day and age. (Email subscribers, comments can be made on the blog by clicking here).

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  1. Really Great Post! I started following your Art Page.

  2. "i like to push the boundaries of weirdness and craziness..." I love how her paintings make these room pulse with life. Thanks for showing the paintings incorporated in rooms as we'd really see them.

    "I am really into works on paper..." Me too TTI, me too.

  3. Finding affordable art can be overwhelming. I have tried on etsy and eBay, but it is so hard to find good artists and sometimes art can look really different in real life vs on a computer monitor. Any suggestions?

    1. I know what you mean. When I am buying a big piece of art, I tend to like to see it in person (although I am more willing to take risks with small pieces of art). I will often ask an artist or gallery to take a picture of a piece of art leaning against a wall (if I can't see it in person) - it gives me a better sense for the colors, the scale.

      As far as finding art, I know that ebay and etsy can be overwhelming. That is why I have found pinterest to be such a great inspiration. You can start a board on art that you like, and when you pin something pinterest will often suggest a board of someone else who has pinned the same thing - and you can look at their pins - and this often leads to a lot of great discoveries. I also find good artists through blogs and facebook, and often look at local and national galleries online for new artists and inspiration.

    2. Love this post and Jenny's work. How beautiful. She is exceptional given she has the online audience and the talent. Most artists struggle to get exposure online, and it's hard for buyer's to know if something is priced right. You may want to consider www.cureeo.com as a source. It's a selective platform for emerging and established artists, focusing on original and limited edition art.

  4. The image of the living room with Jenny's art over the mantel is from Style at Home Magazine - and is a home of another blogger in Oakville, Ontario {where I live}.

  5. What a great feature! Long been a fan of Jenny and her work. Watching the evolution of her art is so inspiring - it just keeps getting better and better.

  6. I love Jenny and her work! Remember our dinner together? How great that you two connected. xo xo

  7. Such beautiful work, Jenny is so talented. I love how Pinterest leads you to all kinds of new places. Thank you for sharing Jenny's work!...xv


  8. Another great artist is Austin, TX artist, Judy Paul. Check out her web page, judypaul.com.
    Also on facebook. She is really great!

  9. Thank you for sharing...I have been attracted to Jenny's work via Pinterest as well. A treat to hear directly from the artist....their process and their inspirations. And to see the work in situ.

  10. Jenny is one talented lady! so glad to see her featured here.

  11. I have one of Jenny's pieces and commissioned another one. She is great to work with! Love her!

  12. I designed the nursery you featured. Commissioning a painting from Jenny was a given to help maintain the idea that the space didn't need to be "all baby." Jenny knew exactly what we were going for, and I almost didn't let the client keep it! ;)
    alison g.

    alison giese Interiors

  13. I love Jenny's work. LOVE. IT. She's ridiculously talented.

  14. I live for day when I can own a Jenny picture. SO GIFTED!

  15. She is an amazing talent, love to read about her process.

  16. A lovely feature. Honestly, I think Jenny is a genius. And I mean that in the true sense. There is something there.


  17. I paint and just recently started pinning them on pinterest.http://pinterest.com/frmutahwithlove/fromutahwithlovemy-art/
    I love Jennys work! I have a one of her works on canvas that I bought last year. I love her colors. I want to but them all!

  18. Jenny's work is great! My favorite is still a Mississippi artist, Carolyn Busenlener.
    www.busenlener.com and she has a facebook page too.

  19. there are no words for this artist's style.
    i adore every canvas presented.


  20. Jenny is a true talent. Some people are simply born artists. She is one. A great actor, writer, designer, painter. They say she's a great cook. I'd like to know.
    An artist.
    I'm going to soak up, enjoy and buy her work while still I can.

  21. I went to a design event that was hosted in a gallery here in Austin. The artist is Meredith Pardue. If you don't know her work, you should look her up. Her work is very beautiful, but not what I'd call affordable.

  22. Jenny paints the best sunsets ever. Seriously. Commission a sunset.

  23. Besides being so dang funny....Jenny is putting some great art out there....I love when people find their groove like that!!!

  24. We currently have two great artists featured in Scout For The Home here in Atlanta. Greg Newington of Newington Photography (www.newingtonphotography.com. We just published a post with his work on our blog. Take a look!

  25. Loved this post!! I certainly use social media to promote my art & sell it... it's done quiet well, im so blessed. Feel free to take a look:

    Cocoa & Hearts

  26. OMG! I bought the green painting in the 4th image a few months ago. I think she is immensely talented and freaking hilarious. The emerald painting just spoke to me. Can't wait to own more of her work.

  27. LOVE me some Jenny!!! She is candid, hilarious, and supremely talented. I most definitely want to own a JAA original. They're layered, complex, and witty. Best of all, they would work in ANY decorating scheme or style.

    I've been known to sling some paint myself, and since you asked, you can check most of it here (The fab Mrs. Jamie Meares also sells prints and originals.)

  28. I'm interested in checking this furniture out, too! I would be cautious of Ikea's furniture design bloggers.

  29. Hi Holly,
    What a fun way to discover Jenny's work! I find that it moves me, too. But, I love that she says she doesn't take herself or her art too seriously. Art should be fun....and hers most definitely is.

    Great post!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  30. Isn't Pinterest fabulous? I love Jenny's work too.
    Thank you for sharing this work.

  31. Great work. Your all painting are nice! and placement in the house is also very good. Paintings can make house more beautiful.

  32. I have one of Jenny's pieces. Serious talent.

  33. I love this art. It is so abstract and wonderfully done, each piece is so uniquely different!


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