Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Does anyone recognize these mystery items?

I have a strange little talent. I seem to have a photographic memory for furniture! If I see a piece of furniture (and to a lesser extent, fabric) once, then I can usually remember what it is, who makes it, and where you can find it. Because of this, I often recognize the furniture I see in magazines or on the blogs. However, when I see something I really like, and can't source it, something in me won't rest until I find it (same thing happens when I lose something...I search for hours until I find it).

I have not been able to identify two things recently, and was wondering whether any of my readers could help me figure out where they come from:

Interior design by Katie Ridder. I love the fabric on the pillows on the settee in front of the window. Does anyone recognize it?

Drake Design Associates. I love these garden stools, with their interwoven circle motif. Any idea where they come from?

Thank you!


  1. Sea Cloth - Lush leaf is the fabric. Sorry I can't help on the stools.

  2. What gorgeous garden stools! I don't know the source, but I love 'em!

  3. Sorry, wish I could help you out. But I have the same problem, I remember things all the time but can never remember where I saw them or where they came from...

  4. Can't help you out, sorry. Wish I had that talent of remembering things so clearly. Maybe it is my age, the memory is the first to go!

  5. Well, you do have a great eye as both of these items are worth hunting down. I am terrible with remembering where things can be sourced. Good luck!

  6. It used to be much easier to source things, when I got most of my inspiration pictures from magazines, but now that I have so many great pictures from designer websites and blogs, it makes the job harder!

  7. Okay, now I won't sleep till I tell you where to source those stools...and the mission starts!


  8. I can't help you with sources. Just wanted to comment on the beautiful garden stools. Lovely!


  9. Okay...I don't know either. But I will keep these two items in mind on my travels.....Good luck
    Love the Garden Stools

  10. those garden stools look like the more classic ones that came along before the newer trendy style we're seeing everywhere... and i have no idea where to get them now! i'll keep my eyes open!


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