Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Selecting a headboard

I have been looking into queen size headboards for my oldest daughter– and as usual, I am torn between the more transitional and the traditional.

I saw this bed in the latest Trad Home (an amazing new online magazine), and think it is great looking for a teenage girl.  The source notes that it is from PB Teen, but alas it does not seem to be in their current catalog.

This new Octavia bed from Serena & Lily is also catching my eye, but my oldest daughter is not liking the Greek key detail (which, of course, defines the bed!).  She claimed she wanted streamlined and simple, but she does not seem to like items that best represent this aesthetic!

I also like a traditional, classic look, as represented by this Swedish inspired headboard used by Brooke of Velvet & Linen in a bedroom for a young girl.  See her post here – it is inspirational!  The headboard is from Chelsea Textiles (available through Giannetti Home), and I already have Chelsea Textiles side tables that will be going in my oldest daughter’s room (they are currently in my master bedroom).

This headboard is very similar (although the sides are different, and the headboard is taller), but the overall look is similar (seen on a recent tour of homes).  This would have been a dream come true for me a a child (and maybe even now!).

Of course, it all comes down to personal preference – I will show this post to my oldest daughter and see what she thinks!  If you have any good bed resources, please put them in the comments – I am always on the lookout!

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  1. Hello Holly!

    How are you doing today?

    I agree with you, for things like this, you need to keep on "lookout", you'll know when you find the right one. You just need to be patient, and make sure to bring your daughter along with you! :-)

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. Regret that I can be of no assistance in this matter. I made and re-made the headboards for my daughters but I had no editorial control.

  3. I really like the Chelsea Textiles headboard. That is what I would use in my 16 year daughter's room.

  4. I like the more traditional ones, of course! I think the Chelsea Textiles and the Octavia one are both great and in keeping with the rest of your home. I also think they have longevity that the PB teen does not - easily reupholstered for changing tastes and for a more sophisticated look as she gets older and returns with her kids :). I think you can achieve a more transitional look with the fabric which is easily changed down the road.

  5. As far as resources - West Elm, CB2 and Crate and Barrel might have something similar to the PB teen one above. Also maybe one of the NYC places like abc home . . .

  6. Restoration Hardware and Ballard have some good options too. I really love everything Serena & Lily has out now!

  7. Love them all but gotta admit I am a sucker for the classic traditional look like in the last two pictures.....such a gorgeous look. thankfully the internet is such a vast resource for getting so many amazing ideas, (sometimes too many) but it will certainly give you tons of ideas and optoins. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you choose!

  8. Hi, I'm a reader of yours, and saw your post this morning.
    We produce beds in Italy. Ranging from traditional to contemporary, and even sustainable. Our new site is not picturing all, since it just launched, but we can replicate anything you like, including the first bed, which you can't find the manufacturer of. We have a showroom in High Point, in the IHFC building, and have dealer relationships all over the States. Custom design is a large part of our business.
    Kindly, Alison

  9. Sorry, I didn't see your commercial message. My apologies. I completely understand. Alison

  10. Teens these days seem to prefer transitional (or even contemporary) over traditional. I suggest you let her decide, especially if you want her to love her room, which will entice her to stay home more frequently!
    By the way - LOVE your blog!

  11. I find a lot of teens like Serena & Lily's Filmore Headboard. It's "cleaner" with a bit of interest. I love it with contrasting piping. We do a lot of custom straight-lined (like a simple rectangle) headboards for the younger set, as well. I love throwing different blankets or rugs over them to add interest. Especially good for a teenager since taste changes quite frequently!

  12. The traditional Swedish inspired headboard is our pick. However, you can't go wrong choosing any of these looks. Can't wait to see what you guys chose.

  13. If you like that first bed, check out WEst Elm. They have designs that would probably appeal to your daughter. Kids...oiy!

  14. They're al pretty, but I love the last picture!

  15. I love love love all of your choices!

  16. I would also look at the Anthropologie website -- they have some funky stuff but much of it has very nice lines. Look at the "Italian campaign" bed which is basically an updated "lit a la polonaise" -- nothing italian about it. But quite a classical shape. Jeanine

  17. I'm loving the first. When I was a teen, I'd have loved it (still do). You could always mix it up with traditional accessories and decor to keep you both happy, and keep her from feeling like it's "stuffy and old" looking:)

  18. I love the Swedish looks but they can be extremely expensive. If you are planning to keep the furniture in your home when she leaves and moves out, then invest in something you like as well. I know I didn't find my style until my late 20's so investing in a headboard that is 2K isn't practical. Although if she is truly after something streamlined, why not go for a poster bed with simple looks. I came across a lovely bed which is only 400. It is romantic, and if she wants to she can dress it up, or leave it as it is.


    Huge Blessings! Meranda

  19. Sorry close to $600, but as you can see it really is stunning!

  20. Holly: These pictures got me inspired today! I'm off to start working on a bedroom that I've been putting off for months. Thanks!


  21. Love all of those but REALY in love with last one! I have seen the helena bed by Oly at Mecox in LA and really liked it. They have as just a headboard and with a footboard and it is customizable. If you go on the website you can see ATL stores that carry it. The raffia fabric as shown on the bed on the website looks a little more modern if she wants a cleaner, more casual look.


  22. I love the Swedish inspired...and the linens...beautiful. The headboard is a great piece that will grow with her and all she would ever need to do is update linens! Plus it's something that she could have and pass to her own children, an heirloon!

  23. Hi Holly,
    I really love the one available via Brooke - but of course the choice is your daughters!

    I, do, however have an amazing source out of Charlotte, NC. Busbin.com. They specialize in handpainted wood - and recreated a bed that I thought was by Amy Howard b/c it's what I have in my room. Of course, their price was 1/3! They made a custom chest for me that nearly 10 years later, I still LOVE.

    Definitely worth checking them out.
    Happy weekend,


  24. I just used a headboard very similar to the third image in my guestroom covered in a burlap fabric and I love the tailored look - very similar to many of Phoebe Howard's beds. Good luck with the hunt!!

  25. Here are a few ideas:

    I think the third photo is especially versatile- just choose the design you like and paint.

    Also, check here:

    The first photo leaves room for your daughter's creativity.

  26. I love S&L's Octavia Headboard too {swoon}.



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