Sunday, November 30, 2014

One of my favorite things: Hipsi belts (makes a wonderful gift)

Last year, I posted about one of my favorite discoveries, Hipsi belts. I received dozens of emails from readers who purchased the belts and agreed with me: these are the best (and most versatile) belts we have ever worn! Since the holiday season is upon us, and many of us are looking for that perfect gift to give or receive, I thought I would post once again about Hipsi belts. And, as a special bonus, Hipsi is offering a special holiday incentive to Things That Inspire readers – 15% using promo code Inspire15!

Since my post last year, Hipsi has come out with even more styles and colors, and I must admit I own a belt in every color. These are the only belts I wear now.

hipsi colors
From left to right – the best selling Back in Black; Brown-Eyed Girl; Bubbly; Blue Jean; White Walls. Plus, there are dozens of buckles that can easily be swapped on and off the belts, to change the look.

What do I like about my Hipsi belts? They are totally flexible in so many different ways. They are completely flat – no bulky buckle, which means that they do not create those annoying holes in t-shirts that so many regular belts make. They shield shirts from the zipper and the flap of pants and jeans, which also protects the shirt from getting holes and creates a flat and smooth profile. They are fully adjustable, so they can be worn with every type of jeans or pants however low or high they may be (and because they are adjustable, they can be worn over sweaters and dresses too).  Hipsi belts are cute enough to be worn so that they can be seen, and have many great buckles that can be swapped in and out of the belt strap. But, they are also sleek and flat enough to be completely hidden when your shirt is over your jeans or pants.

I started with the basic black belt and buckle set, then soon after purchased the brown belt and buckle set (seen here, holiday set here, and the equestrian belt sets seen here). I purchased the Blue Jeans and Bubbly sets this summer.

Hipsi holiday gift set_thumb
There is a holiday gift set that is being offered this year – a basic belt set (brown, black, or bubbly (champagne) that comes with two interchangeable buckles. The “brown eyed girl” belt set and tigerlily buckle (love this buckle) is pictured above.

I have also bought some of their cute buckles to expand the look (seen here; I have some of the animal prints,snake print, and the chic Greek key designs).

The latch mechanism is different than regular belts , and takes a few times latching the belt to get the swing of it (there are detailed instructions included with the belt, and on the website), but once you get the hang of it you are set!

Hipsi belts can be found in stores around the US (and if you are a store owner, I highly recommend carrying these great belts), and they can be purchased online at http://www.hipsiworld.com.

As a special promotion for Things That Inspire readers, Hipsi is offering 15% off all orders made through their web site! For a limited time, you can use code Inspire15 when checking out.  I hope you like these belts as much as I do!  I have given Hipsi belts to many of my friends and family as Christmas presents, and everyone loves them as much as I do.

For more information, please visit the Hipsi website - http://www.hipsiworld.comHere is a video that the inventors of Hipsi belts put on youtube, it helps give a feel for the versatility of the Hipsi belt.  Click here to see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNGkr5P_BMs

This post was sponsored by Hipsi

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  1. I bought one last year and am going to ask Santa for the blue jean belt this year. Hipsi belts are awesome, thanks for the introduction.

  2. What are the belts made of? I couldn't find that info anywhere on the site. Love all the interchangable buckles.

  3. Very good looking Holly and I like the concept of these belts!
    Enjoy the holiday weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. Holly, do you thank a man could sneak one of these belts? I not sure.


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