Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Virtual Home 2010

My first post of the New Year is always my ‘Virtual Home’ – I go through the many images in my inspiration files and pick the rooms that represent my current style in architecture and interiors. It is a great way for me to document what I am liking at a specific point in time, and it is interesting to go back and see what changes have occurred over the past year, and how the blogs and magazines have had an impact on what inspires me. This year, I am sensing a move towards more sophisticated interiors.
Here is my virtual home 2008, and my virtual home 2009. I am purposely not looking at these before creating this post, so I can try to start with a clean slate.
When I visited NYC this spring, I passed by the window of Michael C. Fina every day. This little invitation caught my eye, and my first thought was ‘that’s my dream house’. It is a beautiful combination of the French elements that I love, and the Georgian elements that I admire. I wonder if this is a real invitation, and if the house itself exists somewhere? I believe the address on the envelope is in San Francisco.
I always love a good vignette in an entry, and this is one of the most charming vignettes I have seen this year (from Suzanne Kasler’s new book Inspired Interiors). I am not even sure if this is in an entry, but it has the look and feel that I like to see in an entry – a chair on which to drape a coat on a chilly fall or winter evening, a pretty vignette complete with tulips, branches, art, and a sconce – these are a few of my favorite things all in one place.
Dining Room:
This is one of my all time favorite dining rooms; the dining set is similar to mine, and the room has elegant elements (the chandelier, the sconces, the silk curtain); and yet, the room does not feel too heavy or ‘granny’, perhaps because of the youthful slipcovers and the lack of a serious rug.
And yet, I also loving this dining room, with its beautiful elegant hand painted wallpaper, stunning sunburst mirror, and sconces. This dining room does not feel ‘granny’ either, but it is more sophisticated than the other one. Design by Nancy Corzine (this is her dining room in the Hamptons).
Living Room:
If I were to create a ‘Things That Inspire’ top 10 designer list, Gerrie Bremermann would be right up there in the top 3 (Suzanne Kasler and Lars Bolander round out the list). This room exemplifies so many things I love…sisal rugs, soft and subdued color, contemporary art (this was the first time I saw an Amanda Talley painting), soft and rounded upholstery, beautiful lighting (although, I must admit, I do not care for the chandelier). This room is sophisticated, yet fresh. Perfection. Image via Southern Accents, photo Tria Giovan.
This room, also by Gerrie Bremermann and from the same house as the image above, was a very close second for the living room pick, so I decided to put it in as well! I have a very large virtual home this year. Image via Southern Accents, photo credit Tria Giovan.
The feel of the above rooms, with this beautiful limestone fireplace by Francois & Company – and I am all set!
Although I am not a fan of blocking a door with furniture or objects, I keep coming back to this picture because of the architectural details and the beauty of the room. I would love to have a library; my house is literally overflowing with books, and I have very few places to put them. A room devoted to books, with a nice desk and beautiful architectural features would certainly be in my ‘dream home’. I imagine a library being a having a bit more color; a room such as this should feel like being enveloped in a cashmere sweater. As beautiful as this room is, perhaps I need to search a bit more for a model library! Image via Bellacasa Design.
I love this kitchen, which surprises me given the moody colors. It is not the colors that necessarily appeal to me, but rather the style and layout of the kitchen. Interior design by Suzanne Kasler, kitchen design by Design Galleria.

