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French Floors

Thank you to the Washington Post for including this post in your Blog Watch, August 28th, 2008!

Recently I had the opportunity to tour an exquisitely crafted custom built home in Historic Brookhaven, one of the most beautiful parts of Atlanta. The home had been built to the highest standard; the detail in the craftsmanship is amazing. The architectural feature that stands out in my mind are the beautiful wood floors, which have a chevron pattern.

Chevron pattern

Here is a close up of a chevron pattern floor. I associate chevron pattern floors with French design, although it is a classic pattern and certainly holds its own whatever the design aesthetic.

This room has a layered European style, from the chevron pattern floors, to the gray paint and white trim on the doors, to the beautiful chandelier. Image is via This is Glamorous.

' Barefoot Contessa' Ina Garten's NYC home has beautiful floors with a chevron pattern.

One of my favorite stores in Atlanta, Mrs. Howard, has chevron pattern floors in one of their rooms (you can see a tiny bit in this picture). The entire store is designed like a home, and the rooms have the most beautiful architectural details. James Howard (husband to Phoebe Howard) is an interior and architectural designer, and designed all of the architectural features in Phoebe Howard's stores (Mrs. Howard and Max & Company).

Beautiful chevron floors are featured in this room designed by Sharon Mimram.

Ty Larkin's home (via Cote de Texas) has chevron floors throughout the main floor.

Antique chevron pattern floor, from a floor company in the UK

Erin Fetherston's Paris apartment, as seen in Domino magazine, has beautiful chevron floors.

A classic French apartment, from a real estate listing. Note the beautiful floors.

Porchlight Interiors posted a lovely home for sale in her area of Australia. The house is beautiful, and the whole thing is enhanced by the gorgeous floors.

I also love herringbone pattern floors, which are similar but have a slightly different design.

Herringbone pattern

Herringbone pattern floors from a British wood company

Elle Decor, January 2007, features an apartment with herringbone pattern floors. Interior design by Todd Romano.

Herringbone pattern on the floor of a modern kitchen

Another kitchen with herringbone floors. Alan Higgs architects.

In my dream home, I would probably do wide plank floors. However, there is something so quintessentially French and appealing about chevron and herringbone pattern floors, it would be tempting to put them somewhere!

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  1. I recently installed a Versailles patterned wood floor in a client's kitchen and absolutely adored it. And I have seen the most wonderful dark stone cut into a chevron pattern that was perfection! Lovely photos you have posted here!

  2. Beautiful! I love antique floors in a chevron pattern. I think they add such an interesting layer to a room.

  3. Just beautiful - I'm not sure I realized there was a slight difference to the two designs before!

  4. What a wonderful group of photos of chevron floors. I also love the herringbone - Beautiful!

  5. What a wonderful selection of herringbone & chevron floors you have assembled. It is interesting to note the difference. I think I prefer the Chevron patterning more. Great Post!!

  6. I have always loved herringbone and chevron patterned floors, so chic!

  7. A beautiful post! I just love these floors and the photo's are so lovely.

  8. So many scrumptuous choices I really can't pick a favourite. I love the zebra print bench, and that chaise is gorgeous. You really have shown a wonderful choice here.....enjoyed it very much.

  9. You are brilliant, that is one beautiful collection! Thanks for such a stunning post, hope you get that dream house and do the herringbone too!

  10. I have been saving pictures of these floors for a few months now. I find some of them to be very inspirational...in part because of the floors, but also in part because the floors seem to go with the design aesthetic that appeals to me!

    Thank you for the comments!

  11. I love the chevron and herringbone wood floors. What a great inspiration!!!

  12. Super post - the herringbone was my favorite. Thanks for taking the time to hunt all thoese images down.

  13. Absolutely stunning! We just tore out a photo in a magazine of similar flooring to consider for a project we are currently working on.

  14. What I would give for floors like that!!


  15. Gorgeous, gorgeous floors and the best thing is that they look amazing with antiques or contemporary furnishings.

  16. Have to say, I didn't realize there was a chevron pattern - I thought they were all herringbone. Maybe because they don't seem to be as common here as they are in France. Thanks for the lesson and beautiful examples.


  17. Someday I would like chevron floors in my office. Thank you for such wonderful images full of inspiration.

  18. Thank you for the comments, everyone! Sometimes parquet floors (chevron and herringbone are patterns of parquet) remind people of NYC apartments, but if done well they can be so beautiful.

  19. Such a beautiful collection of chevron & herringbone floors. Every one of these rooms is lovely, and a large part is due to the floors. And of course, congratulations on your mention in The Washington Post! Such great news.

  20. Wonderful post! Do you take requests? I am in desperate need of inspiration for new dining room chairs. BTW-would you mind emailing me some restaurant recommendations for London? jbidwell@gmail.com

  21. Wonderful post! Do you take requests? I am in desperate need of inspiration for new dining room chairs. BTW-would you mind emailing me some restaurant recommendations for London? jbidwell@gmail.com

  22. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the post!

  23. I have to say I've been seeing those amazing wood floors all over the place.... they are so BEAUTIFUL!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

  24. fabulous assortment of parquetry flooring!

  25. Gorgeous post and gorgeous floors!! I didnt know there was a difference between the 2 designs.
    Come over to my blog for a giveaway!!

  26. Wow, quite a collection of homes that you were able to compile with Chevron floors! So impressive and indeed beautiful. I didn't realize so many homes had this pattern! Great inspiration!


  27. I love seeing the chevron pattern floor is so many various spaces. I love how it can transition from and entry way to a living room of bedroom. Even in the kitchen it is breathtaking.

  28. I have perfectly nice hardwoods, but I dream of putting in the chevron variety. Someday perhaps...

  29. I love this floor .With a floor like that , an house really looks like une "maison de famille"

  30. i LOVE hardwood floors laid in a herringbone pattern and have been planning on doing a post on the too - i have the photo of sharon mimram's floor saved in my inspiration file. great pics!

  31. ciao,
    congratulations for the very interesting contents and nice photos!

    herringbone is indeed very parisian...but not only!

    I'm dealing with a 1914 herringbone parquet right now, in


  32. herringbone oak in berlin...

  33. Wow, stunning post - I hope you don't mind I shamelessly copied the way you added the 'Washington Post' line to the top of your post!

  34. I have almost NOTHING in our apt. in Austria, but our floors (and the windows and molding) still make it classic looking. I LOVE these floors so much. I always used to admire them when watching House Hunters International and then a month ago they contacted me after seeing my blog to be on it!! Love this post. I think I have herringbone instead of chevron!


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