Sunday, March 10, 2013

Antique French Documents


I have always had a love for framed series, so when I saw this framed series in Veranda a few years ago, it caught my eye.

From Veranda, Nov/Dec 2010, via Cote de Texas, image source

A series of original antique French documents, framed beautifully in black with a bit of gold leaf on the inner lip of the frame.  There is something so fascinating to me about the script, written by hand hundreds of years ago, preserved through the years.

Original antique French documents are hard to find, so I don’t see them very often. However, I currently have a set of six available in the Quatrefoil Design store.  The documents are antiques, circa 1816, so they are one of a kind and totally unique.  They are custom framed in a hand carved, rounded edge frame with a bit of silver leaf on the inner lip of the frame. The outer measurement of the frame is 13 1/2” x 17”.

antique French doc 1
I – priced at $425 (click here for store item)

antique French doc 2
II – priced at $425 (click here for store item)

antique French doc 3
III – priced at $425 (click here for store item)

antique French doc 4
IV – priced at $425 (click here for store item)

antique French doc 5
V – priced at $425 (click here for store item)

antique French doc 6
VI – priced at $425 (click here for store item)

antique French doc 1antique French doc 2antique French doc 3
antique French doc 4antique French doc 5antique French doc 6
They would look wonderful hung as a series! Note: the frame and matting is identical in all of the framed documents, but the lighting of the photography makes them look a bit different. They were framed to be hung as a series, and are very consistent in real life.
Here is a set of antique French documents that I had custom framed and finished in the signature Quatrefoil Design ‘gilver’ leaf (a warm silvery-gold).  These sold to a designer back in 2010 (blog post on documents can be found here).

I have a large collection of unframed antique French documents also available, which we can custom frame to your specifications. Please visit the Antique French Documents section of the Quatrefoil Design store for more information.

Visit my ‘Art’ pinterest page for more inspirational ideas about hanging framed series.

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  1. The best decor is the one of a kind...this would add that 'antique element' plus a touch of black to a room...perfection.


  2. They look exquisite...I particularly like the "gilver"...it just "mellows." franki

  3. I love seeing a grouping all framed alike and on a grid. That first image is just amazing.

  4. I remember that issue and how beautiful the documents looked behind all that blue and white porcelain. I have a few old documents...somewhere! You've inspired me to hunt them out and get them framed. Lovely post.


  5. Really lovely! We just came home from France, and those documents (in good condition) are getting so difficult to find. Love this set with the stamps, Holly! And I think the black and silver frame is perfect - so dignified!

  6. Breathless beauty and grace.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Great antique collection and like to post my comments here. This post is really great. I like the lovely pics in your post.

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  8. wow, i love this gorgeous post, thank you

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  11. Love all of the documents Holly! My husband collects original documents signed by Napoleon. His range from 1797-1811. I am sure you would love his collection given your appreciation for these documents. Hope you are doing well! - Tonya


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