Colorwise, this is probably more of a fit with what I like. The beautiful light in this kitchen and the pure simplicity of the design has great appeal to me. Image via House Beautiful (it is the December 09 kitchen of the month), design by Mick De Giulio, photo credit Julian Wass. The chandelier is by David Iatesta.
Ultimately, though, I keep coming back to my all time favorite Lindy Weaver kitchen. The colors are soft, the feel is elegant, and this room really speaks to me. Kitchens have been on my mind a lot lately, so forgive me for being undecided in this area!
Family room:
This picture is a long time favorite from my files, and is from one of my earliest blog posts on a casually elegant home in Charleston designed by Jenny Miller.
This is one of my favorite vignettes – I love the versatile Bobo console, with the eclectic grouping of sketches above. I would love to have something like this in my family room
Powder room:
This beautiful little powder room is in a home in Atlanta designed by Jim Howard. It is perfect in its simple elegance (and fabulous artwork by Carolyn Carr seen in the mirror reflection).
Master Bedroom:
I had a hard time picking a master bedroom this year. This is a master bedroom image from a Cote de Texas post on Gerrie Bremermann, illustrating Gerrie’s new direction – still classic and soft, but with more modern elements such as soft contemporary art and a glass lamp. It looks like a soothing, peaceful retreat – an ideal feel for a master bedroom.
Master Bathroom:
Given that I have already posted this bathroom on my blog three times over the past 6 weeks, it was a natural selection for this post! The pretty planters on either side of the tub are by Paul Ferrante, and the little stool is in Suzanne Kasler’s collection for Hickory Chair. Interior design by Susan Ferrier, architecture by Bill Baker.
I love this bathroom too…the floor design is so pretty.
Guest bedroom:
This was the guest bedroom in my sister’s house (she has since sold the house). The interior design was by Jim Hawes of Caldwell-Beebe – he selected an incredible Donald Kaufman paint color (DK 29) for the walls, which really set the tone for the room. This is the most beautiful guest bedroom that I have ever seen, and I was sad when she sold the house because it had such a wonderful fresh feel to it. But, she just bought a new house which is going to be made over, so it will be interesting to see what magic Jim works in the new place.
So, readers, what do you think of my virtual home 2010? For those of you so inclined (I know there are a few of you out there), take a look at my past two virtual homes and see if there are any trends or changes - virtual home 2008 and virtual home 2009. I feel that my virtual home 2010 perfectly illustrates my current feeling about decor; on the one hand, I am still in my 30s, and want somewhat of a youthful look. On the other hand, I am almost in my 40s (sigh) and I can tell that I will be wanting more sophistication in the next decade of my life.
Happy New Year, and all the best for 2010!
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  1. It will be fun to see which virtual elements you have posted on over the years translate into reality.

    You actually have seemed pretty consistent!


  2. This is a fabulous virtual house- I think you'll have lots of visitors oohing and ahhing :) Happy New Year!

  3. What a great, GREAT idea! Do you mind if I steal your idea?

  4. I love all of the elegance shown in all of your pictures, and the bright, light colors. I can't wait to see what you include in your decor for the new year. Happy New Year. Hugs, Marty

  5. such a beautiful virtual home!! I love so many of the pictures

  6. Now that is one gorgeous virtual home! I'm a huge fan of your virtual kitchen.

  7. I love the kitchens, The white one...I have the same bar stools! The fabulous art makes the bedroom complete!!

  8. That kitchen with the tree, you must have happy dreams about it. I love the big diamond patterned bathroom floor. I think all your rooms are great stages. People: family and friends, will be the stars in these rooms.

  9. What gorgeous selections. Your style has remained relatively consistent which will bode well for you as you embark on your new home project. Can't wait to see how this all translates into your "real" home!

  10. Jeanne-aelia Desparmet-HartJanuary 1, 2010 at 12:21 PM

    LOVE the virtual powder room! the sink is stunning and such a contrast to the mirror and accessories and yet it "makes" the room without looking out of balance. I can see you love soft grayish shades and I find that they are so calming and inviting without the starkness of pure white which in this modern-classical style would be much too harsh. Thank you for the great post . What a way to start the year!

  11. oh, that master bathroom, so peaceful...

  12. Well,
    I think I will move in too! Love the kitchen created by Kastler, I am working on making this my kitchen in 2010!
    Happy New Year!

  13. What a lovely virtual home! I love how the feel is classic and traditional but not at all stuffy -- the casual slipcovers, modern art, ample light and spare use of accessories and rugs keep things really fresh.

