Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspirational artist: Myra Perrin

myra perrin
A friend of mine recently introduced me to the work of artist Myra Perrin.  All of Myra’s work is beautiful, but in particular I love her jewelry – it has a calligraphy-like elegance to it, and a beauty of line and form that is so unique and unlike any jewelry design I have seen. 

In Myra’s words…
I grew up in Southern Indiana, spending time at my great grandparents’ farm in Pike County. I recall vividly the sign of ripe wheat blowing in the wind, foreground to a hardwood forest. I was then, of course, mindless of the power of that image. I was aware of two grandfathers who worked with wood and the pleasure they gained in the process.
Many years later those influences have come to fruition in my sculpture, either wood sculpture or my jewelry. I have combined my love for nature, my deep appreciation of family ties, and the joy of creation.

When looking at Myra’s website, these statements about her work and inspirations particularly captured my imagination:

I have been creating objects since childhood, playing at the repair bench of my parent’s electronics company. I was always checking out books at the library about making “stuff”. After pursuing careers in business, I enrolled at the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. I earned my BFA in furniture design and began making furniture and sculpture. While exploring new materials l developed a love for working with metal. This led me to develop a collection of wearable art. I love the way I can shape, bend, form and color these materials and the endless possibilities for creating new work.

The elements of line, mark making and gesture are always foremost in my design process. I constantly experiment with these elements no matter what media I am using. I am intrigued by the way a simple adjustment in gesture can alter the essence of the work.

The friend who introduced me to Myra’s work worked with Myra to develop some exclusive jewelry designs that will be offered in the Quatrefoil Design store for a limited time.

Sterling silver/18k gold bi-metal ring.

In Myra’s words, "[To create this ring] I use hand-made Japanese paper to lay on a sheet of sterling silver. I roll the paper and silver through my rolling mill to press the texture of the paper onto the metal. I forge and form the ring band and the domed top of the ring. I solder the ring band closed then solder the ring top onto the band".

For additional pictures, or for purchase information, please visit:

14K gold slide on gold neck ring (available pendant only, or neck ring and pendant).

In Myra’s words: “An art critic once described Cy Twombly's paintings as ‘taking a line for a walk.’  That is always on my mind when I design and make a piece of artwork. Where my line begins and where will it take me”.

For additional pictures, or for purchase information, please visit:

Aquamarine spiral necklace, available in 14K gold or sterling silver, pendant only or pendant and neck ring.

In Myra’s words: “I am passionate about creating objects, whether they are large and hang on the wall or small and adorn the body. My design aesthetic for the my collection has dimension, contrast, and texture”.

For additional pictures, or for purchase information, please visit:

Labradorite spiral necklace – available in 14k gold or sterling silver, pendant only or pendant and neck ring.

In Myra’s words: “The semiprecious gemstone Labradorite is a gorgeous stone that is primarily blue, but has an underlying sparkle, like an opal.  I use a higher quality stone that looks blue but has a lot of sparkle”.

For additional pictures, or for purchase information, please visit

Rock quartz spiral necklace, available in 14k gold or sterling silver, pendant only or pendant and neck ring.

In Myra’s words: “Immersing myself in making art or saturating my eyes with art created by others guides my journey for experimentation and creation of my work”.

For additional pictures, or for purchase information, please visit:

For more information on Myra Perrin, please visit her website at http://www.myraperrin.com/.  Myra’s exclusive Quatrefoil Design items can be found at http://quatrefoildesign.bigcartel.com/category/jewelry.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at quatrefoildesign@gmail.com.

QD collage

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  1. Always like to see beautiful creations from an Indiana artist! These pieces look spectacular. I love how simple, yet elegant they look.

    1. I think both of us like elegant simplicity - I have come to realize how hard it is to create something that is incredibly beautiful, but also very clean lined and simple. It's all about quality and the artistic vision behind the creation!

  2. These will be irresistible to the ladies at our house. Would the spirals work as ear dangles?

  3. People are well attached to different accessories specially those who are made by their known artist. We usually prefer those simple yet attractive accessories.

  4. Holly-
    I love Myra's work. I am always happy to find artists that put that extra something into their work, and she has certainly accomplished that. I love the clean, elegant look of these pieces.
    Happy Monday.

  5. Very pretty! The ring is incredible.

  6. Holly, Myra's designs are stunning, simply elegant!

    Art by Karena

  7. I love these designs, so simple and stunning! Great post!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  8. That ring is really fabulous! I wonder if a guy can wear that too? To me, it is neither overly feminine or masculine. Will check out Myra's website too.

  9. Beautiful jewelry, I love how organic the shapes are. I must go and check out her other designs...

    Thanks for introducing her, Liz

  10. So beautiful, Holly! I can't wait to check it out and I'm so glad you shared her name with us! There is nothing more fun than finding out about new jewelry! I will send Jim her way for sure!

  11. The ring is fabulous Holly... that's my favourite... :) xv


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