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New on the market: the home from my favorite magazine article

One of my all time favorite articles from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles featured a charming home in the Ansley Park area of Atlanta. I have not written much about Ansley Park, because it is not on my beaten path, but it is a lovely area of Atlanta. Ansley Park was developed in the early 20th century, and features beautiful homes of a variety of styles appropriate to the time when they were built (1913-1930) and several of the city's best parks. Ansley Park is located North of downtown Atlanta, and west of Piedmont Park, between Piedmont Avenue and Peachtree Street; as there are several parks and a golf course in this area, the neighborhood has a charming look and feel that balances proximity to the amenities of the city with the beauty of manicured lots and a park-like setting.


Here is a picture from the home - I am sure all of you recognize it - I have featured this beautiful vignette at least a dozen times on my blog! The interior design for the home was done by Liz Williams, one of my favorite designers. Image via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles, photography by Erica George Dines.


Here is another picture from the home, via the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles article - this picture has also been on my blog more times than I can count. I love the lines of the bed, the lamp, the curtains. The whole arrangement is incredibly pleasing to the eye.


The living room of the home. This is my kind of room, with its soft oushak rug and gentle color scheme. The Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles article noted that the owners of the home were engaged to be married when they purchased the home, and needed to combine her beachy, feminine style with his darker toned, more contemporary style. They called on designer Liz Williams to help them bring their styles together, with a calm and elegant result.


Here is the foyer of the home, and designer Liz Williams (posing for the article in AH&L). Recently, when chatting with Liz, I learned that the beautiful home of her clients is on the market. I love it when a 'magazine featured' home goes on the market, because then I get to see the rest of the home! And here it is, a charming Ansley Park gem (in the words of AH&L). ALl images below via the real estate listing.


So few homes featured in magazines show the exterior, so it is gratifying to see how the home looks on the outside. I have a fondness for homes that have a door on the side, so reminiscent of the homes in Charleston. This home was built in 1930, and has recently undergone a full renovation to make the home fresh, young, and equipped with all of the modern amenities that families of the 21st century would expect.


The entry, which features a round table and an open lantern.


The living room, which looks surprisingly true to the picture from the magazine. Often a room is styled for a magazine shoot, and ends up looking quite different from the 'real life' version. Although the magazine pictures were exceptional, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the owners and realtor did not use the magazine pictures in this listing. Often magazine pictures are geared towards vignettes, and closely cropped shots, but when people are looking at real estate, they need to see the flow of the house. The realtor did an excellent job showing the open, light and airy feel of this room, and its flow to the front hall.


I loved seeing this picture, because it has the settee and botanical prints that I have long admired! I read that they were in the dining room, but I could not picture it. Now I can! This room is open to the living room, yet defined. Again, these real estate pictures really show the flow of the rooms.


The gourmet kitchen.


The family room, which is great to see as it was not pictured in the magazine.


I loved seeing a full view of the bedroom, with its sculptural Lewis Mittman bed (one of my favorites), the beautiful lamps on the bedside table, and the chaise lounge in front of the window. I dream of having a chaise lounge in my bedroom - wouldn't it be a great place to read a book? I can't quite tell what is above the bed - perhaps framed intaglios? This room is also filled with light, such a wonderful attribute in a bedroom.


A lovely nursery with custom valances.


The home has a secret garden style swimming pool area, with the pool surrounded by plants and shrubs that make it feel like a room outside.


This is one of my favorite features of the property: a pool house with columns, and an elephant fountain that flows into the pool.


The pool house looks like the retreat of the man of the house, with its hunting decor - and interestingly enough, what looks like a beautiful contemporary Dusty Griffith painting displayed among the taxidermy.


The pool house also has a pool table and a kitchen - truly the perfect retreat.

For more information on this home, please click here to see the real estate web site. For more information on Liz Williams Interior Design, please call (404) 816-9868 (she does not have a website yet, but you can see more of her work on Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles). I hope you enjoyed this tour of another wonderful home on the market in Atlanta!

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  1. I am dying over this house. So beautiful.
    :) kristin pearce

  2. Great post! The house is beautiful, inside and out. The pool is perfect.

  3. There is so much beauty in this post, I can't handle it! Every image is breathtaking!

  4. Well, I'm drooling. What a beautiful home. The private pool setting is a dream. Thanks for sharing this little treasure.

  5. Wow the swimming pool is so restful and stunning! Beautiful home, and I thought that image looked familiar, because I've seen it here before :)

  6. My gosh, this is such a delightful and truly pretty home. The exterior is exquisite. Love it. What a great post! Sorry I have not been around much - work is soo busy and we go on holiday next week. Hope you are well and everything is going swimmingly with your various projects. ; )

    xo Terri

    P.S. LOVE that pool area. Wowee!

  7. What a beautiful home. I love the prints in the dining room too. That pool house gives lots of ideas ~ guest house, office, studio, I'm sure the list could go on.