  14. Beautiful rooms - very, very little pattern. Did you notice that? I like some pattern myself!

  15. TTI,
    I love all the rooms you selected. I especially love the handpainted wallpaper in the dining room. Your trend seems to be moving to more substainial investments in your design choices. Perhaps becasue you may be feeling more settled into your life, etc. I love the neutral pallettes and furniture, so your artwork and accessories can have center stage. I have no doubt that your virtual home (and real home) is and will be stunning.

  16. I would say your 2008 choices seem consistent in color and design and are quite similar to 2009. You are very clear on your sense of layout, color preferences (elegant and soft) and definitely decided in the kitchen. I am curious cream or white? Your furniture choices seem to have evolved somewhat too. Happy New Year!

  17. Thank you for the wonderful comments, everyone!

    Cream or white...I would have to say cream. I had my kitchen cabinets painted dove white in 2009, and although I love it and it goes well with my stainless appliances, in my next house I would like to go with a bit more color on the cabinets, a bit warmer. We'll see how it all shakes out!

    In the bathroom, I always like warmer toned stones such as limestone, over cooler marbles.

    I like the idea of investing in decor, instead of disposable decor - taking my time to get the right pieces, vs just trying to fill up a house.

  18. I love this post! Cool concept...annual virtual tour, very nice! I'm such a fan of Gerrie Bremermann too! She was published in June 1991 Southern Accents Magazine and I have kept entire magazine all these years because I so admired the feature and I pull it out occasionally to enjoy it and I still love the design, so timeless!!!

  19. Yes, I see more sophistication on the horizon for 2010, also. And more of the perfect mix of modern, traditional and antique. Super inspiring post. Thanks, Mary

  20. Gorgeous photos, loving your interior/exterior preferences for this year! Happy New Year, have a great 2010!~

  21. sigh *** I wish for just one of those gorgeous rooms!!

  22. What a fabulous idea of a virtual home! We all probably have folders of torn out pictures of things that we like, but to sit down and actually put it together for a complete home is "inspiring"! It will be interesting to each one of us, if our "virtual" home has the cohesiveness that yours does. It was beautiful!

  23. Oh wow, these photos are to die for! I'm with you on the Lindy Weaver kitchen, it's very warm and inviting. And the library is lovely too.

    I am remodeling our master bath and am on the hunt for a vanity. I want it to look like a piece of furniture. Love your bathroom selection.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  24. You know I love everything you posted!! I got the Suzanne K. book for Christmas and have a crush on that entry way too. Love the library, the bath, everything of course. While I can never dream of having a house like the one on the invitation, it is exactly what I covet too. And tall ceilings and a ton of architectural detail and windows galore. I would live in the house empty just to have this look, and I would sleep on the floor, haha.

    Good luck this year with your project!! xo Terri

    P.S. We are hosting dinner tonight but I will come back later and study your choices!

    xo Terri

  25. you really are consistent - all the rooms have a similar look. you should email this to your designer. she will have an easy job knowing what you want - no bright colors, very monochromatic, textural, sophisticated, a blending of the new and old, soft edges as opposed to hard, no contrasts. i can't wait to see how it all ends!!!! it will be so beautiful!!!!

  26. Love the Lindy Weaver kitchen. I could really cook in there (or pour cereal).

  27. Hi, I just (happily) discovered your blog. What a fun and inspiring idea for a post. So many beautiful photos and almost all of them fit my idea for a perfect home as well. Happy New Year. Sue

  28. TTI,
    I loved this virtual tour and the highlighting of different blogs to check into. I adore the kitchen with the dark and light contrast. Beautiful. Your tastes throughout are so elegant and stately...rich but in a soft subtle way. Cannot wait to see what is up your sleeve next to show us.
    Blessings in the new year.

  29. Oh, I'd say you are pretty consistent, since you did post the same images in the prior years :) That should make it very easy to know what you want when virtual home becomes reality. That kitchen is to die for, as well as all the rooms. Thanks for sharing, what a fun post. Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true.

