Monday, December 28, 2009

A lovely fabric

It is fairly unusual for me to notice a fabric; I have stated repeatedly that I am not a fabric person (and I am not really a pattern person either), but this one is so lovely and lyrical...

I first saw this beautiful fabric on the Tracery Interiors blog, in an unusual and beautifully draped door treatment. The Tracery Interiors team did the interiors for this stunning Tudor revival home; see the rest of the room here, and see the house decked out for the holidays here. There is a poetic justice to a firm named Tracery Interiors (who have one of the most beautiful blog logos and company names) using calligraphy inspired fabric for a home...

Here is a view of the room so you can appreciate the fabric in the entirety of the setting.

I next saw this fabric in Decor magazine. This fabric is a wonderful selection for curtains - the pattern is subtle, but makes a great impact. (Unfortunately, I can't find my copy of the magazine so I don't have the designer or photographer names).

Finally, I saw the fabric used in a charming home with interior design by Meridy King. I love the way Meridy used the fabric on both the curtains and the pillow. Is it any wonder that I admire this fabric, with its soft colors and calligraphic scrolls (take a look at my header and you will see that the swirls and flourishes of calligraphy are near and dear to my heart)? Image via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, photo credit Mali Azima.

Postscript: my sources tell me this is a fabric by Osborne & Little, to the trade. For inquiries on colors and to order this fabric (or any other 'to the trade' fabric or furniture), please email quatrefoildesign@gmail.com

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  1. That really is a beautiful fabric. Ironically, the large scale of the pattern is what simplifies it and makes it subtle. Interesting way to deal with the door openings.

  2. Our friend taught use to pay attention to and enjoy fabric but I'm terrified at the thought of picking one myself: Fabric selection is for talented folks only. We carried our inspiration fabric everywhere for more than a year; picked out everything based on i; and we didn't use it as we had planned. We found an even better use.

  3. i;ve always admired that unusual window treatment! the fabric is beautiful too!!!

  4. I love this fabric. I've had it pulled as a possible fabric to use at my own home for some time now. It is so beautiful in person, and it has been popping up everywhere lately! I'm such a sucker for fabric. Hope you had a great Christmas!

  5. Beautiful! I do notice fabrics in design and clothing an will pass on inferior fabric, for a more luxurious one.

  6. wow! so many thoughts: the room has not one but TWO of those doors? is that fair? i wonder if the fabric looks as good as it does because of the doorways or v.versa? but then the fabric is elsewhere looking lovely so it must be fine on its own... i like it very much because it is paired in decor of heavy surroundings ( weighty architecture? i'm not clear how to express it) but it is not invisible. it has its own weight despite being curvy-lined and monochromatic. it is great! good eye!jkj

  7. Lovely fabric, I like it used on the pillows best!

  8. Okay, so I'm a little loopy-getting ready for some oral surgery, but did you tell us the make of the fabric? I love it, too! Would love to know. Gorgeous homes!

  9. If this is Osborne & Little's fabric they have some more fantastic colorways that I've loved for some time- an indigo blue and another in coral (for the scrolling, not the backdrop). The rooms you've shared are stunning!

  10. Hello hello :) I hope your holiday was a nice one. I am glad you posted on this. I am not really a fabric person, but I like this one. I love the way the fabric is draped over the Tudor arched doorway. Also, I am so glad you mentioned Meridy. She is so talented and fabulous!!

  11. It is a beautiful fabric indeed. Lovely on the window treaments.


  12. I have looked and looked for this fabric. Please tell me who, what and where. Thanks!


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