Friday, July 20, 2012

Things that Inspire: framed agates

To see the most up to date selection of framed agates, please visit http://quatrefoildesign.bigcartel.com/category/agates.

If you have a particular request for framed agates, either size, color, or number - we can source agates for your particular project need, and we custom frame to your specifications.

I am very excited to announce a new addition to the Quatrefoil Design store - one of a kind framed agates. I am absolutely in love with these - they are so beautiful, so custom, so one of kind. I have working on this concept for a while, and have been monitoring the framing of this introductory group over the past few weeks. I have been so anxious to share them with my readers!

Agates are stones that are characterized by their beautiful colors and their fine grain patterns.  Each agate is truly an individual creation from nature – no two are alike. They make a totally unique and beautiful framed series, and look equally beautiful hung on their own. 

framed agate agate001agate002agate003
agate 1 (sold)/agate 2 (sold)/agate 3 (sold)
framed agate agate004agate005framed agate agate006
agate 4 (sold)/agate 5 (sold)/agate 6 (sold)
framed agate agate007framed agate agate008agate009
agate 7 (sold)/agate 8 (sold)/agate 9

I love series of six, nine, twelve – or even twenty! Large groupings certainly bring dinstinction to a room.

framed agate agate010agate011agate012
agate 10 (sold)/agate 11/agate 12 (sold)
framed agate agate013agate014agate015
agate 13 (sold)/agate 14 (sold)/agate 15
framed agate agate016agate017agate018
agate 16 (sold)/agate 17 (sold)/agate 18 (sold)
framed agate agate019agate020agate021
agate 19/agate 20/agate 21 (sold)
agate 22 (sold)

Click on image to go to store item. Each framed agate is linked to its store item. To see all framed agates, click here.

I currently have 22 framed blue/teal agates available.  They are custom framed, in Quatrefoil Design’s signature ‘gilver’ finish (a warm silver) on a bamboo style frame– gilver is the most versatile color, it goes with everything.  The color of the frame looks especially beautiful with the rich tones of the agates.  The outer measurement of the frame is 12 3/4” x 14 1/2”. They are available for immediate shipment, and are priced at $295 each.

All framed agates pictured in this post are one of a kind, and the actual framed agate pictured is the one being sold.  Click on each image to go to the store item for that specific framed agate, or go to http://quatrefoildesign.bigcartel.com/category/agates  to see all framed agates available. Clearly these are not mass produced – so once a specific framed agate is sold, it is not available anymore.  I am working on collections of framed agates in other colors, and also have stock of additional blue/teal agates that are not yet framed, so please email me (quatrefoildesign@gmail.com)  if you would like to be notified when they are available.  I can do any custom size frame or mat color/size for future orders.

Update: I have been emailed quite a bit about whether this is an item I will stock.  The answer is yes!  Although each agate is unique, I will be framing and stocking agates in blues and naturals, but can also take special requests for pinks and purples.  We carefully select our agates for size and beauty, and to work well in grouping. So, if you have a project coming up and are interested in exploring the possibility of framed agates, please email me!  Custom orders take about 4-6 weeks, and are custom framed, so any size is possible.

Agates can be found in a variety of colors – natural, black, brown, purple, amber, blue, and hot pink.  If you have a specific color that you would like me to work on, please let me know.  All of our agate slices are hand selected for their size, beauty and grain pattern.

framed dark agate 1framed dark agate 2
framed dark agate 3dark agate 4
Also in stock are four dark brown/black agates custom framed in a gold bamboo style frame.  These agates are larger, so the outer measurement of the frames is 12 1/2”x17”.  Each image links to the store item for that particular framed agate.

In many cases, a framed series is the perfect solution for a space, and gives a special rhythm to a room. Here are some of my favorite images of framed series (framed agates would work beautifully in spaces like these).  Enjoy!

framed series

Check out my art pinterest board for more inspiring ideas about how to incorporate art and wall series into your home.

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  1. love them! they make a really nice statement and touch of color.D o uyou stock them?

    1. Yes, this is a brand new item to my store! The ones pictured in the post are available now, and we are we can do other colors (although, as they are made by nature, our limit is what nature creates!).

