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For full blog post with large scale pictures, go to http://www.thingsthatinspire.net/2012/12/introducing-paintings-of-jennifer-ferris.html 

I am very excited to introduce the work of artist Jennifer Ferris to the Quatrefoil Design store!

A small painting from Jennifer's bird series - sold very soon after I put it in the store.

I have known Jennifer since we lived in the same apartment complex in Boston 17 years ago (our husbands were attending graduate school together), and was always impressed and inspired by her love of art and her devotion to developing her artistic talent. Despite the fact that the apartments were tiny, Jennifer always had an easel set up and a canvas in the works.

After taking time to focus on her young sons, Jennifer started painting in earnest a few years ago, and is represented in several local galleries. She has started to find her own unique style, and I love what is she is creating these days!

I am featuring small scale works from Jennifer.  I particularly like small scale paintings, as they go so well in groupings, on gallery walls, on tabletops, in book cases, and in those small but important spaces.  If you are interested in larger scale works feel free to email me at quatrefoildesign@gmail.com.

"Diamonds in the Sky" measures 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" deep, wood board, mixed media (acrylic, collage & ink).
This painting is in the shape of a wood block, so can stand alone on a shelf or table, but is also wired to hang.

"Dot Dot Dot" measures 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" on deep wood board, mixed media (acrylic, collage, & ink).
This painting is in the shape of a wood block, so can stand alone on a shelf or table, but is also wired to hang.

"A Bird's Eye View" is 12"x16" on gallery wrapped canvas, mixed media (acrylic & collage).  Do you spy the bird in this painting?  It's a cardinal.

Peace on the Horizon measures 16”x20” and is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

"How Blessed is this Place" measures 3.5" x 7" x 1.5" on deep wood board, mixed media (acrylic & collage).
“Hot Pink III" is 4"x4" acrylic and resin on gallery wrapped canvas.

"Fashion Explosion" is 5.5"x8.5" acrylic, collage, and ink on wood. The sides are painted a neutral gray.

"Circles & Blue" is 5"x7" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.
"Two Circles" is 5"x7" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are painted.

Small and fun abstract paintings
From left to right (click on name of painting for link):

In the Garden series - sold individually - (from left to right):

Mini paintings (from left to right):
Dot Dot Dot (Sold); Hot Pink III; Eastern Towhee (Sold); Hot Pink I.

These are all wired to hang, but can also stand on their sides on a shelf or table (from left to right):

"A Bird's Eye View" is 12"x16" on gallery wrapped canvas, mixed media (acrylic & collage).  $240
“Peace on the Horizon” is 16”x20”, acrylic on canvas. $375

This is just a sampling of the paintings available right now by Jennifer Ferris.  Please stop by the Quatrefoil Design store to see more!

We also have many small paintings available for sale; they make the perfect one of a kind gift for the holidays.  Order by December 19 to ensure Christmas delivery. 

holly sprig

Small art, perfect for special, one of a kind holiday gifts or hostess gifts!http://quatrefoildesign.bigcartel.com/category/art

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  1. LOVE her work, Holly! So glad you are carrying this! Don't you just love knowing someone before they become famous, so to speak? The girl that did my children's portraits was just a neighbor…now you can't get on her waiting list! I will treasure those portraits forever!

  2. Those prices are incredible! I bet you and she sell out in no time flat.

  3. I really like the idea of small original art at such great price. Beautiful composition , colors and textures.

  4. Beautiful work! I love her use of collage.

  5. Holly wonderful works of art. She is very talented!



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