Thursday, September 27, 2007

More ways to use fabric?

Although I am generally an advocate of original art on the wall, I thought that this was a clever idea. Take your favorite fabric, mount it to a board, and frame it! If you use a standard size frame, this is actually a reasonably priced way to make a design statement and enjoy your favorite patterns.

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  1. There are some lovely fabrics out there that would make beautiful wall hangings! Sounds great to me! I too prefer original art over some tacky prints that get hung on walls. And I've found original art at garage sales for cheaper than a print, so I am not saying it has to be a Renoir or anything, just something original! I think beautiful fabric is like a work of art.

    Great idea!

  2. I went off to visit her website and think she is very talented! Thanks for the info.

  3. I think fabric wall hangings are great. Sometimes you can find some wonderful vintage remnants at flea markets and such that would be beautiful on the wall. Frame them, and viola, you have yourself a unique piece of artwork.

  4. I think this looks great, actually! Good thinking.

  5. Great idea!! I just love this print any way it's used :)


  6. Another way to put together some relatively inexpensive wall art is find a backsplash pattern you like (I use antique looking toile patterns) at a good tile store, set it in mortar on a backboard ,no need to grout unless you like the look, and hang hooks on back. Lovely and original.


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