Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lots of excitement in Atlanta

This is turning out to be a big weekend in Atlanta! It’s the International Gift and Home Furnishings Market at the Mart, and people are driving and flying in from all over the country to be here. Brooke and Steve Giannetti (from Velvet & Linen) are coming in from Los Angeles, and we are getting together for dinner with legendary designer Suzanne Kasler (I am hoping the weather does not impact our plans – we are expecting snow, which is a rare event in Atlanta, and we are not well equipped to deal with it!).


It is also Scott’s Antique Market weekend, and Scott’s is always at its best when it coincides with a big event at the Mart. Scott’s Antique Market is officially open from Friday to Sunday, but designers can go on Thursday when all of the vendors are setting up. It is a bit chaotic on Thursday, but the early bird gets first dibs! Image of Scott’s Antique Market via Velvet & Linen.


The Spotlight on Art Preview Market opens on Thursday night (1/7/10) at Saks Fifth Avenue at Phipps Plaza with a ‘Girls Night Out’ evening featuring best selling author Emily Giffin. The event is from 6pm-8pm, and all who attend receive a Saks discount card good for the evening of the event.

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One of Atlanta’s best home decor stores, Simply Home by Addington Osborne, is full of charm and a new discovery for me. I was smitten when I saw the color of the front door – an enchanting shade of purple. The store has a fresh and casually elegant vibe and is definitely worth a visit.


Simply Home is hosting a reception for famous California designer Kathryn Ireland at the store on Friday morning, 1/8/10, from 10 am – 12 pm. Kathryn will share her secrets to entertaining in 2010. To RSVP, please contact the store - Simply Home by Addington Osborne/4209 Roswell Road/Atlanta, Georgia/RSVP 404.497.9781/jillmerkle@gmail.com. (To see a great blog post on Kathryn, see Cote De Texas’ post from last year – click here).

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Eddie Ross is hosting a tea party and framing extravaganza on Saturday at 2 pm – it’s free for bloggers, and $10 general admission. Click here for more information (RSVP required)– it promises to be a great event!

Finally, The Mart has some exciting keynote speakers and events. Thom Felicia and Kathryn M. Ireland are on the schedule both Friday and Saturday, and Brad Ford of designtherapy.com will be speaking on blogging and design. Check the Mart event pages for more information (email subscribers, click here); typically the Mart is only open to buyers, designers, and ‘the trade’, so call ahead if you want more information.

For those of you in or near Atlanta, I hope you can make it to some of these great events! Let’s hope the weather cooperates!

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  1. Wish I could come for it, all but can't make it this weekend. Have a great time, can't wait to hear the recaps.

  2. Thank you for the mention! That was very sweet of you! Hope we get to connect soon!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  3. Yes, LOTS going on! Didn't realize about the Home event though- thanks!

    I can get into America's Mart but wouldn't really be buying so don't want to waste exhibitors' time but at the same time, I really want to go as I've heard it's a great show!!

  4. ummmmm wish I was there...must start researching the shows in my neck of the woods!

  5. Wow. Have a great time and please post photos of your adventures! I have always wanted to go to Scott's Antique Market - maybe one day. What an amazing series of events all in one place in such a short time!

  6. that's a lots goin' on! i've wanted to visit the atlanta gift and home market- i've heard it's pretty incredible (though having visited the gift market here in los angeles in the past, it's more exhausting then anything else, i must say!)

    scott's antique market sounds fab though- my cup o tea!

    hope snow doesn't wreak havoc on your weekend!

  7. Ugg,why dont I live near there?? Sounds like an amazing time!

  8. I'm not coming this time...though Paige is in town for a brief trip on our behalf. Sounds like a great weekend...and dinner with Suzanne and the Giannettis sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love a day off tomorrow but for yall's sake I hope not too much snow :)

  9. Love the photo of the entry, and I continue to be inspired

  10. I hope to make it to Scott on Friday, weather permitting of course. I'm doing the Mart on Monday. Overwhelming amount of choices this week! Do give my love to Brooke. I feel like I know her through that fabulous blog of hers!

  11. You are going to be very busy! Reading about all that fun that is going on in your neck of the woods makes me wish we had more of those events here in Western Australia!! Have a great weekend, look forward to seeing and hearing about it all through you!

  12. How exciting. Makes me wish I still went to market in Atlanta twice a year. Have a great trip.

  13. Ha, you reminded me it is Scott's this weekend. NEEDING chandeliers for mudroom & powder room.

    Off in this weather I go.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  14. I'll be there for market. I doubt I will get to go to Scott's, though. I've never been but would love to.

  15. Sounds like a great time. I was planning to head to ATL to go to Scott's today... but the weather is looking like it will keep me away.

  16. Now I wished i had booked a flight to come to the market. i will attend next time perhaps as an exhibitor.
    unfortunately, there is so much going on in January, NY gift shows, the maisons et objets in Paris, Shows in Ohio. It is hard to attend all events.

  17. Oh! I wish I could go! Your post makes me want to go... snow and all!

  18. I would love to be there!!Lots of excitement and beautiful events to attend.

  19. Holly,
    Oh I would love to be in your shoes! What an amazing weekend it will be. Finally, got my blog up and running and I am getting closer to a decision regarding my intaglio dilemmas you helped me with so much last month!

  20. Wow, I have not been to Atlanta market in probably 10 years, it's AMAZING to see how much more fabulous it has gotten...I'm slightly stunned! I was living between NYC and Tampa and with High Point, I just wrote the ATL show off...may have to reconsider that approach;) Have an amazing time, Scott's Market looks like so much fun! Is the July show as energetic?


  21. Hi Holly.

    Thank you so much for a fantastic day!
    Steve and I loved spending time with you.
    Dinner was delicious and the company was even better.


  22. So wish I was in Atlanta this week. Love Emily Giffin and her books. That is just a bonus in addition to all the design events this time of year. Have a great time.

    Gwen Driscoll
    Ragland Hill Social

  23. Panic Time. I am really glad you posted about Spotlight on Art - primarily because you reminded me to "get painting." Some of my paintings will be at the main show (not the preview show)and I really need to realize that February is right around the corner! Yikes! I've been "relaxing" since Christmas, but MUST pick up a paintbrush! Thanks for the reminder!

  24. What a great post with so much information! I am going to Scotts today. I was going to go to the Saks event, but as you know it was canceled. I hot to be able to get into the Mart soon. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  25. What a fantastic weekend you have ahead of you! Nothing that exciting ever happens in D town so I'm of course very jealous. Have a great time!


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