Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The HB Color Personality Quiz

Interior design by Vincente Wolf

In 'The Last Words' section of the September 2009 House Beautiful issue, there is a color personality test. Here is how I answered the questions - I don't think you will be surprised to read the answers! When looking through my inspiration files (the thousands of images on my computer), I found much supporting evidence of my color personality.

Q: What is the first color you see in the morning?
A: Blue

Interior design by Suzanne Kasler
Q:What color are your eyes?
A: Blue-green, it depends on what I am wearing

Interior design by Gerrie Bremmerman
Q: What color do you wear the most?
A: Green

Interior design by Coddington Design
Q: What color do you never wear?
A: Pink and red

Image via Martha Stewart
Q: What do you color do you wear when you want to feel confident?
A: A jewellike deep blue

Interior design by Keidi Friedler

Q: What color gets you the most compliments?
A: Navy, teal, blue leaning green

Q: What color is your lipstick?
A: Claret sheer

Interior design by Jim Howard

Q: What color was your living room growing up?
A: White (very contemporary)
Interior design by Kerry Joyce

Q: What color was your bedroom growing up?
A: Pink
Interior design by Phoebe Howard

Q: What color are your sheets?
A: White with blue embroidered edging
Interior design by Phoebe Howard
Q: What color was favorite crayon as a child?
A: Periwinkle
Image via House Beautiful

Q: What color is your car?
A: White

Q: What color was your prom dress?
A: Junior year - black (a misguided attempt at sophistication); senior year - silvery blue
Interior design by Lori Tippins
Q: What is your favorite flower?
A: White tulips
Interior design by Katie Stassi

Q: What color makes you happiest?
A: Soft muted celadon green
Image via Veranda
Q: What color depresses you?
A: Black
Interior design by Liz Williams

Q: What color calms you?
A: Pale, soft blue
Interior design by Margaret Bobsyshell

Q: What color makes you grind your teeth?
A: Hot pink

Q: What color would you like to try, but are scared to?
A: To wear - orange (I love it, but it looks terrible with my coloring); to decorate - ?

No big surprises, but fun to think about. What would your answers be? If you have a blog, why not do the personality quiz so we can see whether the answers match your blog personality!

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  1. Where did you find this quiz?

  2. I took this quiz Saturday night curled up on the sofa with my HB. I am, I discovered, most decidedly "green"!

  3. Oh fun! I know my signature color would have to be turquoise blue and yep, it matches my blog too! ;) Coral is high on my "favorite color" scale too!

  4. I think my answers are all the same as yours, except my prom dress was navy blue! I notice that I am beginning to love orange and pink (colours I could never wear), but I think it is simply because they look so good with blue. I am in the blue-green camp with you. And love all the images!

  5. Fun! Your answers definitely suit your lovely taste. I'll post this on my blog soon. :)

  6. This quiz was fun but it made me realize how much I run from color - everything I have is black and white. God I hope that doesn't say anything about my personality!

  7. I had no idea that top pic was Vicente Wolf - thank you for posting it!! I had used the photo several years ago in a design class I was teaching as an example of an updated classic look. I'd lost the photo and had only recently thought about it and wished I had it again. And I never knew who did it till now!

  8. Thank you for the comments, everyone!

    Linda, I saved the file as 'Vincente Wolfe', from Mrs. Blanding's blog, so I am assuming that it is all correct!

  9. What a beautiful collection of pictures! And I think your responses are definitely reflected in your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I adore the celedon green image from Veranda! Such fun!!

  11. Hmmm...My go-to neutral in both decorating and fashion has ALWAYS been navy (my prom dress was navy, in fact), but I like to mix things up with other shades of blue: peacock blue, teal, Williamsburg blue, etc. I'm also a big fan of aubergines/deep purples. These are the colors I always go back to. I pair these deeper jewel tones with whites/creams as well as bolder accents like yellow, orange, and kelly green.

    Hmmm...sounds like I like just about every color under the sun -- and I suppose that's true. That said though, I've never been a big fan of pastels or more muted hues. I like saturated hues and really jump off a page (or a wall), but I know that these have to be tempered with neutrals in order to be bearable.

