Sunday, June 20, 2010

An iconic design photo: one degree of separation


There are some pictures that just pull me in, and I revisit them from time to time just to enjoy the pure artistry of the space. Such is the case with this charming and iconic photo from House Beautiful’s top kitchens file, in a space designed by Ruthie Sommers. The room combines many elements that I love: a wall mounted sink, stainless steel sink and appliances, lots of natural light, and my favorite element in the space, original art.

When I first admired this photo, I had no idea that the artist who created the charming little crab painting is in fact an Atlanta artists whose children attend school with mine. Her name is Nancy B. Westfall, and her whimsical art and fresh approach to her subject matter make her one of the most popular artists with the top designers in Atlanta and around the country.

I am thrilled to be able to offer a selection of Nancy’s iconic crab paintings in the Quatrefoil Design store, for a limited time. All of the paintings are original, painted with great skill and artistry, and are full of vibrancy and beautiful texture and movement in the paint and brushstrokes. The crab painting in the picture above truly makes the space designed by Ruthie Sommers, just as one or a series of these beautiful paintings would define your own space.


‘Roger-Roger’ – 10”x12”, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $288.




‘Clearance Clarence’ – 10”x12”, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $288.




“Oscar’ – 10”x12”, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $288. Click here for store item and more photos.



“Otto’ – 10”x12”, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $288.




‘Penelope’ – 10”x12”, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $288.




“Portia’ – 10”x12”, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $288. Click here for store item and more photos.



And finally, last but not least: ‘Rock Lobster’. This painting is absolutely magnificent in person, and I hope this translates to the picture seen above. It is so unique and full of character; this painting would absolutely make any space where it is hung.

‘Rock Lobster’ – 48”x60”, arcrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, $2,288. Click here for store item and more photos.


To see all of the paintings in one place, under the art category of the store:


I hope you are as impressed and delighted with the wonderful art of Nancy B. Westfall as I am! Custom creations and colors are possible, please email me at quatrefoildesign@gmail.com to inquire. These paintings are all one of a kind, once they are sold they are noted as ‘sold out’ in the store.

To see more of Nancy’s art, please visit her website at http://www.nancybw.com/.


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  1. They are gorgeous, I really love the colours and fabulous textures! That 'Lobster' is particular amazing. Such a small world isn't it..
    The kitchen is lovely too, the two windows are one of my fave features.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    :) Flick

  2. I love Ruthie Sommers and her authenticity and humility as a designer. I just did a post about her design philosophy the other day! These paintings would add so much character to any room. Great post!

  3. I love the "Rock Lobster" (and your beautiful blog) !!!

    from Italy

  4. Those are so beautiful Holly! I just saw on Twitter that you are selling stuff at the mercantile! You might be one of the most talented people I know. I wish you all good things.

  5. I love rock lobster too - it is spectacular in person!

  6. Thanks, Holly. I just looked through every page of her art gallery. My goal is to paint like her, some day. Wow! She is talented. Enjoyed your post.

  7. Love the simplicity of the photo - perfect.

    Leeann x

  8. Wonderful collaboration between you and Nancy, best wishes!

  9. Holly I love the kitchen by Ruthie, and the works of art are just a delight. Tha lobster takes my breath away and looks fabulous over the sofa!

    Art by Karena

  10. Holly, the crab paintings are delightful, but "Rock Lobster"..... Oh.... he is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing and what fun to discover your friend is the talented artist.

  11. These pieces are amazing. The colors, the textures...They would be so great in a beach home. Of course, the Lobster is totally Rockin'!!

  12. I go back to this one a lot too Holly! Thanks for more info on the artist and actually I think of you whenever I see this pic because I remember you telling me you know here a year or so ago.. :)

  13. Holy cow!! Rock Lobster is wonderful. He makes me happy!!

  14. I love this kitchen! it seems so fresh and open. i also love the use of blue and yellow together! one of my favorite color palettes! the crab is awesome as well...i love the use of so many colors to make one specimen!

  15. Love that Ruthie Sommers kitchen and agree the painting makes the room.

  16. I have never heard of this artist, so I'm grateful for this introduction! I absolutely love the crabs pieces...fabulous! I'm going to look into her work. Also, I read your comment on another blog about wearing a 50's dress...I think that's awesome! I'd love to find some...can your recommend where to explore?

  17. you have a great blog!!~! I really enjoy.Those are so beautiful and unique.Thanks sharing with us.To know more about canvas visit Canvas Prints

  18. I love these crab photos, they're awesome

  19. love that lobster!!! so cute.

  20. What a great artist Nancy is & a real treat to see her work. Her art gives the Ruthie Sommers design it's 'cherry' on top!

    Happy weekend ~

  21. Is Rock Lobster still available - so unique and amazing. I would love to hang that in my playroom.

  22. yes- as far as I know rock L is still avail- I am really enjoying the reaction to him (her?) thanks!

  23. That lobster is amazing! New to the artist as well, she has an amazing talent. Thanks for the intro. The internet is truly unreal, as just recently I learned that the fabulous woman/mom behind Good Bones Great Pieces, is also a mom of a child at my childrens' school!

  24. Love them, they don't go with my style, but they are great.

  25. OH my gosh! Love them! The lobster is to die for!


  26. Your creative ideas and color sense are wonderful. Art gallery is unique that really inspire. Thanks for such kind of post.


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