Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two beautiful house posts

One of the most rewarding aspects of blogging is the virtual connection I have made with people around the world who share many of the same interests as me. It is particularly interesting when someone emails me from Atlanta, because we often speak the same language when it comes to houses, architects, stores and designers. Many of my blog readers in Atlanta serve as an extension of my eyes and ears in the real estate and design scene, letting me know when a great new house has come on the market, when a sale is going on in a great decor or antique store, or when an architecture or design event is going on in our fair city.

Two of my Atlanta virtual blog friends, one old and one new, have started blogs of their own that are welcome additions to the Atlanta architecture and design blog scene.

First, an 'old' blog friend, James. James is a long time reader of my blog, and was incredibly helpful to me as I looked for a lot earlier this year. Although we both love architecture and design, James' style is a bit more transitional and clean lined, and I appreciate his interpretation of design elements from both my posts and the houses he finds while exploring Atlanta. James has finally decided to take the plunge and write his own blog. He calls it 'Limestone and Boxwoods' - a wonderful blog name inspired by two of his favorite design elements (check out his blog header - it is fabulous). Click here to read his recent post on a beautiful home in Atlanta that was recently on the market.

And a 'new' blog friend, Blayne Beacham. Blayne is a talented young photographer and artist, and is behind many of the real estate pictures that I have featured on my blog. When she found my blog, and emailed me to let me know that she had photographed some of the homes I feature on my real estate posts, we made an instant connection and have been emailing back and forth ever since. She has even given me a tour of one of the homes that her mother's real estate firm, Beacham & Company, is listing. Click here to read a post about a fabulous home that just went on the market this week in Atlanta. I toured the home in this post last May when it was featured on a fundraising event, and it is spectacular. Photo credit: Blayne Beacham

Both of these blogs are very promising and I look forward to reading many more wonderful posts from James and Blayne!

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  1. I agree, I'm enjoying both of these new additions to the blog scene!

  2. So nice to make wonderful and inspiring connections! Will check out both of your links - if you like them, I'm certain to. Hope you are well - we are snowed in here. xo Terri

  3. Thank you for the links...they are lovely blogs, xv.

  4. I know what you mean. I've already met some wonderful and talented in since I started blogging about a month ago. They certainly do have sme beautiful images. Thanks for sharing. :-)


  5. As a fairly new reader of your blog, I am grateful for the wonderful info and beautiful images you share. I feel so enriched after every read; today's being no exception! As another newbie to the blog world, I totally hear you when you speak of the wonderful connections that can be and are made. The M.O behind my blogging is primarily about learning from the many, many talented and gracious designers and decorators that share their worlds through this venue. I aspire to be able to continually up the level of service I provide for my clients, as well as to eventually be able to give back as much inspiration as I receive from top-notch folks like yourself. So, thank you for what you do!

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome to the blogging world. As you know, I've learned so much from and been tremendously inspired by your blog. I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned and meeting more friends from the blogosphere.

  7. That was beautiful, I am off to check them out.

  8. These are Great! They are sure not to disappoint, and I am already a fan !!


  9. How much fun to have two more people to learn from!

  10. Wonderful finds - they've gone in my reader and am looking forward to more!

  11. So nice! I follow Blayne's blog (that house was amazing!) but am happy to "meet" James.

  12. The connections we make through this venue are so rewarding!!I will go now and check out the new bloggers!!

  13. I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for this. You are the reason I started a blog because yours was so beautiful, and for you to feature my blog is really amazing. I owe you so many followers just from putting my blog on your blog list, but this is overwhelming. I am so lucky to have made such a great new friend, and I cannot express how flattered I am.


  14. Just returned from James' blog-what an amazing house! Blayne's blog gives us such a treat by taking us inside so many beautiful homes!

  15. that home looks amazing - how wonderful would it be to get up to that room for brekky every day!

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  17. That is an absolutely gorgeous house! It's so big but it's not heavy.


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