Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween House Decor: Spiders on the House

As I was walking my dog yesterday, I noticed a Halloween decor theme that seems to be new this year:  the giant spider on the house.  I didn’t take pictures on the first part of my walk, not thinking I would turn my observation into a blog post, but I snapped a few pictures in the last part of my walk.

I always enjoy walking or driving by this house.  The spiders go perfectly with the color palette of the house! Architecture by Stan Dixon.

Do you spot the spider above the arch of the front door? Not visible in this picture is a giant spider hanging from the tree – it truly looks real!  Architecture by Bill Baker (Suzanne Kasler Interiors was responsible for the interior design for this house – wish I could see the inside!).

On my usual driving route yesterday afternoon, I noticed even more spiders on houses, but did not have the time to document the trend with photographs.  I will keep my eye out for it tomorrow night, though!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. We have a giant spider that we pt out for halloween every year. It usually goes on the front porch, but maybe this year we can put it On the house

  2. I love this time of the year, it is always so much fun to try and outdo what we did last year...I am thinking I needing a giant spider for next year now.

  3. I've been noticing the spiders too. Wasn't aware that Kasler did the 2nd house in this post. Now I'm especially interested to see the inside too.

  4. i think the spiders are cute!!

    happy halloween x

  5. There is a "giant spider" theme running though Morningside too and lots of spider webs. Not nearly as much orange this year; it's almost subdued. No spiders here. We just got the old skeleton out of our closet. He seems happy to be back in service.

  6. I have never seen that before! What a great idea! Happy Halloween!

  7. you're funny...my neighborhood is overrun with these this Halloween too!

  8. Our neighborhood has a couple very large spiders too! I kinda like them too. :-)

    Happy Halloween,

  9. come link your spider homes to Seasonal Sundays - my weekly meme.

    - The Tableacaper

  10. i like the spiders :-) happy halloween!

  11. I've been loving the big spiders too. My little girl loves spiders so next year we will hang a couple.

  12. Holly,
    I love Halloween doecorations, so this was a treat! I seen several giant spiders this year too and think they are fantastic!


  13. We clearly missed the spider trend in NC, but what a fun way to decorate!

  14. We have our own spider, on a Web my husband made himself. Our neighborhood is almost more serious about its Halloween decorations than it is with Christmas -- it's truly the most creative time of year!

  15. I love the styles of houses where you live.

    I love love love the first house with giant spiders "the colonial style house".

    Almost reminds me of the house from marley and me!

  16. Where do you buy these spiders? I love them!


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