Monday, July 16, 2012

Still loving the Quatrefoil

One of the first blog posts I created when I started my blog in 2007 was about the quatrefoil shape, and I followed up a few months later with a ‘part II’.   I remember having a hard time finding images of non-architecture items with the quatrefoil design.  That is certainly not the case today!  The quatrefoil motif has become one of the favorite designs in jewelry, furniture, and design in recent years.  Even though the design has become more ubiquitous in recent years, I am still loving it.

Three variations on the ancient quatrefoil motif.

Quatrefoil window from the Bobby McAlpine house I recently visited.

I love the lacy character of this beautiful quatrefoil lamp sold at Horchow. (Click on image for store item).

A floor lamp, also sold at Horchow, in the quatrefoil motif.  Click on image for store item.

A beautiful quatrefoil screen by Uttermost.  Click on image to go to store link.

Coco Cozy has a gorgeous collection of quatrefoil pillows and quatrefoil fabric.

A lovely collection of quatrefoil jewelry from James Avery (click on each image to go to store item).

Quatrefoil motif crib from Target (click image to link to store item).  I actually think this is a cute crib - and it converts to a toddler bed too.

Circa Lighting/Visual Comfort has a variety of lamps with the quatrefoil theme (click here to see website).

Customized cocktail napkins with a quatrefoil motif, and personalized initials.  The ultimate gift for the quatrefoil fan! Click on image for store link.

Pretty quatrefoil bangles from Bergdorf Goodman.  I am partial to the gold one!  Click on images for store item.

This mirror is called the ‘Hayes Quatrefoil Metal Clad’ mirror by Arteriors. Although not the classic quatrefoil shape, there is something about this mirror that brings in both the masculine and the classic. Click on image for store link (I believe this mirror is on sale now).  This is similar to a mirror that I have in my powder room, but the price point is way more reasonable!

I love the design of this bracelet – and the fact that the pattern is also part of the clasp.  Click image to see store item.

Finally, the Alexandra chair from the Suzanne Kasler collection by Hickory Chair.  This quatrefoil has become a signature motif for Kasler, and is seen in her lines for Ballard, Hickory Chair, and Visual Comfort.

I am still a fan of the quatrefoil, and probably always will be.  What about you?  Do you own any quatrefoil related items in your house?  To comment directly on the blog post, please click here.

QD collage

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  1. I am still liking the quatrefoil too. My favorite is the quatrefoil necklace and earrings from James Avery, they are classics in my mind.

    Have a great day.

  2. I love quatrefoil too. I just ordered apiece of jewelry with quatrefoils on it.
    The Circa lamp is beautiful, and the window in the McAlpine is my favorite.

  3. It is such a soft and sensuous shape. I particularly like seeing it in spaces that have masculine architectural tendacnies and overtones. Wonderful dynamics...
    Have wonderful week!


  4. You haven't shown quatrefoil shapes in the landscape.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. Me too - it's been a classic for centuries!! I recently wrote a piece about the new Lalique collection that used the quatrefoil based on the Doges palace in Venice!

  6. They are lovely and classic! I don't have any items with this design, but surely would love to! I am especially fond of the pillow from Coco Cozy, Horchow's table lamp, the fabulous bangle bracelets from Bergdorf Goodman and the Alexandra chair from Hickory Chair's Suzanne Kasler collection.
    The kitchen window is striking! (I know, I've also had the pleasure of being in this lovely home.)

  7. Wonderful... share your love.. how about Van cleef Allahambra collection

  8. Holly so many amazing items with the quatrefoil design. I especially love the lamps!

    you might like the Special New Giveaway on my site...

    Art by Karena

  9. Yes. I do love it as well. I have a wall clock from TJMAXX in that shape, and I actually have shelf liner in aqua and white from TJMAXX. Really cute! I used it in my kitchen drawers. Looks so pretty when you open a drawer.

  10. Hi, Holly -
    Definitely a classic I'll always appreciate and love. From Gothic to Moroccan to modern, it is such a versatile shape. The quatrefoil crib from Target is definitely a stylish surprise. Nice!

  11. Yes, I most certainly love it ... especially as it is the logo for my business! I chose the quatrefoil combined with square, because I do love straight lines and angles. Thanks for a fun post!

  12. I always have loved the quatrefoil, since long before I knew what it was called. You know, when I see quatrefoils, I think of you...
    xo Terri

  13. I should say, I think if YOU and Suzanne Kasler...


  14. I love these inspirations.. in fact have a bangle just like the one here :)

  15. Holly-
    You just have to go see this quatrefoil pool over at Liz's blog! http://dovecotedecor.blogspot.com/2012/07/summer-entertaining.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+http%2Fdovecotedecorblogspotcom%2Ffeeds%2Fposts%2Fdefaultaltrss+%28Dovecote+Decor%29

  16. Love the quatrefoil! My favorite is the Alexandra chair - so fun!

  17. Hi Holly,
    I'm so glad that the red/white/blue beach towels were a hit as your hostess gift!!

    I adore the quatrefoil shape and after seeing the 3 you showed, I'm definitely a fan of the one in the middle the most. You're right, the shape is every where....and I don't see it disappearing anytime soon.

    It's sweltering in NY today, so hope you're enjoying that beautiful pool in Atlanta!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  18. Who doesn't love the quatrefoil motif? I love the images you've shared that incorporate it. So gorgeous, every one!

  19. LOVE the Horchow lamp! What's not to love?

  20. Love that shape!! such pretty photo inspirations!!!


  21. Thank you for all this quatrefoil inspiration. I love this shape and will look to add it to my home or jewellery collection. I really love it on fabric and in a gorgeous necklace or bracelet. Jx

  22. i am partial to the gold one as well! re: bangles -- how utterly lovely


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