Monday, May 9, 2011

Theodore Alexander

It has been such a crazy month, I have fallen behind on writing up my impressions of the High Point Market!
One of the showrooms that was a big discovery for me was Theodore Alexander.  On the website, the furniture company is described as "shaped by English Heritage, Theodore Alexander handcrafts furniture and accessories for your home with uncompromising quality. We believe in using the most interesting materials for both function and beauty. This allows our craftspeople to create products that will not only be forever but also give distinction to your favourite spaces.  An exceptional eye for design and detail in our bench made products is the signature of Theodore Alexander”.

I was familiar with some of Theodore Alexander’s collections, in particular  their Althorp Living History collection.  Althorp Living History is based upon the furniture collection at Althorp House, the ancestral home of the Spencer family located in Northhamptonshire, England.  The house is 500 years old, and the furniture contained within reflects hundreds of years of exquisite design.  Many of the original pieces have been meticulously recreated for the Althorp Living History collection. 

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One of my favorite pieces from the Althorp Living History collection is the circular extended dining table, inspired by the piece designed by Robert Jupe in 1835.  The leaves are self-storing, incorporated into the design of the piece, and we were able to watch our guide extend it all by herself in under a minute.

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Another one of my favorite pieces from the collection is the dining chair that was meticulously recreated from the originals found in the State Dining Room in Althorp.
To see the entire Althorp Living History collection online, click here.

A brand new collection for Theodore Alexander is by the Keno Brothers, who are considered two of the foremost furniture experts in the United States. We were able to meet the Keno Brothers as they displayed their beautiful new collection, which is strikingly original, exquisitely crafted, and with a classically modern flair. Click here to see more pieces from the Keno Brothers collection.

The newly redesigned Theodore Alexander website is a visual feast, and easy to navigate.  Theodore Alexander has an enormous line of fine furniture, and although we were not able to take pictures in the showroom, it can all be viewed online http://www.theodorealexander.com/default.aspx.

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I also recommend the Theodore Alexander blog, called ‘Theo’.   The latest blog post has a wonderful behind the scenes of the craftmanship that goes into created a Chinoiserie piece.  Click here to read the blog post – it is fascinating!  

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  1. Absolutely fascinating.....thank you...and love those chairs too!...smiles.

  2. Beautiful pieces. I love tables that expand for larger dinners. That one looks masterfully executed. Love the chairs too.

  3. Those chairs are so divine!!! Very nice collection. Didn't you just love meeting the Keno Bros.? I find them so interesting, almost like young boys.
    Great post with lots of good sources. Thanks.

  4. Those chairs are classic. It will always look great.

    Have a blessed week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  5. I love Theodore Alexander!! And it's too funny, I almost bought those chairs for my kitchen. They actually come in a beautiful green finish with a touch of gilding and I thought it would be fun to do them with a fun colored leather seat for a little bit of an old/new combination.

  6. Great chair that will stand the test of time. Going over to check out the other pieces in the collection. Thanks for sharing!!! Have a beautiful week.

  7. We saw the Kenos at the fall market -- aren't they the most charming gentlemen you've ever met?? So glad you saw their collection -- modern but with the antique inflection. Very cool stuff!

  8. Thanks for posting! I was down in Dallas last month and saw the whole Althorp Collection at The Englishman's Interiors. That extending table is the most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever seen! Can't wait to get back down there, thanks for posting!


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