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If you are on pinterest, I am sure you are seeing succulent plants all over the place these days.  I thought they might be a new trend, but after writing this post, I have come to the conclusion that they have been very ‘in’ for years in certain circles – like for those planning weddings or events.  

Succulents are plants that have some parts that are thickened or fleshy, as this enables them to retain water, a great feature in dry and arid environments.  I am very drawn to succulents because of their beautiful sculptural shape, and their hardy nature that allows even a black thumb like me to make them last for a long time.   I have bought small pots of succulents from Ikea for years (when I can find them – they sell fast), but I am sure they are available at your local garden store or even on the internet (Amazon sells them).

This is one of the first succulent pictures on pinterest that really caught my eye; I thought it was a charming way to create an interesting centerpiece or place setting. 

Apparently succulents have been very popular in wedding design for years.  Since I am celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary next month, I am way out of the loop on what is current in wedding design, but pinterest is giving me a little glimpse into some of the current trends. Via pinterest.

Succulent bouquets – I think they are really beautiful.  Via pinterest.

This bouquet combines the traditional rose with lovely rosette style succulents – traditional with a twist always appeals to me. Via pinterest.

The gorgeous bow like shape of this type of succulent is perfect for a boutonniere.  Via pinterest.

This picture makes me happy – all of my favorite colors, from blues to purples to pale lilacs, and the sheer variety of greens ranging from the palest shade to a beautiful blue-green.  Via pinterest.

A succulent wreath – love it. Via pinterest.

One of the few images I found of succulents in interior design, found on Diane James home.

There is such a sculptural quality to an arrangement of succulents. Wouldn't this look beautiful on a side or coffee table? Via pinterest.

Looking on Amazon, the succulent container garden book that appears to be the definitive guide has 60 reviews and rates 5 star – this book is going on my list.  To purchase on Amazon, click here.

The author’s original book on succulents is also 5 star rated and appears to address the use of succulents in landscape design.  Click here to purchase on Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, I read a tip that succulents can be purchased on Amazon of all places. One enterprising seller has even created a ‘party/shower favor’ collection of 64 rosette style succulents that can be purchased and delivered straight to your front door! Click here to view on Amazon.

Or, a group of 128 would work well for a smaller party to create a few groupings. Click here to see on Amazon.

Have you noticed the succulent trend?  Do you have succulents in your own home or garden?  I looked for images of succulents in home décor pictures, but perhaps they are not used very often for styling a space.  I am curious if they are truly prevalent in wedding design.  If anyone out there is getting married or has recently been to some weddings, please let us know if you have seen succulents being used for bouquets, arrangements, or party favors. I am fascinated by this trend, and absolutely love all of the succulent inspiration out there on pinterest!

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  1. Holly
    I love the plant
    saludos from Chile

  2. indeed, when I replaced my outdoor planter with a grouping of succulents (http://www.jcwebbstudios.com/2012/09/in-garden-dont-fight-mother-nature.html) my Mother reminisced that my Great Grandmother grew succulents, in particular jade plants. Practical for the times I suppose....easy to maintain, grow from cuttings and share

  3. Amazed at their survival instincts. Pieces fall off & try to root within hours............

    When I worked at a nursery over 2 decades ago I loved opening the cases of succulents. Like jewelry!

    Then I got to display them & maintain them. I reordered regularly. Good sellers.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  4. I like the name - "succulent" - as much as a like the plant!

  5. I love succulents mainly because I have a black thumb and I can actually keep them alive. The image of them in the silver champagne - such wonderful juxtaposition. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Holly!

  6. Love the look, however, I can't get them to grow even outdoors. Particularly love the purple and pink two toned ones. Just wanted to mention that many of the photos you are seeing online are of "faux" plants. They look pretty real in the right arrangements. Maybe I'll get some of those.

  7. I haven't noticed the trend in interiors in the Boston area. On the other hand, our daughter-in-law works for an event/wedding planner here and she uses them frequently - simple, easy, they don't wilt and people love to take them home she tell me. Based on your last two images, I bet they'd make fantastic living wall gardens.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. I love the wreath, and of course anything Diane James creates is so beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing these beauties. I am rethinking succulents.
    Happy Friday.

  9. I need to add those books to my garden library, Holly. I love succulents...especially the silvery, gray ones. They look so wonderful in little zinc jardinieres. Next year, I'm going to have more succulents (and less flowers) in containers. Our Ikea used to have living plants, but now only stock plastic ones :(

  10. A friend of mine did her window boxes with succulents this summer.
    They were spectacular. Such a variety of colour.

  11. I adore succulents...they are so beautiful! Arizona is full of them. Thanks for posting such great ways to use them.

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  12. I grew up on the west coast where succulents abound. I have a new appreciation for them...they're lovely. Thanks for this beautiful post... Fay

  13. It took me awhile to join the succulent bandwagon...I like you adore the beautiful shades and I am craving a succulent wreath.

  14. I fell in love with succulents last Spring while at a conference in Orlando at the Gaylord. They had large round, shallow depth terracota planters (3 ft across) filled with the most beautiful assortment of pastel and interstingly shaped succulents. I came home and created something similar. It has been beautiful all summer, I am hoping it will fare well in a sunny spot inside while the weather is cooler. I took some great pics, but don't know how to post here- if you are interested, send me an email and I will forward to you. LOVE Suzanne's work- stayed in her Casa Blanca beach home at Carillon a few times before she sold it. Envious that you got to collaborate with her.

  15. They are such a good deal at Ikea! I always pick up a few when I am there. Love how they are done in that first picture!


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