  8. Such a lot of eye-candy here! I loved the tour! Thanks!

  9. A great post!
    Liz Williams is indeed a great designer! I love her work!
    Thank you for sharing these images!


  10. Stunning house. Wonder why they are moving from such a perfect house?! I would live there forever!! Your friend Liz is a wonderful designer. I too loved the botanicals in the dining room!

  11. Loved seeing the rest of the house. You do a great job...thanks.

  12. Thanks for this post. I've been dying to see the rest of this house since it was featured in Atlanta Homes so many months ago! Great post!


  13. Great combo of pics & words. Thanks.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  14. THANK YOU for this gorgeous post! I love your blog and especially because you show just the photos I want to see. I am all about translating these looks into my own life and it helps so much to see the whole room and how the rooms relate to one another. Great Job!!!!!!!

  15. Beautiful. Love the pool, man room, and the neutral nursery!

  16. I love that area. My father and step-mother resided nearby for years. The most wonderful thing about Atlanta is how these gorgeous homes in charming neighborhoods have co-existed within the city for decades - but are an entire world of their own! I adore the complete privacy of the pool area, thank you for such a wonderful post.

  17. Thank you for the comments, everyone! I think Tina captured it so well - Atlanta has all of these amazing neighborhoods that have been part of the fabric of the city for many decades, yet are truly their own little entities. When you mention Ansley Park to someone who lives in Atlanta, they immediately think about a unique place, unlike any other place in Atlanta. The same is true of dozens of other little neighborhoods in town. Part of why I love Atlanta!

  18. I would sit by that pool all afternoon...Heaven! This is a stunning home, thank you for sharing...I am inspired for sure.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  19. What a beautiful house! It's got such style but seems so livable. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  20. Not many homes have a bear with a life preserver; I wonder if it goes with the house. But wow: 3 homes in a row for sale on Inman Circle.

    All things considered, Ansley Park is my #1 favorite Atlanta neighborhood for more reasons than I can count. It's the most eclectic. There are apartments, condos, duplexes there that my just-graduated children can afford. At the top end are estate houses cheek to jowl with their neighbors and some amazing moderns.

    If it was flat with lesser front yards, I'd be reminded of Charleston south of Broad Street. But it's far from flat.

  21. Terry, I was hoping you would comment. I am really not familiar with the ins and outs of Ansley Park, but clearly this is an area that I need to explore on my dog walks!

  22. Ms. Inspire you need to get right down there. It's on my errand route. One of our friends just moved into a modest duplex on the other end of Inman Circle. You'd pass it 100 times and never notice. For him, at this stage of his life, it's just perfect and he can walk or bike to work.

  23. The pool with the surrounding landscaping is gorgeous... so tucked away.. I would be there all the time. The entry is another one of my favorites. It's such an inviting feeling when you enter a home with an entry that spacious!


  24. Shall we chip in and buy it?

  25. Hands down, Ansley Park is my favorite neighborhood in Atlanta. The homes are such a perfect marriage of classic and modern, each one a little different from the next. This is a beautiful example of one of the more traditional homes. I bet the house down the street is a glass cube. It's cool that all of these residents with such different design styles can live so harmoniously.

  26. What fun to see magazine v. real estate pictures of the same house! You're right, the focus is so different, but I think the realtor did a great job showing off the size of the rooms, the light, etc.

    I do wish though they'd retained the pink accents in the living room that were in the article -- such a fresh, modern touch in a traditional space! That said though, the room is still lovely.

  27. Wonderful house!! Are those Fortuny pillows on the settee in the dining room? The botanicals are gorgeous, too. Thanks.

  28. The entire house is sooo lovely.The image of the pool and pool house, with the elephant fountain, how cool!

  29. this is awesome! i figured it had to be Dorsey Alston or Beacham with this great listing.

  30. Hello, I just had to leave you a note because I've so enjoyed reading your posts today. You have the most gorgeously beautiful site - best wishes & thank you ..

  31. Love this house, so beautiful.
    Just checking in A-G-A-I-N
    My blog has been growing like gang busters and while that is great I haven't had much time to visit my blog friends. I decided I needed to make some time for some visits, cuz I just missed everyone too much. Come back over for a visit as well.

    Its So Very Cheri

  32. Great photos, I was drooling over the nursery and pool area! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is great, I must start following it right away :)


  33. stunning! i am so jealous over that pool house!

  34. It is a lovely home, but I think it needs a bit more color, all of the neutrals seem a bit too sleepy for me. As others' have mentioned - the pool house is fab!

  35. the bedroom and dining room are my favorite! I love this house - oh and the pool house is fabulous. what a great interior designer she is!

  36. Soooo beautiful. Serene and curatorial, just like I like it. Such a beautiful post as always, hope all is well my dear!

    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  37. The view of the house and surroundings can help relieve stress..so peaceful and perfect for relax.

  38. I really was inspired until I got to the pool house. To me, much too heavy, considering the light decor of the other rooms.


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