Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My house: a new lantern for the groin vault hall

When we decided to build a house, my husband requested that I space out the interior design over a 3-5 year time frame. I have definitely honored that request - we have been in the house for 4 1/2 years, and we are still working on the interiors (although after working on the living room and dining room this year, things feel more complete). I am very patient when it comes to finishing the interiors, and I like that my house has evolved over the past few years rather than being decorated all at once.

This is how my groin vault hall has looked since we moved in 2011. I included this image from an old blog post on lighting in my house to show that we still had items that we had not selected even a year after moving in, and that we wanted to focus on finding the right light fixture for the space rather than just picking something that happened to be on display at the local lighting showroom. Every time we tackled an additional phase of the interior design, my designer would contemplate this space and note that it needed a special fixture, but one never materialized.

Over the years, I have periodically checked to see how designers and architects I admire handle the lighting in groin vault areas. A few years ago, I wrote a post on groin vault ceilings to collect the images I had found in one place. Lanterns seem to work well with the style and lighting requirements of these special areas.

When we began the final phase of the design for the main floor, the groin vault lighting was high on the priority list. It is a central passageway in my house, and is located adjacent to where the piano is placed. There is a functional need for additional light as well as an aesthetic need to replace the bare lightbulb that has graced the space for over four years.

Here is the lantern that my designer selected for the groin vault hall. It is by Formations, and is made of wood painted in custom colors. It took 8 months from order to delivery. I think it looks great in the hall, and it is nice to have an additional light source for the piano, which is located to the left of the center arch.

More to come later on the rest of the new design elements in the house; we are still looking for a few items the finish things up and complete the spaces.

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  1. I love the fabric on your console. Who makes it? The lantern is beautiful, and is hung at the perfect height.

  2. The lantern looks lovely. What a pretty hallway...from floor to ceiling ! As a side note, I really enjoy decorating over a period of time. The look of the space reveals itself as you go. Its such an enjoyable process I never want my home to be "done".

  3. Gorgeous....the whole hallway.....

  4. It's perfect, Holly! Love the details on the lantern and the color is beautiful. Can't wait to see more of your gorgeous home!

  5. Patience paid off!! The lantern is "just right!!" franki

  6. Absolutely stunning!!!

  7. Hi Holly, It's absolutely perfect for that hallway........your home looks stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Yes -whats the rush? My grandparents built their house in 1950 and never even had a dining room table until 1965 LOL. Then when my grandfather was made partner they had an interior designer come in and redo the entire thing (which never changed until they moved out in 2006!). Homes should evolve over time just as we ourselves change. Looking great -I love the groin vaults!

  9. The herringbone wood floors in this area are gorgeous too!


  11. The lantern and the space are beautiful. Eight months seems like such a long time for one lantern, though! I just wonder how the company manages to make money at that pace.

  12. The fixture is stunning, as is the entire home, Holly.

  13. Beautiful Lantern. It's so much fun watching your home evolve. xo Brooke

  14. love all of it. Can you share your wall color? It is perfection!

  15. Hi everyone, thanks for the nice comments. I think the paint color is Benjamin Moore elephant tusk. I am not sure who makes the fabric on the console. The pattern was custom designed for the console (spacing and color of the design).

  16. Hi Holly! Good to see you again....I agree with taking time to get it right There are still a number of things I have not done in 4 years that we ahve been here (hard to believe) and we were considering an offer to put our home in a major publication but there was pressure to get it "done" and we decided it wasn't worth it...another time. My goal is to be done within the year (all the odds and odds) though does it really ever end? LOL....love your choice, proof that all good things come to those who wait albeit patiently.

  17. I love the lantern!! But...........isn't a home always being worked on! I have been in mine about 30 years and have never finished!! Have a good day, beautiful home!!! Leslie Sinclair

  18. I think the lantern is just stunning in that space Holly. And the ceilings - wow! They are such a statement maker! Love seeing more of your house and can't wait to see how everything comes together:)


  19. Beautiful architecture, i love ceiling design


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