Monday, January 19, 2009

A New French House in Atlanta

Last year, one of my favorite houses featured in House Beautiful was a French influenced home. The architects on the home are Spitzmiller & Norris, one of the premiere architectural firms in Atlanta. The interior designer was Suzanne Kasler. Spitzmiller & Norris have recently updated their website with pictures of the home, including some room and house views that were not in House Beautiful.

Here is the exterior of the home. It is gratifying to see what the home looks like on the outside, as there was no picture in the article.


The front hall, which was in the magazine article and is also on the architect's website. I always love seeing chairs with small framed etchings above (in fact, I even devoted an entire post to this type of vignette).


Here is a beautiful picture that was not in the magazine. The stairwell and Swedish style Mora clock are a beautiful view at the end of the hall.



This is top view is from the architect's website; the bottom version is the styled version from the magazine. There really aren't too many differences other than flowers and throws. Look through the right, to what looks like a beautiful limestone fireplace. I don't see this in any of the room pictures in either the magazine or the architect's site. I wonder what room it is?


Here is a perspective of the living room that was not in the magazine - a view of the room with the French doors. I had originally thought that this room was in the front of the house, but now I think it might be in the back given that there are three sets of French doors (the front of the house has two). I wish there were a picture of the back of the house so I could figure out the floorplan.


Perhaps it is this room that is in the front of the house.


And this must be the other room in the front of the house.


I love this view of a Swedish style bench with a tapestry hanging above.


Oh, how I would love to have a pantry like this!


The kitchen. This house is about 9500 square feet, so the small size of the kitchen surprises me. It is beautiful, though, with its Niermann Weeks chandelier and custom cabinetry. I also like the farm sink and industrial looking faucet. The upholstered chairs, as lovely as they are, would not last even a week with my messy children. The owners of this home must be beyond the young kid stage.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of a new French inspired home in Atlanta! Be sure to check out the website for Spitzmiller & Norris; they have some wonderful galleries of their work.


  1. Great tour S. I recall seeing this interior in HB (I love that magazine!).

    Boy, you really are obsessed if you are poring over pictures to figure out the rooms. You remind me of me, but I have not gone that far yet.

    A beautiful place, as always with your posts!


  2. Terri - I really want to build or renovate a house within the next few years, so I love to try to figure out floor plans! I have seen a lot of houses on the market that look so promising from the outside, but have horrible floor plans.

  3. I am exactly the same. It helps me savour each room more if I know where it fits into the floor plan. I HAVE to know! A beautiful home. Thanks for dissecting! A-M xx

  4. Interesting that you noted the poor floor plans...I played real estate agent for a few years and was amazed at how many houses were designed to look good on the exterior but very little thought was given to to it would be "lived" in. It was like construction comapnies pulled their plans from Cracker Jack boxes...horrid functionality...or sad at best. OK, the vent is over.
    Great post...love that table in the kitchen.

  5. Oh my, that pantry is to die for. What a beautiful post!

  6. Could the extra fireplace be on the end of the kitchen?

  7. Thank you for the comments, everyone!

    Just to clarify, I did not comment that the house has poor floor plans - in fact, the architects who designed the house are known for their wonderful and liveable floor plans. By looking at the pictures, it looks like the house has great flow, with rooms that open up to one another. I just could not figure out what the floor plans were based on looking at the pictures. I will go back and check my post to make sure that I did not give a negative impression, because I think this is a beautiful home.

  8. I always love round tables like the one in the front dining room. Everyone is an equal and can converse with everyone else easily. Lovely house -- it certainly does not look that large (9,500sf) from the front facade, does it? It must be very deep on it's lot.

  9. Houses in Atlanta almost always have basements, and many of them are full size - so if a house is 3000 sf on the main floor, it could very well have a 3000 sf basement. That's where the square footage adds up!

  10. Spitzmiller & Norris have done terrific work in Atlanta. They've just finished a reno in Morningside. I don't know what they did inside but outside they detailed about 20% of the facade, making a good rancher into something special.

    Mr. Norris' home in Loring Heights has been on Homes Across America. It's a small house with curb appeal that takes my breath away.

  11. There's so much to love in these interiors. My favorite feature is the built in display cabinets flanking the Pantry.

  12. Beatiful lines and interiors, Im a web designer looking for inspiration and I thkin that I found it

  13. Thank you for the tour of this gorgeous home. I Loved it!

  14. Everything from the exterior of this house with the blue shutters to the fabulous kitchen - this could be my dream house.

  15. I love this house and have seen it several times in blogs and magazines and everytime I am like "ooo and ahhhing" over them, your post went into a lot more depth and usually the articles represent the interior designer on the job, Suzanne Kasler so it is nice to see credit given to the architect as well. I was missing your posts - it's good to see you posting regulary. I get caught readying everyone else's I have no time to write my own besides every other month!

