Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chair Scenes

Sometimes the smallest detail from a picture will capture my interest. This is what happened when I saw the picture above, from Victoria Hagan Interiors. I immediately spotted the unusual chair with the two pictures over it, and this image stayed in my mind.

Of course, I started paying attention whenever I saw the combination of the chair with the art hanging above. This one is from Philip Gorrivan Design. I love the delicacy of the chair, and the art above widens the tableau created by the chest and mirror.

Another interesting chair, this time with a larger scale piece of contemporary art. Veere Grenney, via Desire to Inspire.

Another interesting and graphic chair under a piece of art, design by Woodson and Rummerfield, via Girl Meets Glamour.

A narrow chair, under a small piece of artwork, on a very small wall. Most people would not have put anything in this space!

I think this is such a beautiful hall, and framing the door to the dining room are lovely chairs and small contemporary paintings. Design by Katherine Newman and Peter Cebulak, via Design Smack. Photographed by Tony Soluri for Architectural Digest.

This little scene is pure eye candy. A Swedish chair with two small paintings and a tiny bullseye mirror. Interiors by Sheila Bridges, via Design Smack.

One thing all of these scenes have in common is a unique quality to the chair. The chair can truly stand alone as a focal point, and the scene is extended with the artwork above. I doubt this would work nearly as well with a characterless chair.


  1. Indeed, I'm building a similar scene in my dining room, and it does not work nearly as well with the dining chairs. You hit the nail on the head.

  2. beautiful! I think I like the hall picture the most. Gosh, it is incredibly beautiful = sometime to "inspire" to!

  3. I love the white and black chair. Funny enough, I just posted some pictures of Woodson/Rummerfield's work too. They are great!
    (Thanks for your nice comment on my blog)

  4. so super cool! i work at domino mag and have just started my own design blog www.urbanfleadesign.com. i linked to your site, and would love for you to do the same for mine. in the meantime, keep up the awesome work and cheers!
    Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  5. I love the bottom image - what fabulous look!

  6. Shelia Bridges home is just incredibly gorgeous. I'm a bit chair obsessed myself. Great post.

  7. Thanks for the link love! I think the Phillip Gorrivan shot is lovely. And the Newman hallway is still a favourite - I really like her style.


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