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  1. I love the rug in the study - the brown/white geometric. I've seen it other places - does anyone know the manufacturer?

  2. Hi Holly,

    We are an interior design firm here in Atlanta and we absolutely love your blog. It is inspiring and always has great info and imagery. We are just getting our blog started so please check it out sometime and let us know what you think. Thanks.


  3. I liked your blog on laundry rooms. I am an interior designer, and it's a subject I have thought on a lot. I like to hand wash woolen sweaters, and they have to dry flat. So here's my list of must-haves in a laundry room:
    deep hand laundry sink
    cupboard for cleaning supplies.
    Cupboards with pull-out bins for sorting laundry: whites, lights, mediums, darks, handwash.
    Ironing board and iron, and places to store them, as well as ironing supplies, a spray water bottle and starch.
    Work table with mending supplies and a sewing machine. If big enough it can double as a laundry folding surface.
    Hanging racks for drip dry clothes with a floor drain below.
    Flat racks for drying sweaters, and a cupboard to hold the towels that the sweaters have to be rolled in before they can be squeezed.
    Daylight is preferable, and also fluorescent light + task light sewing. the fluorescent light is needed to see stains.

    So you see many of the items on my list were present in most of your rooms you'd selected, but none of them had everything.

    Ideally there would be beautiful windows with a garden few outside - flowers, trees and things that inspire. And if you're very lucky, room for a comfortable arm chair to do mending in, not just the desk chair at the work table.

  4. Can you tell me the manufacturer of the bed featured in the room from the Atlanta show house........thanks very much.

  5. Thank you so much for the "shout out" to The Mercantile in your post regarding Bob Brown's beautiful work in the 2013 Symphony Show House! As you mentioned, when we saw the incredible Baccarat and amethyst crystal chandelier hanging in a crate awaiting uncertain doom in the storage area, we immediately sought out the home's owner to see if we could have it hung in the family stairwell. We love your blog - thank you again! BH



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