      If a designer or customer has a request, I can typically fulfill it in 4-6 weeks.

      I am very excited about this new offering - they are incredible and so unique!

      - Holly

  2. Hi HOlly! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! Love these new designs! I'm your newest follower!

  3. Holly-
    These agates are gorgeous, and the framing is impeccable.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Thursday.

  4. These are so so beautiful! I love the color of them all!

  5. Beautiful stones and what a unique way to showcase them...love!

  6. These agates are stunning ... I love the dark brown/black ones ... and the frames!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today with your sweet memories of no mudroom! ... I am now following you!

  7. These are incredible! What a brilliant idea!

  8. I just bought 3!!!!! They will be perfect in my living room.

  9. It is a thing of beauty! I like that no two will every be the same. Great idea.

  10. The color is amazing! Such a gorgeous presentation of these beauties!!

  11. Beautiful, Holly! What a great idea. I have not seen framed / mounted agates like these before. I love their color, depth and individuality.

  12. Love this idea! Why didn't I think of this before? Nature art - love it!

  13. Doing this never entered my mind, but I love how they look. Great idea.

  14. Is this something that you will carry in the future once your current ones sell? I adore them, but don't have a specific project right for them. I am an interior designer in Texas.

    1. Hi Lisa - yes, this is a new item that I will be stocking. As they are one of a kind, I will put the ones 'in inventory' up on my store site, but please know that we have a great collection of unframed agates and can work with you to create similar framed agates for future projects.



  15. Holly...these are simply stunning. Love the rich color the agates and the way they are framed for maximum impact. Gorgeous!! I so agree about how fabulous they look on the wall as a grouping, a really terrific way to dress up a wall. Have a great weekend.

  16. Hello friend! So have missed my blog friends! Trying to get back in the swing of things...always juggling my many jobs! Hope you're having a great summer!

  17. Holly!
    These are beautiful and my design wheels are a spinning! The visual impact of grouping several (or many) together is outstanding.

  18. It's a lovely idea to frame the agates and they are beautifully set off by the frames you chose. We also are fans of repeated arrangements on walls and these fit perfectly into that scheme! Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments about Mick. Jane

  19. Wow. The framed agates are beautiful! What a clever idea! I know my sister-in-law would just love a collection of these.. the blue, the simplicity - handsome!
    Thanks for your comments this past week.. I still get a little thrill when I hear from some of my all time favorite bloggers/designers - like you're a movie star or something! I got a comment on Facebook today from Mary Douglas Drysdale.. now that was really exciting!

  20. These are just beautiful Holly... They look wonderful grouped together like this... Have a great Sunday... xv

  21. Wow! These framed agates have it all: naturally beautiful, 3-D for drama, beautifully framed, a gorgeous to any decor. Congratulations! Brillant idea!

  22. Holly,
    I'm absolutely in love with these!!!! I've seen agates used in many decorative ways...not never framed so beautifully. I think you have a runaway hit on your hands!

    xoxo elizabeth

  23. These are really gorgeous. I just ordered an entire set of framed geodes for a project that I am working on. They are so unique and special!


  24. can i say i think you are brilliant holly?!

    i have a huge obsession with framed objects versus art and am constantly on the look out for interesting objects. these are stunning and would be amazing in a collection, kudo's to you holly and wishes for great success

  25. Clever Clever Clever! From one stone appreciator to another...Awesome work. (and how did your bathroom turn out?)

  26. These are really beautiful...and very unique. I love how they are framed and they way the stones are cut. Lovely work!


  27. These are fabulous! Each one is beautiful and unique. What a wonderful idea!

  28. These are exquisite! I love the agates framed in the gold colored bamboo frame! I've logged these into my brain filing cabinet for possible future use in my home! just beautiful!

  29. Beautiful! I love the agate.

  30. Holly, these are incredible! Such a wonderful idea! I just did a post on antique prints to put up soon but I like these a lot better! Would love to connect this sight to Mulberry's! I will do my best to put up a link! You definitely have one of the best eyes for gorgeousness that I've seen in a long time! Have a great rest of your week!

  31. Great idea, Holly and I am sure they are just stunning!



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