  30. Aloha,
    The water is just fine at "40" come on in...lol... and at 46 selling luxury real estate in Hawaii I can tell you that your taste is lovely. I have been in some exquisite homes that reflect just your style....keep it up...dreams do come true
    Happy New Year

  31. I really love this idea and it's fascinating to look at the different ideas and how they could come together.

    I think I'll steal this idea (with credit!) for my blog as well. But I don't think I'll be so consistent. I can't seem to settle on one style.

    Thanks for sharing and for your great ideas.

  32. I just reviewed your 2008 and 2009 virtual homes to compare them with your new one. Although there are some subtle changes, I would say that you definitely have remained fairly consistent. That is so impressive to me. I think my virtual home would be drastically different each year! That must be why I am constantly changing things in my home. Poor Steve, LOL!
    I love all of the muted colors in the rooms you selected.
    They all have a clean, fresh feeling to them.


  33. Your 'virtual home' is so calm and welcoming! Wonderful idea, TTI; think I'll flip through my 'inspiration notebook' now, too.

    tIO x

  34. I love the second kitchen, especially the saddle seat stools. Love those.

  35. Loved all 3 years! You've been very consistent in your impeccable taste.

  36. Wonderful tour...great inspiration ideas. With my files, upon files of dream house and room ideas that I will never get to use, this is the perfect way to make some use of them.

  37. I always love this post you do (I can't wait to see your new house) how is it going anyway?
    Thanks for the on-going inspiration!

  38. I love your selections - all so very beautiful! And what an interesting idea to look back at your inspiration photos. It's really amazing how our tastes change over time. It's actually quite wonderful really as it makes it much more interesting - and FUN! xoTrina

  39. I recognize that library! I worked on that photo shoot for Beautiful Homes magazine, I think it was. It's been a while. I don't recall that chair being there. I'm wondering if the art director didn't just float it in for some reason . . . to perhaps anchor that corner. So, you might like to know that Bellacasa -- nor I -- blocked the doorway purposefully. It was touched electronically. And I agree, not for really good reason. Happy New Year. cheers, -susan

  40. Such great choices, now don't you wish you could just snap your fingers and have that house? Really that wouldn't be much fun, they joy is in the process.

  41. Pretty 'virtual' home - light, fresh, soothing. I really like that fireplace - it reminds me of a Celtic knot!

  42. Beautiful, I would live in this house any day. It all seems very European...I feel as though I should be drinking an excellent wine to view these rooms!

  43. Go with the Lindsey kitchen and save the black for the most breathtaking powder room ever! I have almost that exact mirror (maybe the same one as I am starting to think about investing in eyewear that isn't for accessory purposes) and I had the nerve to just hang it on the wall. Hanging with the bar and chain took it to another level.

  44. I was hoping you'd do this post again. I've enjoyed it every year. Thank you for sharing.

  45. I really love the architectural rendering that you opened with - it looks so much like the houses you have featured. In short, it looks like you!

  46. What a house that would be? Can you have a bloggers get together and have everyone over if you ever get this house, that would be a blast!

  47. Your virtual house is lovely - when can I visit? The clawfoot bathtub is so inviting.

  48. I love your "virtual" home. Not sure which room I liked the most - living room, dining room and bathroom (with free standing tub) stood out.

    Your post on the Vanishing Threshold was one of my favs last year and I included it in my most recent post.

    Thank you too for supporting my blogging efforts. I really appreciate it. I look forward to reading your blog this year.


  49. This kitchen was one of my favorites! The client was a joy to work with. The cabinet finish is a milk paint (that shows the brush strokes)with a tone-on-tone glaze. The hardware was white bronze.

    New, updated website coming in spring 2010!

  50. Holly...all such pretty inspiration..and very similiar in many ways to my own! I am looking forward to seeing what you end up putting into your own home..its so exciting isn't it? But so many decisions and so many gorgeous things to choose from...I am sure your end result is going to be spectacular! The kitchens and that entry way into a family room were my favorites (with the reclaimed floors) all stunning!



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