Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beautiful bedroom, and an inspirational design firm

Now that many of the big decisions on the house are behind me (although not all…still working on cabinet hardware), I am once again turning to the beautiful and inspirational interiors that originally inspired me to begin this blog.  When looking through my flickr files of bedroom pictures for headboard ideas for one of my daughters, I came across this lovely bedroom.  There is something about this room that really speaks to me.  It reminds me of a painting, with the splashes of chartreuse expertly woven through the room. It makes me wonder which element was chosen first – which item inspired the color scheme of the room? My guess is the rug.  The color is repeated in the curtains, the pillows on the bed, the monogram on the headboard, the art on the wall, and even in the stems of the lilies that are placed on the bedside table.  Clearly there is a trained, experienced, and artistic eye behind the design.

My notes indicated that Birmingham based Caldwell Flake Interiors created this room, so I decided to check out their website.  What I found was a visual treat – dozens of beautifully photographed, incredible interiors that embody the ‘new traditional’ look that I have come to love so much – traditional elements, mixed with transitional elements, carefully thought out details, clean lines and a neutral palette occasionally punctuated with bursts of color and pattern. 

Here is a small sampling of my favorite pictures from the Caldwell Flake portfolio:

I love that round table, and the mercury glass balls on the table are fantastic.  What keeps those balls from rolling off the table, I wonder?

The composition of this room is amazing – again, it reminds me of a piece of art, with the perfect balance of scale and proportion, lights and darks.

Although I don’t tend to be a color and pattern person, this bedroom scene caught my eye. I love how the headboard appears to use picture frame molding to border the fabric.

One of my favorite furniture arrangements in a living room – two sofas facing each other, centered on a fireplace.  This is an elegant space, yet the furniture pieces have a relaxed element to them.

To see more of this incredible design firm’s work, please visit the Caldwell Flake website: http://www.caldwellflake.com/

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  1. Holly, if you look carefully again at the round table, the mercury balls are each stabilized with a round steel ring. I've used museum putty as well to secure things which might shift. I am following you on fb, and finding much to enjoy! ~Margaret

  2. Lisa and Mary Ruth shop with us in Bham and they are delightful to work with. Very talented individuals!

  3. I love the faded rugs. I'm struck that Caldwell Flake seem to "paint" with white. Even the tulip picture has the strong white lamp and vase.

  4. I'm a huge fan of their work. I have loved everything I've seen that this Mother Daughter team has designed.

  5. Love every single room. I love the New Traditional design aesthetics. It is perfection. I love that it look more at ease and yet every detail is perfect. I will have to check out more of their work on their website. Thankyou for sharing. I use curtain rod rings to hold orbs in place,it works perfectly. Kathysue

  6. Love that Chartreuse in the bedroom!!

  7. *** What truly LOVELY, FIRST CLASS, PUT-TOGETHER SPACES w/ WONDERFUL ATTENTION to DETAIL! I thank you for the visual treat this morning!

    Linda in AZ *

  8. Wow Holly this was a find!! I love the design sense
    Caldwell Flake embodies!! That table is astounding with the mercury balls!

    Be sure to enter my awesome $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!!

    Great job!

    Art by Karena

  9. the quiet sophistication of these spaces has transported me to another dimension, and i'm so grateful! inspired to begin the design process for my living room and truly appreciate hearing about this firm.


  10. Those are gorgeous rooms! Love the use of symetery and the amount of color (or lack of)is fantastic. Thank you for introducing me to a new inspirational group:)

    Having trouble sending this so will try to as an anonymous user:

  11. The circle pattern of the drapes is striking with the pillows.

  12. oh that room 'with the great composition' i stunning and i am dying for that mini knole sofa! has anyone ever seen that before?

  13. Gorgeous! That chartreuse bedroom is so lovely - and green is your favorite colour isn't it?? It is such a fresh green, but more sophisticated than a brighter lime green.

    Love the other rooms too. I agree, I ADORE two sofas facing each other. I lament all the time that my living room is not large enough for this. Maybe I will know I have finally arrived when I have two sofas facing each other. wink. ; )

    I cannot wait to see your New Traditional house, which is my favorite thing too. I still want some of your intaglios...!

    xo Terri

  14. I think the spheres are sitting on little ring pedestals....xo

  15. I agree. There is an excellent array of style and dimension to this designer. Thanks for the intro.

  16. One of my favorite designers...always love the beautiful attention to detail and the warm and sophisticated spaces. Love the peaceful, serene feel of the second image ~

  17. Beautiful work with a wide range of styles!

  18. A simply beautiful bedroom I can see what drew you in & what gorgeous images a great post. Love your blog

  19. beautiful work..yesterday i almost bought half a dozen wooden balls for my living room coffee table ..i only thing that stopped me was how would i keep them from rolling off..if only i had read this post yesterday!! thanks for sharing..have a lovely sunday

  20. Beautiful work, elegant and transitional is how I see it. I agree love two sofas facing one another with a coffee table in the middle centered on a fireplace..not only does it look great but its a very comfortable and inviting arrangment.Their work is beautiful...was not famliiar with them so thank you for the introduction. Lots of inspiration here! Hope things are moving along smoothly with the new house:)

  21. What a wonderful post! I absolutely love the high-ceilinged living room. But everything is beautiful. Have a great Sunday. xx's

  22. I have noticed their work a few months ago and it's amazing! This is what I call a great style! I think the colorful rooms are my favorite, especially those including the color green or yellow.

  23. I'm drooling over the 1st picture! LOL :-)

    Fantastic post, Holly!

    Wishing you a very blessed week!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  24. I love your choices!....smiles.

  25. I love tailored traditional design - these pics are wonderful examples of this style.

    I've just discovered your blog, and have now become your latest fan and follower!

    Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration.

    Wendi :)

  26. Adore the second and last images. The muted colors and symmetry make the rooms. Such beautiful work and inspiration!

  27. That 3rd shot is perfectin. Just the right amount of color, composition and pattern. I love all of the photos, but that one really spoke to me.

    Thanks for the introduction!
    xo Elizabeth

  28. I love that monogrammed headboard in the first picture and the gorgeous lines of the white love seat in the third picture! I always love finding a new designers portfolio. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment! I've been a long time reader of Things That Inspire, so I'm super thrilled that you stumbled across my little part of the internets.

  29. New to your blog Holly, so glad I found it! Thanks for introducing me to Caldwell Flake. I especially love the composition of the black and tan room with the starburst and the pink and green room. I am always so moved by color and pattern which you can tell if you visit my blog/site-http://www.interior-decorating-diva.com. Thanks again, I will be back soon.


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