Friday, March 14, 2008

Wall Series

When I first started blogging, and had about two readers, I did a post on framed wall series. Perhaps the framed wall series is trendy, perhaps not. To me, it is a beautiful and interesting way to present a collection of related items, whether they be paintings, antique prints, intaglios, or whatever inspires the collector. This post is an expansion of my original post, as I have found so many more lovely and inspiring pictures of framed wall series. I have also included some of my old favorites.

This is one of the loveliest framed series pictures I have found in the past year. They look like framed intaglios, which can be found in just about every antique store in Atlanta these days. Interior design by Suzanne Kasler.

The framed series is a design element used to great effect in many a home. Here is a picture from the home of Amy Howard, the furniture designer. Often a framed series needs something substantial placed under it in order to provide an anchor, so large scale framed series are frequently seen over sofas or buffets. The room needs to have the right architecture and size to make this work.

This is a beautiful way to display a frames series of botanical prints, above a velvet covered settee. I love everything about this scene. I wonder what room it is in? I imagine it is in a bedroom, but it would be wonderful in a front hall. Interior design by Liz Williams.

Here is a framed series that is asymmetrical, and expertly executed. I love the contrast with the dark wall.

Another asymmetrical grouping, by Suzanne Kasler. It takes great skill to be able to assemble and frame such a collection. The effect is striking and memorable.

What do you think of this one? It is certainly dramatic, but I can't help but wish that the large drawing wasn't in there. Perhaps that is the point...the arrangement is striking, but keeps the viewer a little on edge. Interior design by S. R. Gambrel.

Jan Showers, featured in March 2002 Traditional Home. It is interesting how closely together she places the frames; it unifies them beautifully.

Generally I do not like it when two walls in the same room have small groupings of paintings, but I think this one works very well.

This is another example of two adjacent rooms with groupings of art on the wall, but the impact is dramatic because of the bold use of color: the far wall has an unusual vermilion mat (which is the same color as the chair), and the near wall picks up the color scheme in the frame.

A wall series done in mirrors, from an old real estate listing. It is very important that a framed wall series be perfectly spaced and the individual frames be even. It takes a lot of time and patience to do it right.

The exquisite symmetry of this scene really speaks to me. The engravings of ancient Rome, flanked by double armed sconces, with an antique commode and two leather upholstered Italian antique chairs...perfection. Interior design by Caldwell-Beebe. (I wish I had seen this picture before doing my light floor posting!)

A beautiful living space by EKB Interiors. The frames series is a dramatic focal point to the room. I am quite partial to a large mat around a small subject.

Harmony in green, from Traditional Home. I generally prefer 12 or less in a series, but this is very dramatic.

An effective and chic wall series balances a dining room, Traditional Home via Cote de Texas . Often a designer will put identical mirrors on either side of a doorway, which makes this unexpected and effective.

From Elle Decor. This is very unusual and quite striking. Can you imagine how long it must have taken to hang this?

A lovely arrangement in a dining room, from an old Atlanta real estate listing. This was the inspiration for my own framed wall series, seen below.

This is one of my favorite things in my house (although I should have straightened them out before taking this picture); I spent over a year collecting antique egg prints, and had 12 of them framed for this series. I thought about doing 9, but the effect would not have been the same (in this space) with just 9.


  1. Unfortunately I wasn't among the two readers when you first posted the "wall series" so I am very happy you are posting it again with even more photos. I am planning on doing a wall series with 4 or 5 of my daughters colorful doodles.

  2. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Great idea about framing your daughter's art - I keep meaning to do the same thing, but never get around to doing it.

  3. I'm glad you did another framed art wall post! I did a post on displaying art (no where near as extensive or interesting as yours, however!) awhile back and someone did mention they thought the haphazard look of art on walls was trendy, but I happen to like lots of art on the wall. Whether it is orderly or haphazard--it all can work depending on the style of home or artwork you have. I can't imagine it being trendy as people have always placed art on the wall. But, either way, these are lovely examples. And I do love your egg series.
    Have a great weekend,

  4. i love this! Thanks for posting. I LOVE the frames you choose for your egg prints. Perfect, and you are right, nine wouldn't have been the same effect. Love your blog!

  5. Hi Melissa and Abbey- thanks for stopping by! Melissa, interesting comment (from one of your readers) that the asymetrical look might be a bit trendy. Definitely possible! The great thing about wall art is that trendiness is easy to change when it is no longer trendy...you simply rehang your art! Much easier to change than the purchase of a trendy color for drapes, or a trendy fabric for a sofa!

  6. I love groupings of pictures. I live in a shotgun-style house and have a long wall with photos in identical frames along the wall. I am also framing six of my photos for a bedroom wall. I have a Black & Decker laser level which makes things lots easier!!!

  7. Fabulous post! I have been collecting 19th century prints and havebeen thinking of framing them, and finding a wall where I could do a series - your post was very inspiring!

  8. Great post! You ask what we think about the Gambrel wall series, and I'm wondering if it would look more balanced if we could see the whole wall on the other side. Even so, I think I still like it best with the large print.

  9. Your egg prints look lovely!

  10. Gorgeous! Thank you for posting these. I'm thinking of trying to do a "wall series" in my stairway and seeing so many wonderful examples has certainly made my design juices flow. Great post.

  11. Beautiful!! And congrats on being a washingtonpost blog pick! Well deserved ;)

  12. So enjoyed this post! Your egg prints are lovely.

  13. Love the wall series. Especially love the egg prints! Very clever and unique!

  14. Thank you for stopping by, everyone! I am glad that wall series appeal to you as much as they appeal to me. When I first hung my egg prints, a person visiting my home snidely commented that they seemed very trendy. The comment did not phase me, given who it was coming from, and I get pleasure from looking at the prints every single day!

  15. Very nice and gives us all ideas for that ???? wall in our home.

  16. ooooooh fabulous post !!! I really love the dark wall with the contrasting frames.....gorgeous !!

  17. I'm crazy about the even grid when it comes to picture frames! Great post!!


  18. what a post! goodness. i love how much work you put into showcasing a variety of examples and methods.

    i actually enjoy seeing wall arrangements when they are done well. for me, order and spacing are beautiful. awkward, random spacing makes me cringe. but what i do love is how each person, homeowner and designer can put his or her own spin on this tried and true concept.

    great post.

  19. I like your own arrangement even better than the inspiration! I think mostly because the inspiration seems to float in the middle of a vast empty wall, whereas yours has beautiful drapes pulling it in at either side.

    I'm going to attempt my first asymmetrical arrangement this weekend, but will proceed cautiously. I think I'll do the old craft paper trick first so I can stand back and survey the form. If I never speak of it again, assume it was a dreadful flop ;)

  20. Love your collection and display of your egg prints...beautiful photos!

    kari & kijsa

  21. for the love of a good wall and some good frames
    hung in style.
    brilliant post, again.

  22. Such great examples Sarah. I love the contrast with dark wall too.

  23. This was such a Stunning post!! I really love all the photos you chose. Especially the photo of the living room bye EKB and Amy Howard's living room. Just stunning!

  24. LOVE your wall series. the zebra stool is a fav and the 'orange' room is eye catching. 'things that inspire' your blog is appropriately named!! ;)

  25. Great post! Love all the inspiration!!!


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