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Monday, January 11, 2010

A day with one of my favorite bloggers, and dinner with one of my favorite designers

As I reported a few days ago, there was a lot going on in Atlanta this cold weekend in January! In some ways, I felt as if my blog world and my real world collided when I met with Brooke from Velvet & Linen, and her wonderful husband, architect Steve Giannetti. We arranged to meet at Scott's Antique Market, which is a huge place - but as soon as I saw them, I knew exactly who they were (I felt like I was meeting celebrities - Brooke's blog is one of my absolute favorites, and I am in awe of Steve’s architectural talents)! After just a few minutes together, I felt as if I had known Brooke and Steve for years.


After walking through Scott’s with Brooke, Steve, and Angela (a designer from Washington state who is dear friends with the Giannettis and a faithful blog reader), we went over to Love Train, which is in the parking lot of the North building of Scott’s. The picture above was taken by Brooke this summer; when we were there a few days ago, the scene was quite different as it was 22 degrees and about to snow! I have passed by Love Train so many times in the past, and never knew what it was until I read about it on Brooke’s blog last summer. It is an amazing place – a place where Mark Sage (owner of BoBo Intriguing Objects) stores and sells many of the interesting antiques and objects (many of which are ‘commercial’ in origin, used for a specific commercial purpose in old bakeries, bistros, pharmacies) that he brings home from his travels in Europe and all over the world.


Steve snapped a shot of Brooke (right), Mark (middle), and me (left) as we huddled around the heater – Love Train is a warehouse, and it was really, really cold! It was worth braving the weather, though, to chat with Brooke, Mark, and Steve, and hear about the interesting things going on in their respective businesses.

Take a minute to visit Brooke’s blog for pictures from Love Train – Brooke and Steve have amazing talent for seeing the beautiful in the ordinary, and took pictures of things that I didn’t even notice when I was there (such as the picture of the swing above). I highly encourage a trip to Love Train – but it is important to note that Love Train is only open during Scott’s Antique Market days.


(Left to right, me, Suzanne, and Brooke)

That evening, Brooke, Steve and I had a fantastic dinner with Atlanta based designer Suzanne Kasler, whom I have featured many times on the blog – she is one of my all time favorites. It was fascinating to hear the discussion about the Los Angeles design scene, what is going on in design today, where design might be going in the future. We also chatted a bit about the project that Suzanne and I are working on together – she is doing the interiors on the new home that architect Stan Dixon is designing for my family. Although I have only been working with Suzanne for a few months (we are still tweaking the plans, but are making great progress), already Suzanne has had an amazing impact on the flow and usage of the rooms – she is truly an expert at space planning. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with on the interior design!


A final picture before parting ways – that’s Steve on the right. It truly was an evening to remember! It is interesting that we are all wearing black – someone commented on Brooke’s blog that we look like New Yorkers! I rarely wear black, but it seemed to fit the mood of the cold wintry day.

All images courtesy Velvet & Linen. Brooke wrote up a detail filled account of the day - click here to see her post.

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