  12. Oh, I forgot about aubergine - for wearing, not decorating - in the early 90s I did a 'Color Me Beautiful' color test, and deep purple was my #1 color. CHocolate brown was close behind, and I love to wear both shades. I don't gravitate to them in decor, though!

  13. Fun quiz and fabulous images.

  14. very fun quiz and fabulous images. Several of my answers were like yours... and the images posted very much are the types that I gravitate towards.

  15. i loved this. i kept waiting for a room from your house to show up! A blue and white one!!!

    I want to take this quiz onw.

  16. so I guess you like Blue... me too!

    Lovely photos... very beautiful and calming...

  17. What a fun way to get to know you better.
    Your blog definitely reflects your color personality.


  18. My favorite color is definitely green. Going to take the quiz, now.

  19. Love the pictures! I'm a little afraid to take that quiz...I think it would show that I'm all over the color wheel! Which I'm trying to tone down.

  20. Lipstick? Prom dress? This is A) sexist & B) only one step above those silly quizzes in Cosmo. HB can do better than this.

    But I like your own demonstration photos. In fact, I never bought a copy of Veranda till the issue they showed that beautaiful wooden wall with the scabrous blue-green paint on the cover.

  21. I love something that needlepoint expert, Maggie Lane, said years ago. "There are no ugly colors-only ugly color combinations". Although there are colors I am not drawn to, there are certainly combinations that I dislike and have difficulty in working with. That said, I love all your blue rooms!

  22. I wear a lot of black and white, and then the jewel tones! Haven't taken the quiz yet, will though. Very interesting!

  23. Oh , and yes I loved your selection of images, just beautiful!

  24. you were born to be a blue person it seems. Now have you taken to color personality test? The one that says if your personality traits are more alined with red, blue, yellow or white....

    Beautiful images. You've sold me.

  25. I didn't picture you wearing red or pink...I love your muted style...it's soft and relaxing, like you are always outside or by the sea...like the curtains are moving in the wind :)

    Most of the images in my picture folder are from the beautiful homes you feature...I love this post!!


  26. I think green in all forms is my favorite...especially that bedroom by Keidi Friedler. But I'm also loving the seafoam blue/green that is popular right now. I haven't made it all the way through the September issue of HB yet, so will definitely have to take the quiz. BTW my blog background color is green!

  27. I would have to say green if I had to pick a color. But, I'm a Taurus the Bull so green would make sense for me. Thank you so much for posting my painting as an example. I wish you would come to New Orleans some time and visit!

  28. The bedrooms by Phoebe Howard are exquisite! I love pale soft colors for a bedroom but in the rooms I live in during the day I enjoy bright, vivid, alive colors such as red, hot pink, orange, violet and bright blue. at least in splashes around the room. I really have to try this color quiz, such fun!


  29. How fun! I love stuff like this, and it was interesting to learn more about you by reading your answers. Now I want to go back through and answer them for myself. Thanks!

  30. Wow. I actually was answering them in my head as I read along. It was so interesting. I do suppose my apparel and my interiors choices do compliment one another.

    Great post, as always. What a great blog!

  31. This was fun to read! I love all the images you've shown and the colors are SO you :)

  32. Thank you for this post the images are amazing as always. I couldn't resist taking the quiz myself and now am wondering about myself - ha!


  33. I need to go take the quiz but I think I could seriously copy and paste this for my own answers! Except for the white LR growing up, mine was lots of blues, pinks and whites. Shades of blue are always my favorites.

  34. Thank you for the comments, everyone!

    Magnaverde, you are absolutely right - it is a bit of a sexist quiz. I didn't even think of that, because of course I wore a prom dress and (occasionally) wear lipstick.

  35. long time follower, first time commenter. i just got my new hb in the mail this week, but i'm saving it for airplane reading next week. i'll be sure to post my answers when i get back.

    p.s. we had the exact same sequence of prom dress colors! {and same misguided logic for the junior year}

  36. After seeing several of these quizes answered, I am inspired to take it myself! I save pictures galore (mostly from your's and others blogs that I adore) but I'm terrible about captioning them, I hope the designers won't mind! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images and answers!

  37. I seem to be all over the place... :)


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