Friday, August 9, 2013

Sneak peek: Suzanne Kasler in House Beautiful

Earlier this year, when I was picking up some fabric samples from Suzanne Kasler’s office, there was a big meeting going on.  Suzanne and her book team were working on the layout for her brand new book, Timeless Style.  Suzanne’s first book, Inspired Interiors, is one of my all time favorites, and her new book promises to be just as good.  I was able to see some of the images that will be featured in the new book, many of which have never been published; the images beautifully reflect the depth, range and beauty of Suzanne’s work.  In my humble opinion, her work keeps getting better and better.

The cover for the new book features a picture from Suzanne’s own house. The framed art is striking – I love the scale, how they are framed, and the tight way in which they are hung. Note how the artist’s name, Kris Ruhs, is featured  in one of the pieces.

In the new House Beautiful, which will hit newsstands on August 13th, Suzanne Kasler is interviewed for the Master Class feature.  This monthly column features the most famous names in interior design, and in the new issue Suzanne shares some of her favorite things and reveals design inspiration for her projects and her product lines.  Here are a few of my favorite highlights from the article.

“Sunburst mirrors are true classics. This one is a starting point for my new collection for Ballard Designs”. 

Many of Suzanne’s products are inspired by her own personal collection, and this mirror appears to be modeled after one that she had above her bed in her old house.  I checked the Ballard website and this particular mirror doesn’t appear to be available quite yet, but I predict it will be a bestseller when it is launched – it’s a charming spin on the classic sunburst mirror, and looks like it would be equally at home in either a casual or an elegant setting (and everything in between).

“When traveling, if you see you love, buy it. You’ll find a place for it. You’ll always remember where you were when you bought it, and it’s those kind of memories that make a house a home”. 

This is a new view of Suzanne’s living room, and illustrates her advice perfectly – the Picasso lithograph is a treasured find from one of Suzanne’s trips to Paris, and has a place of honor on her mantel.  Suzanne notes that many of her favorite items found on travels end up in her living room.

“My Thornton Lamp for Visual Comfort was inspired by a French antique. Vintage pieces inspire many of my designs – when you unearth something really great, you want to be able to find it again”.

You can read more Master Class advice from Suzanne Kasler in the September 2013 House Beautiful, which will be on newsstands next week. 

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Holly...just pre-ordered my copy. Love the cover! Margaret Kaufman

  2. I just preorder the book. I had no idea she was coming out with a new book! I am so excited!

  3. Looking forward to the new book.

  4. Very much looking forward to Suzanne's book here too! Thanks for the sneak peek.

  5. I love Ms. Kasler. Her look is so sophisticated and fresh. I had no idea she had another book coming out. Great to know!

  6. I keep waiting for more pics of your sister's guest house. I loved the ones you posted a year or so ago. It was a "work in progress" then....please show us the finished product when you can. Thanks!

  7. Holly I agree I adore the cover on her new book and just know it will be amazing! Wow I really love that sunburst mirror!

    Designer Barry Dixon Feature

  8. I love everything Suzanne does, she really is one of my all time favorites.

  9. Wow! Thanks for the sneak peek!!! I love Suzanne's style. Ballard Designs got exponentially better when they signed with her.

    BTW... I'm back to blogging now and was wondering if you'd consider adding me back to your blogroll? :o)

    Thank you!

  10. Beautiful. I love her work and I always seek and buy beautiful gems when I travel (since we have no antiques or otherwise fine things here!!). :)

    She has such a classic style but always has often has something slightly quirky in her rooms too, which is a perfect combination...

    Terri xo

  11. Suzanne's work is fabulous, I can't wait to see her new book!...xv


  12. I cannot wait to read Suzanne Kasler's new book! And I'm equally excited to check out her new line with Ballard Design! Thank you for the heads up!

    The Glam Pad


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