Thursday, October 6, 2011

One of my favorites: the Basil Flush Mount from Circa Lighting

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We ordered most of the interior light fixtures for the house back in December and January, which seemed early but actually turned out to be a smart thing to do; some of the fixtures were available right away, but others took many months to come in.  

It’s amazing how many light fixtures have to be ordered when building a new house.  Thankfully, the process was very smooth given the experience of my designer, who selected a great balance of lighting styles (from lanterns to sconces to flush mounts to chandeliers) and price points.  Every day I walk through the house and appreciate the lighting; it was a very important design element for me, and I am absolutely thrilled with everything we selected.  

Given the sheer number of light fixtures that had to be selected, it is amazing that everything worked out so well.  We only had one small issue, in a vestibule leading to the outdoor room.  Although the ceiling in the adjacent space is 10 feet, the vestibule ceiling drops to 9 feet, so the lantern that was selected for the space (the Honore Lantern, which is a beauty) did not work both because of the lower ceiling height, and because the door would swing into the lantern.  So, we went in a different direction and selected the large Basil flush mount fixture from Visual Comfort, available through Circa Lighting.  I am absolutely thrilled with this light fixture – it has a beautiful finish (we selected the natural brass, but it also comes in gun metal and polished nickel), and it is the perfect touch for this pretty space. Plus, I am happy to have a quatrefoil somewhere in the house, given my affinity for this shape!

We ordered much of our lighting from Circa Lighting, and I will feature different lighting fixtures that we selected in future posts.  A big thank you to the wonderful associates at Circa Lighting in Atlanta for helping us get the Basil flush mount fixtures to the house in time for the photo shoot with photographer Emily Followill!

Lighting information:
Large Basil Flush Mount by Alexa Hampton for Visual Comfort 
Available through Circa Lighting - http://www.circalighting.com/details.aspx?pid=2764

Circa has some of the most beautiful flush mount light fixtures – I think that flush mounts are such an appealing alternative to can lights in a space, as they project light so much better (and are far more beautiful!). Click here to see some of the flush mount options from Circa Lighting: 

Photo credit: Emily Followill

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  1. This is a beautifull light fixture..would find a space to use it!! thank you for sharing and looking forward to more. xo Col`Afrique du Sud

  2. I loooked at the lantern and yes it was beautiful but this ceiling mount is stunning and unique, great choice! I can't wait to see more.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Holly..love it! I like you, love a quartrefoil shape and am hoping to incorporate it somewhere in my house (probably my small office) though I love lanterns, the one you selected above looks picture perfect, with no worries about swinging doors. The tiny glimpse of the house looks fabulou so far, cannot wait to see more! Sounds like all things considered, things have gone well...and sooooo agree about how much lighting is needed, we are in the throes of it right now and its crazy how much we need to get!!!!!!

  5. I love that fixture! There are so many great choices at CIRCA, but I need to save my pennies!

  6. Have you seen the new Roselli fixtures at Circa? Gorgeous. They are my favorite lighting company by far, when you look at design, price and value. Looks like you have brass door handles - would love to hear about the decision process in picking those.

  7. Wow, what color is on the walls? Looks like gray, but also looks kind of blue. Great to get a peak!

  8. Love this fixture and pretty much all of the lighting at Circa! So great to see a glimpse into your home. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to see the rest - in a magazine, no doubt.

  9. Love the wall color, will you tell us what color that is- it's beautiful. Does it change color during the day. Such a nice finish too- must have an amazing painter!

  10. I used the same fixture (in the same finish too) in my new house. It's one of my favorites.

  11. Holly, it is so exciting to see your dreams come to fruition. That is the perfect light for the space and I too love the quatrefoil design.


    Art by Karena

  12. What a GORGEOUS quatrefoil fixture! It's so perfectly, subtly glamorous. Your space is looking incredible, lady!

  13. I totally agree. That fixture is one of my all all time favorites. Their finishes are sublime!

  14. Gorgeous foyer. Beautiful millwork details.

    We used Visual Comfort on an 1804 Rederal Home restoration/renovation recently. Great stuff.


  15. I love the wall detail. Was that Stan?

  16. Beautiful! Would love to know more about the door hardware and the wall color.

  17. Wow... it's been amazing see all the things you choose for your home and you keep proving your impeccable taste to all of us. I said "IMPECCABLE"! :-)

    Wishing you a very blessed week!


    Luciane a HomeBunch.com

  18. Sometimes things just work out for the best. The Basil flush mount is on of my favorite fixtures and it looks perfect in the space. Can't wait to see more!!

  19. Sitting under my own basil flush mount as I type! Love a quatrefoil design too!:) Off to catch up here some more!

  20. I have this light fixture in my daughter's room...looks nice on a pale blue ceiling and with matching drapery hardware.

  21. I love that light fixture! It is one of the prettiest flush mount fixtures out there. Great choice!!!


  22. You really can't go wrong with Circa! I love their fixtures!

  23. holly... this is lovely... so classic... x

  24. Absolutely adore this fixture - I've been dying to use it ever since it was introduced. It walks the line perfectly between classic and modern and even though I liked the lantern, I actually prefer this for your vestibule. Love the millwork and window by the way!

  25. Hello!

    I'm a decorator looking at this light for a client and am interested to know your thoughts on the amount of light it gives off. It would be the main fixture in the living room so I want to be sure it is substantial. Can you share your opinion on the light?

    Many thanks!


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