  16. Perfectly gorgeous. I adore those gothic built in bookcases flanking the fireplace. Beautiful.

  17. The green room with the fireplace is so inviting. The bookcases, fabulous. I would spend a lot of time in this room!

  18. the dining room is the front room - when you enter the house - it is on the left. the door next to the fireplace in the dining room leads to the kitchen. the living room runs along the backside of the house - you face it when you walk in the front door. when in the living room, facing the back windows, the kitchen is on the left. the fireplace you see is in the kitchen or breakfast room. the study is on the right side of the house when you walk in the front door. That my opinion!!!

  19. CDT, I agree with your opinion, but I wonder whether you see the living room in the back when you walk in the front door! You might see a back window. Although, that living room is quite big.

    You are so good with floorplans!

  20. And !!!!! I forgot - all the starburst mirrors are gone!!! I hated that wall of mirrors in the living room, they are gone!! yeah!!!!

  21. one more comment - the front room on the right - the study - leads to the master bedroom. OR

    there must be a hallway on an axis left to right past the dining room and before the living room - the stairway leads off this hallway to the right of the front door, perhaps behind the study.

    the master could lead off this hall.

    you can see out the living room windows - the house continues on the right, but there is no access from the living room - so it must be accessed before you get to the living room.

    the kitchen probably has a keeping room to the right of the table - that's where that fireplace is probably.

  22. Q&A with Kasler in House Beautiful:

    I love the way you used linen on Louis XV–style chairs surrounding the kitchen table. It's rare to see such formal chairs in a kitchen.

    They're antiques with painted frames we left just as we found them, but the linen dresses them down. We didn't want to do one of those typical island kitchens, so we put an ancient French farm table right in the middle of the room in front of the butler's sink. The custom cabinets have the look of furniture. And at one end of the room, there's a sitting area with a fireplace.

  23. CDT, this is why we get along so well!

    Thanks for the comment on the kitchen.

    So I agree: walk in the door - dining room to the left, kitchen off dining room, along the side of the house, and keeping room goes on to the back of the house (with a fireplace). Back at the front door - to the right is the green library/sitting room; I do think there is a hall cutting across the house, left to right, and the stairs are off this - the hall that is in the picture. Living room across the back.

    As I recall, the article said that the master was upstairs and a guest room was on the main level, as the owners had teenagers and wanted to be upstairs with the kids, then on the main level when the kids were out.

    In houses like this, I usually see the master bedroom on the opposite side of the house as the kitchen - a door at the end of that hallway that cuts across the house, perhaps.

  24. i love that house...the arched bookshelves and the pantry are so beautiful!

  25. so beautiful. I love how muted & aged everything feels. so calming. (you know how to pick em! ;)

  26. Simply gorgeous.
    Thank you Sarah for the introduction to Spitzmiller & Norris. I loved my visit to their site.


  27. HOW absolutely fabulous!!! I loved seeing this home.....impeccably well-appointed! Great Post!!

  28. that is a beautiful house, i had cut the house out of the magazine for my clipping files! I think it's hilarious you think that kitchen is small though -it's the size of my entire apartment LOL. But I know what you meant -comparitively with the scale of the house.

  29. Gorgeous gothic arches around that lit fireplace! Millwork makes a room...in my opinion :)

    Great post...as always!

  30. If that house were mine, my french would be much better and my cooking too.

  31. What a lovely home! I really like the soothing blue and french furniture and architecture. Just stunning!

  32. Stunning house!
    I also love your blog by the way:-)
    It is always nice to discover new and inspiring sites*s*

    About the color,-just love it!!!
    I had been searching for the right dusty green-grey color for my new bathroom for a while, and saw this...perfect!
    I am going to paint the topp of the wall in this color, and also the outside of the bathtub:-)

    Have a nice weekend!

  33. I would KILL for that pantry, and that staircase really is charming. But the color palette is all a bit...muted? Very tasteful though.

  34. Oh my is all I have to say. That pantry has me speechless!

    Beautiful home.

  35. You always have a knack for finding really beautiful houses to showcase! My absolute favorite has got to be the kitchen and the awesome pantry!

    Karen O.

  36. Hi! I loved seeing this entire home. I too loved it when I saw it in House Beautiful. I commented on Joni from Cote de Texas' blog and Peeking through the sunflowers about sconces that were featured in Des's home. I noticed you have been trying to find out where they came from as well. If you find out would you pass that information on? I figure you have a much better chance of finding out than I do because I haven't created my own blog yet. I'm just a frequent commentor. I hope to start my own blog soon however I'm not sure I can keep up with posting such inspiring and interesting things. Thanks!

  37. So in love with your blogging. Any chance someone could point me to a mfg./shop where I could find wingback chairs with Louis XVI legs like those in the photos which show the 2 light blue chairs in front of the fireplace? Thanks.

  38. Wow... gorgeous.. that pantry is too die for!!!!


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