Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New on the market in Maryland

Thank you to the Washington Post for including this post in your Blog Watch, December 18th, 2008!

House aficionados, here is a special treat for you. Last year, I did a post on Donald Kaufman paint, and it featured a room from the home of my sister. It is on Gibson Island, a private island situated off the Western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The home is amazing; it has a great floor plan, and is quite spacious, but not over-the-top big. Because of the great floor plan, every room in this house is truly used. However, what took this house from good to great was the amazing interior design done by James Beebe Hawes of Caldwell-Beebe. I can honestly say that seeing this house, and seeing how Hawes transformed it, completely changed the way I look at interior design. Of course, my sister had the advantage of being able to furnish this house from scratch, so there were no old awkward pieces of furniture to fit into the scheme.

The entry. The house was built in the 1920s, and the fireplace is in the middle of the living room (on the other side of this entry wall). Because it was not possible to change the configuration structurally, Hawes made the entry feel like a room with a window. The window is antique Swedish.

Here is the living room, and there is the fireplace on the other side of the entry. The room is carpeted in Pueblo sisal. The Victoria Hagan wing chair (upholstered in Rogers and Goffigon fabric) is a beautiful focal point, and quite comfortable too. The John Saladino 3 leg table is a favorite of mine. The pine bookcase along the wall is antique Swedish. According to my sister, the walls are painted in Donald Kaufman No. 55

The living room serves a dual purpose, as it has the dining table in it as well. The dining table is made by New Classics, and has a custom nautical design on the top. The chairs, also by New Classics, are slipcovered in duck cloth to bring down the formality of the space. The chandelier is by Mike Reid Weeks, and is no longer made, unfortunately!

The sunporch is one of my favorite rooms. It is fully enclosed, and the light streams in, making the space sunny and bright. The floors are bluestone, and have radiant heat. None of the pictures on the listing show the lovely bay view, unfortunately.

The other side of the sunroom. The French doors leading out to the lawn are on the left, and they lead directly to the bay. The walls are painted in Donald Kaufman No. 29.

The family room is casual and slightly nautical in theme, but not over the top. I love how the pillows and the art work so well together.

The master bedroom has a custom Dessin Fournir bed. The walls are painted in Donald Kaufman No. 6.

The guest bedroom has the Donald Kaufman paint that I raved about. According to my sister's records, the color is DK No. 29 (if you like this color, sample pots are available for purchase at The Color Factory in New Jersey). It truly changes colors throughout the day, based on the sunlight. I think this is as close to the color of seaglass as you can get!

Another view of the guest room. Much of the furniture in this room was purchased at Tone on Tone, a Swedish antique store in Bethesda, Maryland. The view out the window is of the Chesapeake Bay. No doubt, this is the prettiest guest room I have ever seen.

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  1. I spent a lot of time on Gibson Island as a child and still have a lot of friends there. Houses on the island don't come up for sale too often, so if you've got a couple of spare millions, this is a great place to invest them!

  2. What a beautiful holiday house. It has such a relax feel I enjoyed your tour a lot!!

  3. Such a beautiful home, I love the tone on tone pieces & feel, so serene. Amanda x

  4. Ahhh. What a gorgeous, simply lovely house!

    I am enamored with that wing chair.YUM!

  5. Just spent some time pouring over your blog...LOVE it. Adding you to my list of faves!

  6. Lovely, and the works of art are perfect for the setting!

  7. I love the interiors of this home. Right up my alley! What is the name of that Donald Kaufman paint? I love it!

  8. Thanks for the comments! I will find out which DK paint color this is, and get back to you.

  9. What a wonderful site. I am in the process of renovating a very French old stone house and am looking for inspiration.

    Your site is very helpful. Thank you.

  10. Hi
    YOur bolg is very nice. I have really learnt a lot from this blog thanks

  11. I specifically remember that post you did on the Donald Kaufman paint, and I am so sad that I do not have acess to it here in Vancouver. Great pictures. Thanks for the Post.

  12. This was a great post. I loved seeing the beautiful rooms through your eyes. It made the viewing seem much more accessible and with a human touch that one just cannot have when looking through a magazine. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Gorgeous house - I look forward to learning the color of the Kaufman paint.

  14. I contacted the interior designer Jim Hawes and he was kind enough to reply! Mr. Hawes says: Our records are a bit scant that far back -- but we believe it is either DKC-55 OR DKC-6 -- both are available in pint sizes from The Color Factory for testing.

  15. Bethany (and readers) -

    My friend's records note that the guest bedroom is Donald Kaufman No. 29 (Flat). The living room is Donald Kaufman No. 55 (Flat), and the master bedroom is Donald Kaufman No. 6 (Velvet).

    Hope this helps!

  16. I LOVE this house, it was featured in House Beautiful last year, and its one of my fav magazines I've kept. I remember copying so many things from that house for my own. I wish I could live there!

  17. My goodness, I absolutely love these spaces! The bedrooms especially.


  18. Hi,

    Very Nice collection. house is very peaceful. i love your creations. If you want checkout my site as well http://www.toolboxtales.com/


  19. A perfectly splendid home - it is so tranquil and would soothe the spirit, especially with that view of the bay! Thanks for sharing this exquisite space Sarah!

    xo T.

  20. I love that custom bed. It looks SO relaxing and inviting.

  21. What an incredibly bright and airy house. My favorites are the sun porch and the bedrooms!

    Karen O.

  22. When can I move in? Great house, thanks for sharing!

  23. Congratulations !! on your Wash Post blog watch today... Love the light in these airy rooms...Fay

  24. Oh My, this house is out of a dream look book!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Merry Christmas!

  25. I love all the neutrals. What a pretty home. Have a wonderful Holiday!
    xxx- Gina :)

  26. congrats! I read your blog everyday and OF COURSE the washington post should profile it!

  27. Thanks for all of the comments! I had the opportunity to meet the designer this past weekend, and he is just as charming as he is talented.

  28. amazing...........my type of home !!!

  29. Well since you were the first to tell me I was in the Blog Watch again, I thought I'd come over and see yours! I bought the first set of Donald Kaufman paint samples years ago as well as 3 of his books. And, as you know, i quote him all the time!!

    Great post :)

  30. Hi! Please forgive me for posting a comment so long after a posting, but I just found your blog! I just wanted to let you know, that in your piece, you stated that the Copernicus chandelier by Mike Reid Weeks, is no longer available.

    Although Mike has moved to South Carolina, he is still building all of his furniture!

    He also does custom designs, and can build anything out of metal, and can infuse wood and metal together.

    His website and contact info are here: http://s216540565.onlinehome.us/WeeksInc/Site/Default.aspx

    As his daughter, I hope you can understand me correcting the info!


    Penni Day
    (Annapolis, MD)

  31. I absolutely, unequivocally, LOVE DONALD KAUFMAN COLOR!!! The first time I saw it in "real life" I couldn't stop staring at it and how it changed in the light. It is pure MAGIC!! I asked the proprietor of the shop what kind of paint I was looking at and that is how I learned about DKC. I am a color consultant and lighting specialist and specify DKC every chance I get!!

  32. It's gorgeous...love the classic, sophisticated feel and the wonderful windows!!

  33. So beutiful! It reminds me of my aunt's house in Newport, RH. So classic and timeless, it appears as if good taste runs in the family!


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